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Journey to the center of your heart

Recipient: latchedwindows
Title: Journey to the center of your heart
Word Counts: 9,085
Side Pairing(s): slight!Sehun/Kai
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): language and some inconsistencies
Disclaimer:The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: What happens in Disney World, stays in Disney World—or so they’ve told him.
Author's Note: I used Tokyo Disneysea as a reference in writing this since I’ve never been to Disney World (I’ve never been to Disneysea, either lol) so take everything with a grain of salt. I’m sorry for the inconsistencies, I hope you appreciate this nonetheless. SA, someday, you and I are gonna take Disney World by storm.

There are three things you should know about Byun Baekhyun: One, He’s only got three friends; Kim Jongin, the rcich-ass, Do Kyungsoo, the smart-ass, and Kim Jongdae, the ass. Two, he’s only kissed two people in his entire life. Both, accidentally. And from what he’s learned from those experiences, accidental kisses aren’t his thing. And Three, next week they’re going to Disney World, and he’s waited years just for this Disney World visit to happen.

“Pack up, bitches,” Jongin had declared, standing in front of the television with his hands behind him, which prompted an un-amused Kyungsoo to mumble and throw some popcorn at him. “We’re going to Disney World.”

To which Baekhyun had rolled his eyes, “Jongin, I’m sure you know better than to raise my hopes up then leave them on the ground and stomp on them or something.”

“Well, this time, hyung, I’m raising your hopes up and leaving them there. I’ve got all of it covered!” Jongin said, smirking as he produced four Disney World day passes from behind his back. All three boys sat dumbfounded, eyes fixed on the pieces of paper in Jongin’s hands. Kyungsoo dropped his bowl of popcorn. Jongdae fell off his seat. Baekhyun excused himself from the room.

“Uh, can you excuse me for a second?” Baekhyun said, but only Jongin acknowledged him as the other two were still quite occupied. He ran to the balcony, screaming, “HOLY CRAP THE GODS HAVE HEARD MY PRAYERS. SWEET JESUS THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS CHANCE. OH MY GOD. I’VE BEEN DREAMING OF THIS SINCE I WAS FOURTEEN THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! KEEP ROCKING, WORLD!”

Fourth thing you should know about Byun Baekhyun is, once his mouth opens, it never closes. Not for a long time, at least. Once he’s completely redeemed himself, he goes back to the room. The boys are still in the same position as he had left them in. Jongin turns to him. “Uh, hyung, are you done?”

“Why yes, of course, why would I not be done?” Baekhyun said, taking his place on the couch next to a now more animated Kyungsoo. “Tell us. Tell me about it. When do leave? What time do we leave? Oh my god, tell me about it!”

Jongin pressed a hand to his forehead, but proceeded to tell the other boys the plan, anyway.


As expected, Baekhyun doesn’t shut up for the duration of the wait. According to Jongin, they leave Tuesday night. Jongin’s parents paid for everything: their fare, the passes, the hotel they’re gonna be staying at. The three boys all feel humiliated, but the youngest boy told them to consider it as his birthday treat.

It has always been Baekhyun’s lifelong dream to visit Disney World. Since his childhood, even before he’d met the three boys. He’s kept Disney World pamphlets, brochures, and flyers. Once he knew how to, he searched up ticket prices and tried to earned enough money just to see his beloved Disney World. But the money had always gone to band merch, much to Baekhyun’s absolute dismay. He just couldn’t control himself.

Jongin, Kyungsoo and Jongdae have all visited Disney World before, but it’s been a long time, so they probably don’t remember most of the events there. But on some days, they like teasing Baekhyun over the fact that he hasn’t been to Disney World. They would all end up with a tearful Baekhyun, who would always mutter about how he’s got assholes for friends.

Days flew by in a blur of excitement and bliss. Tuesday finally came, leaving Baekhyun in a complete state of euphoria. He hasn’t stopped smiling ever since Jongin made the big announcement, and everyone would notice that there’s a newfound spring in his step. He spread happiness wherever he went, even where it wasn’t needed.

They set off first thing in the morning, reaching their destination only minutes after it had turned dark. They would visit Disney World tomorrow, stopping by their hotel first to get their well-deserved rest.

“Alright, boys,” Jongdae said, jumping onto the hotel bed. His next words came off as sleepy mumbles. “Tomorrow we’re gonna kick some ass.”

