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Lowkey Creeper

Recipient: EVERYONE
Title: Lowkey Creeper
Word Counts: 2321
Side Pairing(s): hinted!kaisoo
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): usage of curse words
Disclaimer:The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Baekhyun enjoys watching his neighbor water the "flowers" in front of his house (and Jongin is a jerk).
Author's Note: Please forgive me for writing something really short, crappy, and rushed like this even though I really wanted to write more (I had no idea how busy this semester would actually be, I really am sorry). But I hope you (somewhat??) enjoy this and like if I could ever get a chance to write more and elaborate on this in the future I would love to. I am truly sorry!! ;;; And also, to the Admins of BAE, thank you so much for hosting this fanfic exchange and being so patient and understanding with everyone! You've worked hard!!!

Baekhyun sits at the table in his kitchen, tapping his coffee cup nervously as his eyes never leaves the man outside of his house. He doesn’t know for sure who this man is or why the tall guy was standing outside of his home with a hose in his hand watering the flowers in front of his house. Heck, Baekhyun didn’t even own flowers as a matter of fact! But ever since he made the mistake of waking up a little too early for his own good, because well, maybe he had to take a dump in the morning, Baekhyun’s life has been nothing but a living hell.

The tall man looks up from the flowers and raises his head in the way, turning his head to the side as he showcases his side profile and lets the sun shines on his aesthetically pleasing face causing Baekhyun to groan in pain. The petite male gulps his spit as he sees said man smiles into the distance, bringing a hand up to wipe the sweat running along his face as the scorching sun beams down on him.

“I should probably bring him a bottle of water or something,” Baekhyun mumbles to himself as he brings his coffee cup to take a sip of it, placing the cup in his hand back down as the tall male turns his attention towards Baekhyun’s way.

The petite male’s eyes widen as he gets up from his seat and tries to avert his eyes somewhere else, anywhere else, but ends up choking on his coffee. He quickly drops to the ground as he tries to hack up the coffee stuck in his throat, causing the man outside of his home to toss the hose onto the grass as he dashes towards the front door, opening it and running up to Baekhyun.

“Are you okay?” He yells frantically as he rushes to Baekhyun’s side, crouching down to the same level as the latter as he reaches over and begins patting Baekhyun’s back to help the latter.

Yeah if I was okay I wouldn’t be here choking on my coffee now would I? Baekhyun thinks to himself as he continues to try and get the coffee out of his system.

“Yeah,” he says, beginning to regain his composure as he opted to swallowing it instead. “I’m okay.”

“There there,” came from the low and husky voice, a hint of smile forming on his lips as he becomes a bit more relax now, drawing circles on Baekhyun’s back. “Breathe slowly in and out. Okay?”

Baekhyun nods his head and oblige as he follows water hose guy’s instructions and breathes in and out and raises his head up to meet the guy. “Thank y—” He begins, but does not finish as he stares at the man in front of him in awe, dazed by the appearance in front of him.

This was the first time he has even seen the male up close and boy, if he did not already think the guy looked attractive before, he would second those thoughts at the moment. Too bad though. Those pulchritudinous looks of water hose guy already had poor Baekhyun jerking and fantasizing about him in ecstasy since he's first laid eyes on the attractive male. And the sad thing was, Baekhyun barely even knew the guy. Except for three things of course.

He only knew that the guy was younger than him and was his neighbor who had just moved in a month ago and went by the name Chanyeol. He had a thing with flowers and watering them, which was the reason why he was always up and about in Baekhyun’s front yard (though Baekhyun will never understand why because he does not own any fucking flowers), not that Baekhyun minds it one bit because, hell, that led to the last thing that Baekhyun knew about him. He looked scrumptiously delicious, for some odd reasons Baekhyun could not explain, in a wife beater and muddy overalls, standing outside Baekhyun’s house as he held that water hose in his hand, watering those goddamn flowers Baekhyun still did not own. But god, Baekhyun welcomed the blessing he gets for sacrificing his sleep on the weekend just to wake up early as he sees Chanyeol comes over to water those flowers in his front yard.

