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Too Hot. Hot Damn. Call the Noise Policeman Not the Fireman.

Recipient: thebakaberry
Title: Too Hot. Hot Damn. Call the Noise Policeman Not the Fireman.
Word Counts: 3527
Side Pairing(s): Brief!Kai/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Cursing and brief mentions of sex
Disclaimer:The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: How many times will Chanyeol, self proclaimed Noise Policeman, have to tell Baekhyun to turn it down?
Author's Note:
  • To my recipient: Thank you for blessing me with some wonderful prompts ~ I really do hope you enjoy this fic. I’m so partial to college!au, it’s ridiculous ><

  • To the mods: Thank you for being so understanding as I drowned in school, college apps, and AP tests. Your eternal patience was much appreciated ~

  • To my favorite little Peach ♥: Thank you for always being so willing to help ((and not complaining when I drag you into these situations ;;;)). Even though we weren’t as on top of things this time around, I think we’re starting to get the hang of things, don’t you?

  • To those who get to the very bottom: Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy! XOXO

  • The opening credits appear as music quietly plays in the background.

    Baekhyun awkwardly adjusts his position in his chair — dorm furniture can only be so comfortable — as he places his bag of chips on his stomach and props his legs on his desk.

    He hasn’t seen this movie before; a friend back home had recommended it for its wonderful cast, strong storyline, and flawless CGI. Somehow, at college, he has managed to find a way around the firewall to access his favorite pirated movie site, satiating the nerd within him.

    But fuck. Pop-ups are the bane of his existence.

    He leans over to exit out of the pop-up ad but slows down after seeing a video playing of a teacher and a student, standing together next to a desk. There’s something odd about the quality of the video, as if it had been taken on a phone camera. Pure curiosity stills his hand, and he watches the student twiddle his fingers and look at the teacher shyly from under long eyelashes. “I really need an A in this class, Mr. Kim. I want to go to Seoul University.”

    “Mr. Kim” rubs his jaw, brow furrowing as he thinks. Baekhyun can’t help but notice how nice his arm muscles are. “You haven’t been working hard this semester.”

    “Well,” The student steps forward. Something shifts in his expression. “I’m sure I can work very hard right now.”

    They slam together in a flurry of kisses and groping. Someone’s pants are pulled down, and Baekhyun screams because god why is there suddenly so much dick.

    “Dammit. For the last fucking time. Please turn down the volume.” Someone shouts, pounding against the thin door of Baekhyun’s dorm.

    No answer.

    Normally, it’s a blessing that Baekhyun’s door does not fully lock. When Baekhyun forgets his keys — which happens most days — he can usually get in just by messing with the knob.

    Today, he’s just really fucked.

    “Hold on. Give me a minute I’ll — Harder!” “Mr. Kim’s” voice rumbles through the walls. Baekhyun can hear the other floormates shouting colorful responses and immediately shoves his hand to the speakers.

    Shit. Damage control isn’t working.

    For Baekhyun, it could have been any of the other guys coming to tell him to turn it down. Unfortunately, he’s pretty sure that Park Chanyeol is right outside his door: the tall lanky guy with the deep voice that Baekhyun could recognize anywhere, with beautifully sculpted arms, a defined collarbone, sharp chin, and the most wonderful sense of humor.

    Chanyeol continues to holler, shaking the door knob at top speed.

    “Hey! Let me in. I need to sleep. Come on. Turn it down — whoa. What. The. Fuck?” Baekhyun’s door finally gives in and Chanyeol finds himself staring at a wide-eyed Baekhyun in his boxers, small hands futilely trying to cover his computer screen. Chanyeol makes his way over and narrows his eyes, pushing away the latter’s hands. “You were watching porn? Wait. Gay porn? I didn’t know you were into gay porn.”

    “It’s not what you think!” Baekhyun pushes Chanyeol away from his desk. “Look. I was trying to watch a movie and some popup appeared. What kind of a professor hits on his student?” Baekhyun pauses for effect. Judging by Chanyeol’s reaction, he continues. ”I just had to watch, and honestly, I could have sworn 30 seconds ago, they were still at campus.” Baekhyun defends quickly.