“You’re too gay to actually kick some ass, Jongdae,” Kyungsoo said in complete nonchalance, “You can only do so much as watch some ass from afar and pine over them.”

They laughed it all off and jumped onto their respective beds, as well, not caring about the fact that they were still fully dressed from head to toe. It was too obvious that they were all excited. Baekhyun had buried his head into his pillow not long afterwards, his mind filled to the brim with nothing but dreams about Disney World.

Jongdae was right. Tomorrow, they were going to kick some ass.


“Rise and shine, squad!”

Baekhyun literally yanked the drapes open, receiving a hiss from Jongin and a glare of disdain from Kyungsoo. Jongdae was buried underneath a pile of pillows. Baekhyun took hold of one pillow and forcefully slammed it against Jongdae’s body.

“Get ready, later we’re gonna meet Cinderelly!” Baekhyun sing-songed, heading into the bathroom. He doesn’t hear Kyungsoo murmur behind him, “Well, that was gay as fuck.”

After all of them had gotten dressed, they received a call that their chaperone was already waiting outside the hotel. Baekhyun was squealing and he literally hopped his way to the lobby. His friends weren’t surprised at all.

In 20 minutes or so, Byun Baekhyun would be stepping foot in Disney World.

They were dropped off the nearest subway station and given clear and specific mandates on how to get there. Baekhyun immediately rushed his way down the vehicle towards the stairs not minding who meets through the way while the other three were sighing, lacing their hands flat across their faces who were all worried about the excited tourist who just can’t keep his head off Disneyworld.

“Put that thing where it came from or so help me.” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes in agitation but he understood that Baekhyun had waited an eternity for this and he would not want to miss that. Plus, he likes it when his friend makes a fool out of himself so it’s a win-win situation.

Jongdae and Jongin quickly scanned the colorful routes of the subway diagram indicating each service line with labels and with a snap, they saw that pink one in the transit map with their designated destination in all caps just above it. “I’ll purchase the train tickets.” Jongdae insisted as he lined up at the ticket vending machine and fished out his wallet from his pocket.

The metro was quite silent except for the hubbub of the brisk, strenuous footsteps of leather and rubber, the locomotive making a complete stop and the ceaseless blabbering of Baekhyun’s voice, “Disneyworld, dubbed to be the happiest on this planet”. Kyungsoo nudged him on his upper waist making Baekhyun leap off his spot. “Great, hopefully ‘Prince Charming’ will be waiting for you there”.

“Shut your pie hole, smart-ass.” Baekhyun smiled sheepishly rubbing his torso. With the two almost petty fighting in front of a huge crowd with growing somber faces, Jongin saved the day by cutting the both of them out.

Jongdae returned from buying small necessities and gave out each of them a ticket and made their way to the railway platform after punching in their coupons to an automated machine.

Their timing was completely coincide because the train just opened its doors and the crew flew out into action sat down on the available seats and with Jongdae courteously offering his to the elderly and from that Disneyworld was just three stops away.

As they were approaching and counting the within the tip of their fingers, Byun Baekhyun couldn’t top himself by taking sleeks with his best mates, eventually they gave in to Baekhyun’s demands.

Then there it was, the famous Disney Resort Train Station. It was pretty much a cute sight for everyone. Most of them were little kids dressed up as their favourite princess or character just like it was in the big screen. But here they are, four young men in their early twenties exploring their greatest memoirs of their youth. What place would be best to reminisce their childhood other than Disneyworld.

Three fourths of the crew couldn’t keep their eyes off the intricate Disney-inspired trusses and columns that were odd but creatively engraved with Mickey’s logo.

“Okay, hyung. We’re almost there…We just need to buy a few more passes…Hyung?…hyung?” Jongin looked around and Baekhyun was no where to be found.

Well that moment at least.

A few minutes later and everyone was ready they discovered the eldest hyung taking pictures with the kids also waiting for the monorail to come pick them up and bring them to happiest place on the planet.


When he finally saw the façade of Disney World from his seat, Byun Baekhyun started hyperventilating. It took all of his three friends to calm him down, the attempts ranging from “Calm down, hyung,” to “Calm down, Byun Baekhyun, we won’t have your ass getting in the way of our Disney World escapade, do you hear me?”

Stepping down from the train brought a certain kind of hysteria to Baekhyun, the kind which he hasn’t experienced before. And then suddenly it dawned on him, all those years of waiting for this moment to come. All those time spent searching up Disney World ticket prices and moping to this mother afterwards. All those money he tried to earn but ended up spending on girl group albums.