“Uh, Baekhyun?” He heard Chanyeol’s voice call out to him in the distant.

Baekhyun’s attention comes back into reality as he eyes focuses on his neighbor and he panics, scooting away from Chanyeol to leave a distance between them both.

“For fuck’s sake,” Baekhyun mumbles under his breath as he blows air into his cheeks, glancing elsewhere but at the guy in front of him, cheeks becoming tinted with a shade of pink.

His neighbor laughs at him as he gets up from his crouching position and pats his hands on his overalls, smiling to himself as he looks at Baekhyun, “Cute.”

Baekhyun raises his head up in an instant, surprised as he stares at Chanyeol, eyebrows furrowing in confusion, not sure if he heard that right or not. “What?”

“Nothing,” the tall male said, giving Baekhyun a smile that blinded the latter as he turns around and heads toward the door and leaves.

Baekhyun sat there, dazed and stunned by what had just happened, letting the scene replay in his head. He didn’t even know why though because it wasn’t even romantic to be quite honest. Choking on your coffee at eight in the morning in front of a guy that you may or may not have a slight crush on but fantasize to like there was no tomorrow, only to have him rushing to your side wasn’t that ideal. At least not for someone like Baekhyun who was sort of a hopeless romantic. And also for the fact that this was the longest conversation he had ever held with his neighbor and truth be told, it wasn’t even a pleasant one.

Like, if he had to rate it, he’d probably rate it as a one-point-five out of five. One for even being able to converse with Chanyeol for that long, and point five for getting called ‘cute’ because Baekhyun sure as hell did not missed hearing that one (even if he asked again just to make sure). Also for the fact that he was in such close proximity to the handsome male without his nose bleeding and blacking out because of Chanyeol’s gorgeous looks....okay, that may have been a bit of an over exaggeration on his possible reaction and Baekhyun may have been watching a little too much anime the other day, but still. He sighs dramatically as he lets his back falls down onto the cold hard floor and closes his eyes, bringing his hands up to his face as he screams into them.


“So,” his coworker says as he stares at the guy in front of him raising one eyebrow. “Let me get this straight. He called you ‘cute?’”

“Ugh,” Baekhyun whines as he thrust his hands out in Jongin’s direction. “No, Jongin! You don’t understand. He didn’t just call me ‘cute,’ he called me ’cute.’”

“Okay? And that matters because?” Jongin says as he stops looking at Baekhyun and turns his attention back to his computer.

“Because a handsome guy like Chanyeol just called me ‘cute.’ You don’t understand. It’s not just a compliment from anyone because it’s from Chanyeol. A guy as handsome and charming as Chanyeol who looks like a model with his charming smile showing his white flossy teeth as that dimple on his left cheek becomes prominent with elegant features that complements those beautiful brown orbs of his and that baby smooth skin of his and that perfect hair of his who shines and showcases an aura so dazzling and vibrant making him look like someone who just came out of Forbes magazine.”

“Okay okay,” Jongin interrupts as he turns back around to look at Baekhyun, glaring at the older male.

Baekhyun shakes his head and pouts at his coworker innocently, dismissing the look on the latter’s face as he continues. “He’s so tall and lean and built, and those delicious and mouth watering arms. And oh, how I can see his prominent chest through that wife beater and lord, I wonder if he has abs to. Oh my god he probably does. And like,” Baekhyun stops and bringing his left index and middle finger to his mouth, groaning as he bites them both. “I wonder how big his d—”

“Okay,” Jongin says as he interrupts Baekhyun once more. “That’s a little too much of a wild ride of details for someone with pure ears like mine. Please stop.”

“Oh but Jongin,” Baekhyun whines, removing his fingers from his mouth as he scoots closer to his friend, pouting at the younger male.