    “Hey, it’s okay man. We all have our needs.” Chanyeol puts his hands on Baekhyun’s small shoulders. “Don’t be embarrassed. I still accept you for who you are. We all have to indulge sometimes. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, right? No worries. All I ask is for you to turn it down a little. It’s three… in the morning.” Chanyeol yawns for emphasis.

    His long legs are particularly accentuated by the blue and white pinstripe pajama pants and his wide shoulders are highlighted by the fitted white v-neck. Thick jet black glasses frame his face and his hair is tousled because he literally just rolled out of bed.

    Baekhyun lets out a small moan because he really didn’t mean to be watching gay porn and have the hottest guy on campus in front of him.

    “Sorry. I guess I have the habit of cranking up the volume really loud.” Baekhyun blushes and smiles weakly. He can feel the warmth on his cheeks rising up towards the tips of his ears, and his dick may or may not be getting harder by the minute. “It gets lonely in this single by myself, you know? Anyway, sorry for keeping you up. Chanyeol, right?” Baekhyun pretends to not remember his name, although the margins of his lecture notes are littered with cursive Chanyeols and Mr. Parks.

    “You know it.” Chanyeol smirks. “Hey, you should probably get some sleep too.” Chanyeol begins to turn around, making his way towards the door. He hollers a “good night!” over his shoulder and disappears into the hallway.

    “Night!” Baekhyun replies, as the corners of his mouth tug until a warm smile is spread across his face.

    Just before the door is fully shut, Chanyeol materializes again in front of Baekhyun.

    “Oh, by the way. You owe me for this secret.” With a subtle wink and a quiet chuckle, Chanyeol whips around and scampers off in the direction of his own dorm.

    Hopefully, he didn’t catch Baekhyun’s massive hard on.


    Unfortunately (yet also fortunately), this isn’t the only time Chanyeol ends up inviting himself into Baekhyun's room. The rest of the floor begins to make bets with each other on how often Chanyeol — self-proclaimed Noise Policeman — will have to tell Baekhyun to turn it down.

    Baekhyun is almost done with his movie before he realizes that the knocking he thought was coming from the movie was actually on his own door.

    "Baekhyun! Be quiet!" The familiar voice bellows. All sincerity and politeness is slowly getting thrown out the window ever since telling Baekhyun to turn it down has become a weekly ritual. "It's almost four."

    Baekhyun doesn’t know it, but Noise Policeman is beginning to catch on to his movie watching schedule. Every Thursday at approximately one in the morning, after most of his homework is blown off done, Baekhyun will start a movie. It isn’t until two or three that Noise Policeman has to roll himself out of bed to yell at Baekhyun, though Chanyeol usually ends up getting out of bed before then because of all the fuss the other floormates are making.

    However, even Chanyeol himself isn’t sure what these noises are. They’re kind of animal-like, a hybrid of moaning and dying. Maybe it’s Baekhyun’s real laugh? Whatever it is, it’s causing serious distress to the rest of the 12th floor in Exodus Hall at Seoul University.

    Chanyeol lets out a long sigh, and pushes up his glasses with his pointer finger. Once again, he finds himself in front of Baekhyun’s door. “Awh. C’mon man.” He whines. “I’ve got an econ midterm tomorrow.”

    Before Chanyeol can so much as grab the knob, the door swings wide open, revealing a puffy-eyed red-nosed Baekhyun.

    “Ummm. Are you… okay?” Chanyeol hesitates.

    “Fine. Fine.” Baekhyun’s voice cracks. “I’m perfectly good. Sorry. I’ll be quiet now.” Baekhyun moves to close the door. However, before it shuts too far, an arm jams itself into the space between the door and the doorway.

    “Hold on.” Chanyeol squints, trying to make out the characters on Baekhyun’s laptop. Miley Cyrus. Liam Hemsworth. “Is that The Last Song?”

    That just about does it for Baekhyun. The tears begin rushing out as if he tore a leaking pipe.

    “Nicholas Sparks is bae.” Baekhyun wails.