Damn those girl groups, Baekhyun thought.

But nothing else matters now. He’s in Disney World, his lifetime dream, with his best buddies. He couldn’t have asked for more.

“Well, we’re here,” Jongin smiled, looking around the vast theme park. “Where should we go first?”

“Wow, I guess this is far from what I remember,” Kyungsoo said, snapping some photos while Jongdae photobombed all of them. He was about to step on Jongdae’s foot, but then Baekhyun started crying.

“Hyung?” Jongin said, scurrying over to Baekhyun and placing an arm over the older boy’s shoulder. “Hyung, shouldn’t we be happy today?”

“I know,” Baekhyun sobbed, wiping his mixture of snot and tears on his cardigan sleeve, “But shit, this is all too good to be true. I never thought I would be alive to see this moment. Thank you, Jongin.”

“It’s nothing, hyung. Group hug!” Jongin yelled, taking the other boys into his arms. “I’m really happy for all of us right now, but we really should make the most out of the rides. Where do we go first?”

“Okay, first of all,” Jongdae spoke, putting on his serious face while Baekhyun wiped more tears on his sleeves. “What happens in Disney World, stays in Disney World. Alright?”

He gathered confused looks from the rest of the squad, but he went on.

“That’s the rule. So what we do now is kick some ass, and enjoy this, because we ain’t experiencing this in a long time. Understand?”

“Uh, sure?”

“Okay. Game on, squad!” Jongdae exclaimed, pounding one fist upon his chest before running off to the opposite direction. He blended in so easily with the crowd, and just like that, Jongdae was gone.

“Well, Jongdae’s off to get some ass, now what do we d—“ Baekhyun turned around and realized his friends have left him, probably heading off to all sorts of rides. He was left to himself. “Oh, I guess I’m all alone now.”

He looked at his map, and even though he’s got this map already memorized from all the times he’s reviewed it from the official Disney World website, he can’t help but feel a little lost. All around him stood couples, either holding hands or making out in any way but subtle. Baekhyun suddenly wishes he had someone to hold hands with. Or make out with. Ew, what was he thinking?

Baekhyun’s never been in a relationship. Sure, he’d kissed two people; a boy and a girl, but that was accidental—kinda. He was drunk. He didn’t know what he was doing. He doesn’t even remember their names. He doesn’t remember how the kisses tasted like, but the tangy aftertaste of Vodka still remains engraved at the back of his mind to this date.

From that experience, he promised himself that the next time he would kiss someone, it would be with his full consent. And that he’d be fully conscious, not half-asleep and not-at-all sober.

He wondered what his friends might be up to now. Kyungsoo must be pushing random people within the line for the rides. Jongin must have attracted a hundred girls by now. Jongdae must have been attracted to a hundred guys by now. He’d never know, really, and he guessed it was better that way.

Baekhyun’s map took him to this ride called Journey To The Center Of The Earth. According to the map, the ride would take you through mysterious caverns to the Earth’s Core.. From where Baekhyun was standing, he could see that the interior of the ride’s very dark. But it was a rollercoaster ride, and he’s always liked rollercoasters. Out of their quartet, he’s the only one who’s brave enough to ride one. (Well, Jongdae likes to ride hot guys. Not rollercoasters.)

He lined up for the ride without any hesitation. The line was crowded, but it did move fast. He found himself surrounded by couples again, which he took all of his will to ignore. Soon enough, after the voiceover finished announcing safety precautions, he’s ushered inside. The ride is cramped, it’s a two-seater and it could only accommodate six people. Baekhyun manages to fish out his phone and take a selca before the seat beside him gets occupied.

“Hello there!”

The person was tall. He wore a red Mickey Mouse hoodie and pants, paired off with black Chuck Taylors. He had ash grey hair that shone purple at certain angles. He had pretty hair. He had pretty eyes, but they were obscured by ridiculously large glasses. His voice was some octaves too deep for someone with a face like his.

Baekhyun wasn’t sure how he began to notice all these little details, but damn, he really should be focusing on the ride right now. Still, he guessed it wouldn’t hurt to make friends. “Oh, hi!”

“My name is Ch—“ The tall stranger got cut off when the ride finally started to move. “Oh, haha, I got a bit scared there. I’m not really fond of rollercoasters, you know.”