“Look,” the latter says as he stares at Baekhyun with a serious look plastered onto his face.

“You tell me you barely even know the guy. You don’t even know how old he is, what his occupation is, or why he’s even watering flowers in your front yard, like what? You don’t even own flowers the last time I checked, and the last time I checked was like….” Jongin says leaving Baekhyun hanging as he mumbles some words to himself out of frustration before yelling at the petite male again. “....let alone know his full name. So unless you’re planning to get to know him more than some guy named Chanyeol, who insists on watering your nonexistent flowers in your front yard by coming around and strutting himself outside your window in a sleeveless undershirt wearing some dirty overalls, who makes you horny twenty-five eight because for the love of god Byun Baekhyun, stop talking to me about your damn problems like I care because I really don’t.”

The petite male goes silent as he stares at his friend and scowls at the tan male, sinking back into his chair as he crosses his arms, “What’s up yours?”

“Nothing,” Jongin replies in irritation.

Baekhyun scoffs in a mocking tone. “Of course, still trying to hop on Kyungsoo’s dick I see.”

“So what if I am?” Jongin asks back, slightly vexed by the teasing in the elder’s voice. “You know we wouldn’t even have this problem if you’d just help me when you’re his best friend. But you’re an ass and refuse to set up a date for me.”

The older man laughs in response to that and roll his eyes as he spins his chair back around to look at his computer, “Ha, there’d be no fun in that now would there now? You know how Kyungsoo is and I can’t help but stay loyal to him. Sucks to suck, but you’ll just have to deal with this one on your own.”

Jongin scoffs and crosses his legs and arms as he stares at Baekhyun furiously typing away on the computer, “Then I guess I’d have to say the same thing to you too.”

That catches the older male’s attention as his typing comes to a slow halt, hands now only hovering over the keyboards. “What do you mean by ‘the same thing?’”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Jongin says slowly, trying to provoke more emotions from the latter. “I just happen to know your little neighbor water hose Chanyeol guy, or may I say Park Chanyeol, a little more than you think.”

Baekhyun slowly turns his swivel chair around and squints at Jongin, not sure if he should trust the younger male. “And…?”

A smug look appears on Jongin’s face as he succeeds at getting Baekhyun’s attention, “I may or may not happen to be best friends with Park Chanyeol all of my life.”

“And….?” Baekhyun repeats back, not sure what Jongin wants from him.

Jongin groans in frustration as he brings a hand up to wipe his face, and mutters something that sounds like “I can’t believe I’m trying to negotiate with an idiot right now” under his breath.

“AND,” the younger one says angrily, “What I’m trying to say here is—”

“I’ll trade my best friend for a date with your best friend,” Baekhyun chimes in with eyes beaming in excitement as he scoots closer to Jongin and extends his arm out, offering a hand to shake to finalize the deal.

Jongin smirks and takes Baekhyun’s hand, shaking it firmly as he hands a phone card in his coworker's hand with Chanyeol's name and number, "You have a deal.”


Or so he thought he did.

So yeah.

Maybe Baekhyun did get Chanyeol's card as an exchange, but that card led straight through to a rejected hotline to which, if he was at work, Baekhyun would have punch (maybe) the living hell out of Jongin. One for lying to the petite male and two for playing with him…but then again…it wasn't like Baekhyun bothered setting up a date between Kyungsoo and Jongin too. But then again, Baekhyun honestly didn't give a squat about Jongin aside from being his work friend so, if Baekhyun had to work to get to know Chanyeol, according to what Jongin had told him, then Jongin could kiss his dream of dating Kyungsoo goodbye.

Baekhyun never really liked the thought of Kyungsoo and Jongin together anyways. And, he'll just continue to watch Chanyeol closely from the inside of his house as the latter trudges around in his front yard wearing his wifebeater and muddy overalls, still watering those damn flowers Baekhyun may, if he squints hard enough, have had after all.

Tags: [round 1] posting day 7, rating: pg-13, word count: -5000
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