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Can I Buy You at Sephora?

Recipient: sky_sail
Title: Can I Buy You at Sephora?
Word Counts: 2900
Side Pairing(s): KaiSoo, HunHan
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None? Except for terribly amateur references to makeup usage because I'm a noob at it.
Disclaimer:The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: How make-up changed Chanyeol's life.
Author's Note: I'm terribly sorry dear recipient ToT I tried to do the best I can but I'm not a big makeup user and I tried the best I could through research but this is the best I could come up with. Thank you for the wonderful prompts though!

This is a part of Park Chanyeol’s life, written in third person view, by one of his three best friends.

Most people in the city of Seoul would know Park Chanyeol. He’s one of the people to which the term “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” applies. Born to rich parents, he never had a want for anything in his life.

But he didn’t grow up a rich snob like what most people, especially the press, expected. In his twenties, he’s known as one of the most respectful and humble in the business circle. Yeah, he may be a tad bit unapproachable at first glance but he’s just a little shy. A little stand-offish to some but that’s only because he’s the responsible type, all serious when needed but fun to be with if the situation calls for it.

More importantly, he places family and friends above all he deems important.

He’s too good a person if you ask said friends.

However, if there’s one flaw about Park Chanyeol, it isn’t what most people expected. He’s drop-dead gorgeous, so it’s not his face and body. He’s rich and well-mannered, so not the money and attitude either.

Park Chanyeol has the biggest sister-complex in the world his friends always have a field day whenever he puts it on display.

Cue Park Yura.

Socialite, philanthropist and one of the most perfect beings to walk this earth it’s no wonder Chanyeol has a complex.


It’s 2 weeks to Yura’s birthday and Chanyeol is at a loss on what to buy his sister. He’s done everything he could to subtly ask Yura what she wants for her birthday. But Yura being Yura, she flat out told Chanyeol she wants her younger brother to surprise her for her birthday this year.

But Chanyeol has no idea what to give her. Being the stereotypical man, Chanyeol is poor at the thoughtfulness department, and he always says he has no idea what women want or even think because he’s a guy.

Enter Kim Jongin. Chanyeol’s best friend, Yura’s assistant (“That’s executive assistant to you.” - Jongin), boyfriend to Chanyeol’s other best friend (Seoul Weekly’s editor-in-chief) and the demonic bane of Chanyeol’s existence.

Don’t get him wrong, he loves Jongin (as a friend, of course) but the little shit is always looking for things to tease Chanyeol with. Basically, Jongin's like a dirty sock. Like you can't live with him, but you can't live without him either.

But left with no options, Chanyeol decided to ask him for help.


"Yo, Park ChanEars, what's up?" was Jongin's greeting when he picked up Chanyeol's call.

A grunt was Chanyeol's reply before answering. "Urgh. Let it go, Jongin. What has my ears ever done to you that you always make fun of them?"

"Chanyeol, it's a part of you, and per the best friend code, I have exclusive rights to make your life miserable with it every minute of every day."

In other words, every single word is ammunition against Chanyeol dedicated to make his life miserable.

"Why do I bother being friends with you again? I don't know what Kyungsoo sees is you. Or if you even realize how lucky you are that he’s able to put up with you and your crazy."

"Hey, love is blind, okay? It makes you see all the wrong things."

Chanyeol sighed. Will there ever be a time when he'll be able to win against Jongin in a war of tongues?

He could hear Jongin laughing on the other end of the line.

"I win," the cheeky bastard said. "But hey, why the call?"

Remembering his purpose behind contacting Jongin, Chanyeol winced before continuing. "Actually, I need a favor. A small one but I know you'll be happy because I'll owe you."

"My favors don't come cheap so prepare your wallet," Jongin cackled evilly. "Okay, what is it?"

"I need you to ask Yura what she wants for her birthday."


Before Jongin's crazy laughter echoed behind the phone's speakers.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, so shut up and stop laughing."

"Ya Park Chanyeol, how could you be so stupid? You have a goddamn IQ in the genius range so why not put that brain to good use and think of something to buy for your sister?"

"Jongin," Chanyeol deadpanned, "you know how idiotic I am when it comes to things other than managing my business. The gift I gave Kyungsoo for his birthday that one time?"

Remembering the gift and Kyungsoo's reaction to it made Jongin shake his head. Yeah, business-wise Chanyeol may be smart but in simple and mundane things he could be a little moronic. After years of friendship, Jongin knows that Chanyeol is one of those types who are overly smart in one area but lacking in another.

"I don't know what you were thinking when you gave him a fur coat for his birthday though you know he works part-time as a wildlife conservationist."


“Oh my God, look at him! I can’t believe I wanted to date him before!” One girl working at Sephora cried nonexistent tears as she and another girl sat manning the sales counter.

“I know right?” the other girl nodded in assent. “Those eyeliners work on him ten times better than it does on me I’m constantly asking why he was created a boy.”

“Him” is Byun Baekhyun, currently one of the best make-up consultants in their branch of Sephora. Sure, he’s a guy, but one look at those expertly-lined eyelids and any potential customer would be able to have confidence that Byun Baekhyun knows exactly what he’s doing.