“Okay?” Baekhyun replied, trying to keep the conversation alive, “I like rollercoasters. My friends don’t, though. They’re a bunch of scaredy-cats.”

The vehicle travelled through tunnel-like structures into the center of the Earth. The inside of the ride was decorated with crystals, of different sizes and different colors. Even though it was very dark, Baekhyun could still see the intricate design of his surroundings.

“My friend Sehun told me to ride this as a dare, he’s actually waiting for me outside. It’s ridiculous. He’s ridiculous. He looks like a parrot, but I love him, though,” Beautiful stranger suddenly said, probably trying to shrug off any aura of fear and nerve that hung around him. “He thinks I won’t survive this ride. Do you think so?”

And then tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger looks at Baekhyun and smiles at him. And then all Baekhyun could think of was, Oh, shit.

“Nah,” Baekhyun laughed, trying to ignore the fact that the stranger beside him really had a gorgeous smile. “I have complete and utter faith in you.”

Then the vehicle entered a giant mushroom forest, which was a home to strange, exotic insects. But it stopped, veered to the side, entering another track that wasn’t part of the intended route. Baekhyun snooped glances at the stranger beside him all throughout, and halfway through the ride, they experienced some kind of earthquake.

The drop was approaching soon, and Baekhyun could feel it. Any second, now. And then, he’s screaming. He’s screaming and shouting with his hands in the air, but he doesn’t feel the slightest tinge of fear despite the steep drop. It’s like he’s been built for this moment. He reminded himself to thank Jongin again after this, then probably call him a scaredy-ass because he wouldn’t survive this ride.

His mind goes back to the stranger beside him, right after the drop. The adrenaline and the frenzy still surged with a vengeance through his veins. Baekhyun turned to the stranger beside him, but when the vehicle abruptly jeered around a corner, he’s pushed against his seatmate and he feels something soft on his lips—

And then, he realizes that tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger’s lips are on his own.

Baekhyun remembers perfectly well that he’d told himself that he would never ever get kissed again, without his consent. He would never ever kiss someone if he wasn’t conscious. But damn, he’s sure as hell anything but not-sober or asleep.

But normally, when one accidentally kisses his seatmate at a cramped rollercoaster seat in Disney World, one would feel… uneasy. Disgusted, even. But oddly enough for Baekhyun, he actually wanted this feeling to linger.

The kiss was fleeting, it was something chaste. Baekhyun wasn’t even sure if it was a real kiss; It ended almost as fast as it had started. But shit, Baekhyun lost the ability to even function properly. How could something that brief create such a commotion to his whole being? To his brain, which had been undaunted for the past 22 years?

He’d been busy over-thinking to realize that the ride was already over. Some of the ride’s personnel were already lifting the metal seatbelts off the passengers. Baekhyun was still a little bit dazed when he got off the ride, stumbling here and there. But tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger was nowhere to be found. Baekhyun lost him in the crowd of his obviously shaken co-passengers, and excited passengers-to-be.

There were developed photographs waiting outside the ride. His heart did these weird somersaults, and suddenly it felt so wrong having his heart inside his chest. He was hoping he might find a decent photo of the tall stranger and him that he could keep.

He did.

But it was worse (or better? He wasn’t entirely sure.) than he had hoped for.

The kiss had been caught on camera. It was there, printed on photo paper. It was solid. It was real. Baekhyun’s eyes were open and the stranger’s were closed, but nonetheless, it had been real. It had concrete evidence. Without any hesitation, Baekhyun took the photo and slipped it into his backpack.


Several rides later, Baekhyun still can’t get tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger off his mind. Or the way his lips felt against his. He’s still making the most of his Disney World journey, but right now there are a lot of things in the way.

Come sundown, he met with Jongin, Kyungsoo and Jongdae, all of whom had smiles and cheeky grins. Jongin was the first to speak. “So, how was it?”

“It was fine, I punched a couple of strangers along the way.” Kyungsoo said, earning frightened and confused stares from the trio. “Nah, just kidding. I’m fine. The strangers are fine.”

“Some of them were hella fine, to be honest,” Jongdae smirked, his hands stuck inside his pockets, wiggling his eyebrows. Kyungsoo slapped his arm. “What? I’m serious!”

“How about you, Byunbaek?”

“Oh… I…” Baekhyun trailed off, looking at the ground and avoiding his friends’ glares.