    Unsure of what to do, Chanyeol stares at the sobbing mess in front of him for a solid ten seconds before he steps forward and awkwardly begins to pat the smaller’s shoulder. Baekhyun takes this as an invitation and buries his entire face into Chanyeol’s broad chest. With no hesitation, Chanyeol wraps his arms around Baekhyun’s waist and they stand like that for a few minutes.

    “It’s okay. I cried when I saw this too,” Chanyeol sheepishly admits. “It’s a very well made—”

    “Oh my god, the part with the dad and when he — h-hold on. “ Baekhyun looks up with tears brimming from his eyes. “You’ve seen The Last Song?”

    Chanyeol shrugs his shoulders. “Sure. When you have a noona that’s three years older, you kind of get unwillingly dragged into these situations.” Chanyeol laughs and Baekhyun can feel the vibrations against his head. “It’s good, huh?”

    Baekhyun pulls back and wipes the tears with his oversized sleeves. “I think it broke me,” Baekhyun groans. “I’m like practically numb and it’s really sucks even more to watch this — oh fuck. It’s past four. You should sleep. Sorry, for waking you up again, Chanyeol. Econ final tomorrow, right?”

    Chanyeol yawns and ruffles his hair. “Midterm actually, but it doesn’t matter. Either one would end me like a guillotine, anyway.”

    “Nah. You’ll break the curve.” Baekhyun offers his fist. Chanyeol enthusiastically bumps it with his own. “I have faith in you.”

    “Thanks, Baek.” Chanyeol smiles and gives him quick wave. “See you tomorrow!”

    Baekhyun stands there frozen — or, rather, in a daze — as he watches Chanyeol walk down the dim hall to his own room.

    “Baek. Baekhyun. Baek. Thanks, Baek.” Baekhyun mutters to himself. No one has ever called him that. Ever. Yet, when Chanyeol calls him that, it feels so natural.

    Baekhyun slowly turns around, walks into his own room, and goes over to his desk to close his laptop. Suddenly, watching The Last Song by himself sounds unbearable without someone next to him. Without a friend. Without someone more than a friend.

    Without Chanyeol.


    In the coming weeks, the relationship between Baekhyun and Chanyeol blossoms. Chanyeol no longer has to knock when Noise Policeman comes for a visit because the door is always open for him. The two have grown to enjoy each other’s company, meeting frequently to work out, for lunch, for ultimate frisbee games, and for study dates — Chanyeol helps Baekhyun with economics and Baekhyun helps Chanyeol with art history.

    For Baekhyun, what used to be an innocent crush has evolved into a lust filled obsession. Baekhyun can’t deny the tingling feeling he gets when he sees Chanyeol’s big toothy grin. Or the sheer adoration that presses up in his chest when Chanyeol’s big glasses slide halfway down his nose in the middle of long study sessions, making him scrunch his face to keep them up. Or the rare occasions when Chanyeol is so overcome with laughter that his knees give out, and he collapses into a mess of giggles on the floor.

    Baekhyun knows he likes Chanyeol.

    Hopefully, Chanyeol doesn’t know.


    "Hey Baek!" The giant comes barreling down the hall with two bags of microwave popcorn perched in the crook of each arm. "Noona Park recommended a new movie. You got time?"

    Baekhyun deadpans. Park Chanyeol wants to watch a movie with me? What.

    "Ummm. Well, statistics can wait some more, right?" Baekhyun grins. "My room? Or wait... on second thought, I haven't seen yours yet."

    Chanyeol shrugs. "Doesn't matter to me. Just hurry up and grab your laptop. The popcorn is getting cold."

    Baekhyun gathers his things and makes his way into Chanyeol’s room, blanket trailing behind him. He’s surprised to see the dorm unexpectedly clean, but even more surprised to find that the dorm is half empty.

    “What happened to your roommate? Jongin, right?” Baekhyun asks hesitantly. Baekhyun had only met Jongin once, when the younger boy had shyly popped his head through Baekhyun’s doorway to quietly mumble “I want to eat my blue ketchup with cotton candy and lollipops.” Chanyeol had burst out laughing while Baekhyun had the living daylight scared out of him. It didn’t take much longer to learn that Jongin had a habit of sleepwalking and sleep talking.