Unlike your average cosmetics store, Sephora's employees are trained to answer your questions based on your preferences, with them memorizing over 200 brands currently being sold in each Sephora outlet.

And Baekhyun's uncanny ability to answer those questions perfectly makes him one of the most sought-after specialists in the field.

Now, if this wasn’t already mentioned before, Park Chanyeol is the stereotypical man. Hence, it is only natural that shopping will be one of the things he hates doing the most.

Can you imagine how how he must feel having to shop at a makeup store all alone by himself because stupid Kim Jongin decided to bail out at the last minute?

("Sorry ChanEars, but you know that I'm not really big on the bro code so boyfriend takes priority over bestfriend! You have fun shopping at Sephora and just in case you don't know anything, try asking, okay?")

And so Chanyeol spent a good 15 minutes going around trying to choose something to buy but to no avail. Glancing around, he was trying to look for someone to ask for help when his attention was caught by one shapely butt with some perfectly-shaped thighs attached bending over to pick something up from the floor.

Said thighs were encased in the typical Sephora consultant uniform--

Chanyeol could have continued watching those thighs when the male ("And damn, is he hot or what?" Was Chanyeol's inner mumble) straightened up and turned around, catching sight of him ogling.


To his surprise, the male just smiled and started to walk towards him.

"Hi! Welcome to Sephora, your one-stop beauty shop. Need any help?" the male asked with a smile.

Blushing to the roots of his hair, Chanyeol replied, "Uhm, I need to buy something for my sister's birthday? "

The male's smile widened, eyes becoming crescents. "Do you have any preference, anything you'd like to give in particular?"

"Can you give me any recommendations?"

"Well, we have over 200 beauty product brands for skincare, color and fragrance, so I need a more concrete description for me to help you better," Guyliner (Baekhyun, according to his nameplate) said sheepishly. "I'm in fragrance, but I can help you with colors as well since I know stuff but if you're buying skincare brands I have to refer you to another specialist since I'm not that good at it."

A somewhat forceful shake of his head was Chanyeol's reply to the offer.

"No! I'll settle for fragrance, thanks."

If Jongin was there, he'd have made obscene gestures about the amount of subtle flirting in the air but since he's not...

Fast forward to 15 minutes later and Chanyeol was leaving carrying a bottle of Baekhyun's perfume.

Why, you ask?

Call it stalkerish if you wish but Chanyeol had a new mission: to know everything about Baekhyun before he buys the most perfect gift for Yura.


If there was an award for choosing the worst friends, Chanyeol would win it. He has Jongin, Kyungsoo (who really won't be half as bad if he's not always attached to Jongin at the hip) and finally, Sehun.

If Jongin is the frienemy (friend+enemy), then Sehun is the unwanted counselor who always gives unsolicited advice.

To sum it up, Sehun always gives ideas and suggestions that seem sound in theorythese the seem perfectly sound but always turn idiotic upon application.

Hence, this rule of thumb: never listen to Sehun and his dumb.

So if such rule of thumb exists, it always made Kyungsoo (because Jongin never thinks, period) wonder why, for all of Chanyeol's genius, he bothers to listen to anything that comes out of Sehun's mouth.


One perfect example of above situation was Chanyeol’s succeeding trips back to Sephora.

When he said he was being stalkerish, he said it only as a joke, so it’s purely by necessity that he’s back at Baekhyun’s Sephora branch for the 5th time after buying Baekhyun’s perfume.

Unfortunately (Well, it’s the opposite, really) he learned that Yura was already using the perfume he bought when he accidentally saw it one time when him and Yura ate lunch together with the family.

He went back to Sephora immediately and, assisted by Baekhyun again, bought something for his sister.

But, he’s back at Sephora, purpose-less (because Yura’s gift was already secured), and patiently observing Baekhyun from one corner of his vision. The other was currently in a discussion with another customer and though he was asked by another consultant earlier if there was something he needed, he politely shook his head and gave a tight-lipped smile.

He wanted Baekhyun.

Suddenly, his thoughts came back to his conversation with Sehun the last time they met.

“Everything about him is pretty-- his face, his voice, heck! His hands are pretty.”

Chanyeol gushed, not giving a fuck that he’s acting like a teenager in love to probably the one person he should be acting manly at all times with. Sehun’s job as a famous model doesn’t really help much in him blurting out random things to the press.

“Park Chanyeol acting sissy over someone who works in a make-up store. This I gotta see.”

See, even if Sehun’s poker face never changed, Chanyeol knew his friend was listening.

“I am not a sissy, okay? Just shut up and listen to me, I only need to see you sitting there, you don’t need to comment or anything.”

“If you’re that crazy over him, why aren’t you there stalking him or something?” Sehun muttered.

“I would if I could, okay? I don’t have any reason to go back there anyway since I already bought another gift for Yura when I went---”

Damn, him and his big mouth. When he turned to look back at his friend, the other was smirking.


“Soooo, you’ve been there a couple of time already, huh? My, my. This is new.”