“What’s wrong, Baek? Didn’t you have fun today?”

“I did.”

“Then why are you looking like that? You look glum,” Kyungsoo said, and Jongdae added, “and you look like shit.”

Which, in turn, earned his arm another massive slap from Kyungsoo.

“I got kissed by a complete stranger,” Baekhyun admitted, fiddling with the hems of his cardigan. “A complete stranger with pretty eyes and pretty hair and pretty everything oh my god, he was beautiful.”

“What? Where?”

“On that Journey To The Center Of The Earth thingy. The rollercoaster back there? I was thinking of you throughout the whole ride, bet all of you are puss—“

“Baekhyun, you got kissed by a random stranger… on a rollercoaster ride.”

“Yes, but it was accidental. We turned sideways,” Baekhyun said, turning his body to the left as if it would add emphasis to what he was saying, “And our lips… touched. Oh my god, I didn’t even know his name!”

“Looks like Baekhyun’s got more game than Jongdae tonight.”

“Well, just remember,” Jongdae said, flashing a thumbs-up sign at Baekhyun, “What happens in Disney World, stays in Disney World. Unless you want to take it to the next level.”

“Stop giving him ideas, dumb-ass!”

“Alright, alright,” Jongin said, relieving the tension around the quartet, “Let’s go back to the hotel. We can talk about everything there.”

And so they walked, with Jongin, Jongdae and Kyungsoo half-dragging Baekhyun towards the exit. Baekhyun snaps one final, Instagram-worthy, pseudo-hipster shot of the Disney World façade. He thinks of a caption as he did so.

@real__bbh: Disney World with the best people. Finally! Until we meet again. ^___^V

But he was sure that until we meet again wasn’t at all for Disney World.


At the hotel, more hilarity and storytelling ensued.

“I met a new friend today!” Jongin chirped, and Jongdae draped an arm over his shoulder. “Oh, shit, you’re whipped, Kim Jongin. Welcome to the club.”

“Shut up, hyung, I’m not whipped. He was really nice. He looked nice, as well,” Jongin said, taking out his phone and showing the trio a selca of him and his newfound friend. “His name’s Sehun.”

Viewing the photo closer, Baekhyun could see that Jongin’s new friend’s hair was dyed in all sorts of crazy colours. Blue, purple, blonde, orange, pink. Was that magenta? His name also sounded familiar. His hair reminded Baekhyun of a parrot. Wait. Parrot?

“Oh my god,” Baekhyun blurted out, “oh my god.”

“See, I told y’all he was—“

“What was his name? Sehun? Oh my god, he’s friends with the dude who kissed me.”

Jongin frowned. “How do you know?”

“He told me, dumbass. He told me that his friend Sehun dared him to ride that rollercoaster. He also said he looked like a parrot. Oh my god, this could be my chance.”

“Chance?” Jongin asked, scrolling through his gallery once more. “Chance to what?”

“To meet tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger again.”

“Well, you’re whipped,” Jongdae said, munching on some chips. “So much for that. Come on, let’s tell ghost stories. Lights off, beyotches.”

Half an hour later, Jongin’s crying and Kyungsoo’s got a blanket wrapped over him. Jongdae’s cackling over his own brand of evil.

Baekhyun, however, hasn’t gotten over tall-beautiful-stranger. He wonders what he was doing now. Is he safe? Is he out there?

Is he thinking of me, too?

Baekhyun echoes Jongdae’s words. Well, I’m whipped.


The flight back to Seoul was an unusual one. Jongin had swollen eyes, Kyungsoo never blinked, and Jongdae—let’s not talk about Jongdae.

Baekhyun, however, stared absentmindedly at the window, with nothing in his mind but tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger. He was also Korean, he was hella sure of that. They conversed in Korean and his accent had been impeccable. Does that increase the chances for them to meet? But how could Baekhyun be so sure that there wouldn’t be any awkwardness once they do so?

When they landed, Baekhyun somehow feared to going back to his normal life.


Back in their shared flat, Baekhyun’s still glumly slumped over the couch. Kyungsoo was the first notice. “What’s up with you today? Still thinking of Mr. Grey?”

“Mr. Grey?”

“Because you know, grey hair? Oh, sorry, let me put it into your words. Are you still moping over tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger?”

“Oh, alright. In that case, yes, I think so.”

“You should go talk about that to Jongin. He could contact that Sehun guy and you would know who your mystery person i—“


“Why not?”