    “Oh. That kid?” Chanyeol motions at the empty half of his room. “Kyungsoo’s roommate dropped out, so Jongin left me… He was a light sleeper anyway.” Chanyeol adds, almost as an afterthought.

    Baekhyun turns crimson, feeling awful. “Oh god. I am so sorry Chanyeol. He probably left because of me.” He shifts his gaze to the floor, eyes unable to meet his.

    “Nah.” Chanyeol offers one of his big toothy grins. “Kyungsoo is Jongin’s boyfriend, so he would have left either way. And….” Chanyeol smiles sheepishly. “Honestly, it’s kind of nice. Jongin snores like no other.”

    The two settle down on Chanyeol’s bed, backs propped up against the wall. Chanyeol’s legs dangle off the end, too long for the width of the bed, while Baekhyun’s toes just barely peek over the edge.

    As the movie begins, Chanyeol snuggles up against Baekhyun under the shared blanket. Through a mouthful of popcorn, he adds “I hope you like this one.”


    Ratatouiile is one of those movies with a feel good ending. One of those endings where you just have to let it sink in because dang what a damn good ending. Twenty minutes later, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are still laying on the bed, staring at the plain white ceiling.

    “Hey, Baekhyun. Can I ask you something?” The question slips through Chanyeol’s mouth without much thought.


    “Why do you watch so many movies, anyway? I mean, it’s such a big part of you that whenever I hear Byun Baekhyun, I think ‘movie nerd’.” Chanyeol jokes.

    Baekhyun opens his mouth, then pauses. He can’t seem to formulate the words. Baekhyun knows exactly why he watches so many movies, but he’s too scared to tell.

    However, then he realizes that this is Chanyeol who is next to him. Park Chanyeol, his personal Noise Policeman and newfound friend. Chanyeol, who is honestly the sweetest person he has the privilege of knowing. Chanyeol, who didn’t even judge him when he thought he was watching gay porn at top volume. Chanyeol, who he now trusts above anyone else.

    Baekhyun starts off slowly. “Through high school, I only had a couple of friends.” He pauses. Chanyeol lets out a comforting noise, pressing his arm against Baekhyun’s. He continues. “After my parents divorced and my brother went off to college, I became depressed. You could say I was a loner, but I like to think that I just didn’t have much to say. I found myself spending a lot time in my room watching movies because it took my mind off a bunch of things. But, then… my best friend left me at the end of junior year.”

    “Well fuck. What an idiot of a guy to leave someone like you.” Chanyeol puts a hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder, giving a reassuring squeeze. “You’re a pretty damn sweet guy. Did you guys have a nasty fight?”

    “Not a fight. More like a large misunderstanding.” Baekhyun reminisces. “I told him something that I swore I would never tell anyone…” Baekhyun pauses trying to find the words to continue. “With secrets, you have to be careful who you tell. But you’re a hell of a better guy than that asshole ever was, so I’ll tell you my secret too.”

    Chanyeol nods, not losing Baekhyun’s eye contact once.

    “Towards the beginning of freshman year, I realized something. I had… I had…” Baekhyun’s voice trembles. “I had been in love with my best friend since the second grade. I told myself that it was a phase. That it wasn’t forever. But I just couldn’t shake off the feeling, and I knew I had to tell him before we left for college. And I did… I told him at a party where I was drunk and he was drunk, and everything just spilled. I told him I liked him. He thought I was kidding. He told me that it was a ‘funny joke’ when we were both sober, but I told him I was being dead fucking serious. I wasn’t kidding when I said I liked him. But he couldn’t take it. I scared him and he left me within a week. My best friend just left me.”

    Baekhyun rolls over onto his side, breaking the gaze so Chanyeol wouldn’t notice when his tears fall.

    Not sure of what to say, Chanyeol pulls up to Baekhyun’s back, stretching both arms until they find Baekhyun’s small body. His flesh and bones swallow the smaller’s, until all emptiness vanishes between them, and they become indivisible.