“Zip it. Stop making my life miserable for once and help me think of something so I can visit Baekhyun.”

“Things don’t come free in this world, Chanyeol-hyung. I love you but...”

“Help me, or I swear to God I won’t ever introduce Luhan-hyung to you.”

That succeeded in getting the younger’s attention. By virtue of Jongin and his big mouth, Chanyeol learned that Sehun had a big-ass crush on Lu Han, the son of their company’s major partner in China.

Ah, friendship.

“Fine. Why not…”

Back at present, Chanyeol could only sigh upon remembering Sehun’s stupid advice. Still, he’s at a loss so he has no choice.

He could only hope things would go so well.

From the corner of his vision, he could see (or more like hear) that Baekhyun was almost finished with his current customer. Catching Baekhyun’s eye, he smiled and raised his hand in greeting, prompting the consultant to make his way forward to where Chanyeol was standing. This time, at the makeup section.

He first went to this store more than a week ago (Yura’s birthday is 2 days from today) but he’s been in this Sephora branch more than 5 times, making the same excuse about buying a gift for his sister. Chanyeol didn’t know if Baekhyun was really dense or he really was that believable when making up lies on the spot.

“Hey Chanyeol! Back for another gift?” Baekhyun joked.

They were now on a first-name basis much to Chanyeol’s delight. He insisted on doing so when he discovered Baekhyun has a vivacious personality, very friendly and easy to get along with.

Learning that Baekhyun’s personality was almost similar to his just made him like the other more than he already does.

“No, this time I came for something different.”

So used to hearing the same answer for more than a week now, Baekhyun was honestly surprised at the change.

“So? If you’re not buying a gift for your sister, what can I help you with today?” Baekhyun asked.

Damn, that eye-smile---

“I want to learn how to do my face!” Chanyeol blurted out.

---because it’s seriously messing up his brain.

"Because my make-up artist bailed out on me and my sister's birthday is tomorrow."

"Seriously? You want to learn how to do makeup?" It was so obvious Baekhyun was trying to hold back his laughter.

If it isn't considered childish, Chanyeol would have pouted but since he only wanted Baekhyun too see his manly side, he didn't.

Five minutes later, Chanyeol was sitting in one of those makeup chair things, face bare and shiny, skin soft and smooth--- all ready for makeup.

As he was waiting for Baekhyun to come back with his "necessities" he was internally talking to himself, cursing Sehun and his stupid advice in his head.

"Fine. Why not seduce him? Try to initiate physical contact with him first. Touch his hands, his wrist."

"And how do you suppose I do that Mr. Smarty-Pants?"

"You think of it yourself, dick-head. Why not have him do your makeup or something."

His mental torture was interrupted by Baekhyun coming back with a couple of bags, all filled to the brim with what seemed like every piece of makeup known to man.

Per previous experience, men like Chanyeol didn't like makeup. (That terrible time when his mother dressed and made him up as a girl was an experience haunting him even now.) He previously thought women used makeup to cover up their flaws and other things they wanted to hide from others.

Obviously, he had never met someone like Baekhyun who uses makeup not to hide, but to enhance.

“Chanyeol-ah, since you’re a complete noob at this, I only want you to remember 3 things.”

(Normally, being called a noob by someone other than his family and friends would warrant a punch to the face but since it’s Baekhyun….)

To be honest, Chanyeol was expecting to turn out looking like a cousin of that Captain Something-Sparrow from the pirates movie, if his basis is the heavy eyeliner Baekhyun always uses.

One thing he’s happy about though was the tentative gazes and lingering touches between him and Baekhyun during his so-called “tutorial”.

“Wow. Is this me?” Chanyeol blinked at his reflection, more than surprised at his appearance.

Baekhyun tsked. “I told you, I know what I’m doing,” Baekhyun said, placing his chin on Chanyeol’s shoulder. “Want me to do your lips?” he joked.

And as cliche as it may sound, their eyes met, looked at each other’s lips, before their heads slowly went forward to this much-awaited kiss.

Until Kim Motherfucking Jongin entered the building.

Moment ruined for all eternity.

Blushing to the roots of his toes, Baekhyun muttered a hurried apology before high-tailing it away from Chanyeol and all their future romantic moments.

If it wouldn’t be considered a crime to kill someone, and if Kyungsoo wouldn’t kill him in turn, Jongin would already be dead on the spot.

Turns out Yura wanted Chanyeol to escort her, and they needed to have their outfits matched, hence, Jongin’s arrival to take him away from Baekhyun’s loving presence.

Chanyeol was complaining all the way to the boutique, and when it seemed like Jongin’s ears were about to fall off from all of Chanyeol’s griping, the former said, “Oh hush, you’ll be seeing him soon enough.”

The next day was Yura’s birthday, but instead of the birthday girl having the best birthday present, it was Chanyeol who had the icing on the cake in the form of Baekhyun being introduced to him by his sister as his newest stylist.

Park Chanyeol is one lucky bastard if you ask me.

Oh, and I’m one of his 3 best friends. Three guesses who?

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