Baekhyun heaved a sigh, absentmindedly taking a throw pillow into his arms and sinking further into the couch. “I want it to be spontaneous. I want to bump into him, like, you know? It’d be Hey, you’re the guy from Disney World! And I would be like, Oh, hi! You live around here, too? What a pleasant surpr—

“Okay, that’s enough, Baekhyun—“

“All I’m saying is, everything will happen in due time. Let Jongin go out with his friend or something,” Baekhyun said, sitting upright. “If it’s meant to be, it will be. Thou shall not find love. Love will find it’s way to you.”

Kyungsoo shrugged. “So you’re saying that your mystery kisser will find his way back to you?”


And with that, Kyungsoo left, muttering something along the lines of all these things he’s learning from those silly pocketbooks, oh my god.

Baekhyun, as if though fueled by a force that’s somewhere between stupidity and confidence, checked his phone for text messages from a certain person. To his surprise, there is one. And it’s from an unknown number.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127

Baekhyun’s heart pounded so loudly against his chest, he feared that it would rip through skin and bone. Could this be him? His tall, beautiful, mesmerizing, mysterious stranger? Maybe Jongin gave that Sehun guy my number. Oh my god, maybe Sehun gave him my number! Almost too quickly, he typed in a reply.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
By any chance, have you been to Disney World lately? ^___^

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Ummm, no? lol!!!

Baekhyun’s spirits were visibly rattled. It didn’t just rattle, his spirits deflated in a jiffy, in a way that was similar to hole-ridden balloon. It’s okay, Baekhyun reassured himself, it’s okay. Just text them and tell them you aren’t interested. Go on, Byun Baekhyun, go on.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Oh. Okay. Sorry, haha. Must’ve mistaken you for someone else T____T

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
I want 2 b frens, if that’s ok wid u? :-D :-D ;-D

You aren’t interested, Byun Baekhyun, you aren’t interested—

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Haha, yeah. Sure!

Haha, well, down the drain goes “not interested”.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
What’s your name?

Baekhyun did nothing for the rest of the day but wait for an answer, but it never came. Well, there goes another stranger raising his hopes up and running away with his emotions. If there’s one thing Baekhyun should learn from this, it’s that you should never, ever trust a stranger.

But even then, some strangers are just too beautiful to not trust.


The next day, the unknown number sent Baekhyun a message again, but it did not contain the reply he’d wanted.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
R u french?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Uh, no?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Bcos Eiffel for u :*

Baekhyun is taken aback by the sudden insertion of pick-up lines, however, he can’t help but smile over the silly text message. He was about to type down a reply, but then Jongin barged into the room, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Baekhyun-hyung! Byunbaek! Hyung!”

“What is it, Jongin?” Baekhyun spat, the tone of disdain imminent in his voice.

“I’ve got some lead on who your mystery guy is! His name is—“

And by some sort of instinct, Baekhyun jumped from his seat and tackled Jongin into the couch, his hand forcing the younger boy’s mouth shut. “Say a word, and I will end you.”

Jongin nodded and let out muffled cries of pain, after which Baekhyun rolled over to the floor. “Seriously, Jongin. Say no word. Please. Go back to your friend—Sehun, was it? Yes, please go to him now.”

“But hyung—“

“Leave me alone, Jongin!” Baekhyun groaned, hurling a pillow towards Jongin’s direction. The boy swiftly ducked and disappeared from plain sight. Baekhyun retrieved his phone and typed out his supposed reply.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
You barely even know me? I don’t even know if you’re a boy or a girl. How old are you Hahaha :D Are you from around Seoul?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
He he sorry. Yah I’m a local. I’m male (da last tym I checked aha ahah) nd I’m 21 ☺

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Oh ok! I’m 21 too hehe how did you find my number tho?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
I dunno lols I just typed out a rand0m number. Y did u ask mi if I had been to Disney world the first tym I texted u?

Baekhyun figured out he still didn’t know this guy’s name, but nah, he could live with this.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Nothing lol I was just expecting a txt from someone who had been to disney world recently… I guess that text’s not coming, tho :--(

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Is it a text from ur girlfriend lol

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I don’t have a girlfriend ahaha

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Boyfriend, den?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Could’ve been, lol. He could’ve been my boyfriend. But I guess he ran away :--//

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
O… sad. ☹ wanna b my boyfriend insted?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I don’t even know u!!!!