    “Baekhyun. You didn’t have to tell me all of that. But I’m glad that you trust me enough to.” Chanyeol bends his head so his breaths tickle the back of Baekhyun’s neck.

    They lay there together in comfortable silence until they slowly drift off into sleep.


    Chanyeol notices that Baekhyun has become more cautious around him, but doesn’t mention anything. After the night spent in Chanyeol’s room, Baekhyun says little and it seems like all light in him had been sucked out. Chanyeol also notices that the normal laughs and yelps that used to be so characteristic of Baekhyun’s movie time have been replaced by muffled sobs.

    The pain of seeing Baekhyun so hurt and vulnerable make Chanyeol feel helpless.

    “What do you think I should do?” Chanyeol asks Jongin one day as they sit around the quad watching the other students walk by.

    “Do you like him too?” Jongin asks.

    Chanyeol hesitates before he answers. “He’s like a puppy that I want to care for and feed and bathe and play with. He’s a lonely puppy who needs some serious love.”

    Jongin’s not really sure what to say to that absurd analogy, but he’ll take it as a yes. “Dude. Then you have to be direct with him. Just tell him to join your dorm? My side should be empty anyway.”

    “You don’t think he’ll find me weird?” Chanyeol asks, voice concerned.

    “Well, he probably already knows you’re weird, so it shouldn’t come off as a big surprise.” Jongin smirks, shying away from Chanyeol’s punch. ”But also, think of it this way: if he genuinely felt comfortable enough to tell you his biggest secret, then that’s got to count for something, right?”


    When Baekhyun arrives at his dorm that night, he finds a distraught Chanyeol sitting on his bed.

    “Can you please leave?” Baekhyun mutters without so much as looking up from the floor. “I don’t want to talk right now.”

    Chanyeol immediately stands up. “We need to talk. Now.

    “Yeol. Leave.” Baekhyun drops his secret nickname for Chanyeol because at this point, he doesn’t care.

    Chanyeol walks over to where Baekhyun is standing and grabs him by the wrist, dragging him to the bed. “Look. I know I was being nosy when I asked you all those questions that night, but to be honest, I’m glad your best friend left you.”

    Baekhyun can’t control his expression and looks shattered by Chanyeol’s harsh word. Tears begin filling his eyes. Chanyeol continues.

    “I’m glad he left you because he doesn’t deserve you. I deserve you, Baekhyun. Your smile and the sound of your laugh always make my day. I wake up every morning looking forward to seeing your face, and I go to sleep thinking of when I’ll get to see you next. I hate seeing you so depressed because I don’t think you know how much you really mean to me.”

    Baekhyun notices the red tips of Chanyeol’s ears. “Yeol. I —”

    “I told everyone else I was Noise Policeman because I wanted to spend those late night hours with you. Call me selfish, but I wanted you all for myself.” Chanyeol smiles brightly, eyes twinkling. “You know… I’m still missing a roommate, and I would love for you to join me.”

    Baekhyun already has tears streaming down his face, and Chanyeol walks over to give him another hug. However this time, Baekhyun places his hands on the taller’s shoulders, and tiptoes to give a deep kiss. They stay motionless like that for several minutes, adrenaline rushing, and Baekhyun finally thinks that everything has fallen into place.

    “I wouldn’t want to dorm with anyone else.” Baekhyun whispers.


    It is almost five in the morning, and there is cackling and howling coming from the usual location: Baekhyun (and now, Chanyeol’s) dorm.

    Sehun, the new self-proclaimed Noise Policeman and his accomplices, Jongdae and Suho, are crowded in front of the door, determined to restore peace and harmony back to the 12th floor of Exodus Hall.

    “Hey, Baek.” Chanyeol can barely contain his giggles. “You look so hot tonight. You’re sexy. You’re on fire. You’re bacon, baby.”

    Jongdae and Suho gag. Sehun grimaces. “Oh god. No. Please —”

    “Look who’s talking, Yeol. You look eggcellent yourself.”

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