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Der’s always a ryt tym 4 everyting. Hehe.


3 weeks since their Disney World journey, Baekhyun’s still having a massive post theme park depression. It has been 3 weeks, but he still hasn’t found the tall stranger. Baekhyun felt like he should give up, but coincidentally, there’s this weird voice inside his head urging him to keep going. The only thing that’s keeping him entertained, though, is his new text buddy.

Love will find it’s way to you, he tells himself, but he isn’t even sure if this is love.

“Kyungsoo, yah, Kyungsoo!” Baekhyun called, waving a hand to capture the younger boy’s attention. “Tell me, what is love?”

“Uh, I don’t know?”

“Tell me, Kyungsoo, should I give up?”

“I don’t get you, jerk. Jongin’s been offering to tell you your name since last week. You’re dumb enough to not accept that offer, you know what you’re doing? That’s masochism. That’s slow suicide, Byun Baekhyun.”

“I know, but I want to find him by myself! But no matter how hard I keep trying—“

“The thing is, Byun Baekhyun, you aren’t trying at all!”

“How dare you—“

Then Baekhyun’s phone vibrated inside his pocket. It’s another new text message from the unknown number (Yes, days later, he still doesn’t know his name. Damn it.)

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Is ur name Donut?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Uh, no, nice guess, though. Why would it be donut?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Bcos I donut want to spend an0ther day widout u.

Baekhyun grinned, even though he realizes that half of this might not be real. It’s make-believe, the person he’s texting’s just probably bored out of his wits. Kyungsoo caught him grinning, but decided to ignore it and continue working on the dish he’s making.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Hey, I wanna meet you :--(

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Saem ahaha ahah. I cud be a murderer tho. R u not scerd. L0l

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Um, okay?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Have you been to Disney World?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Yah, actully lol It’s a long tym ago, doe. Y?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Do you happen to know this ride called Journey To The Center Of The Earth Experience?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Eh… n0..

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Oh, okay ☹

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
I may n0t kno wat journey 2 da center of the earth is, but I sure am on da journey 2 da center of ur heart ^^;;

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Omg screw u!

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
If u insist ;)

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I am jk ehehe yas I kn0 it, its mah favorite ride!!! Y?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Uh, idk. I just have a lot of memories with that ride lol It’s the first one I tried when I went to Disney World. I kinda got kissed there??? By a completely random stranger?? Idk lol

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Wow, watta jerk. Ahhaha.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Maybe, but I’m actually trying to find him. Lol. It was accidental, though. Like the ride turned around a corner and our lips… touched. I’m still searching for him though hahaha

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Ah, nice! :-D want sum help? I kno a lot of ppl x

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
You’d help me? Sure! Ty!!!

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Anything 4 a friend…

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
A friend who doesn’t even know your name?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Der r all sorts of frens, my dear ^___^ Sum u haven’t met yet, sum you’ve already met, and sum u’re bound to meet ;-DD


At this point, Baekhyun’s given up. He’s given up trying to find the owner of his third kiss. Maybe he’s out there somewhere, or maybe he’s found someone new now. It’s sad, but deep inside his heart, Baekhyun hopes that his mystery stranger is happy.

One night, Jongin’s getting ready for a date.

“Hey, hyung,” Jongin said, getting his coat and heading out the door, “Going out with Sehun tonight, wanna come?”

“Nah, wouldn’t wanna be a cockblock,” Baekhyun said, waving Jongin off. “You go out and have fun, alright? Try not to get laid yet, you’re too young.”

“Bug off, hyung.”

“I love you too, Jongin.”

Baekhyun’s got the flat to himself tonight—Jongdae’s on a date, Kyungsoo’s off to somewhere only he knows. He’s bored, but he’s too lazy to go out, as well, so he fishes his phone out to compose a text message to his buddy.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I’m bored ahaha ☹

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Tell me, dear stranger, how many times have you been kissed?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
1. I liv a sad lyf, I kno T---T

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Ah haha it’s ok. I’m guessing that kiss wasn’t accidental?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
It wuz, actully.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
I don’t kno how 2 explain it, actually. I guess it jus happened then nd there. Hbu? How many times??

To: Unknown Number +*******1127

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Wow. U must be pretty good-looking, den.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Nah. All three kisses weren’t actually planned. The first and second ones, I was drunk. I was half-asleep and fully intoxicated. The third one, well, it happened in Disney World.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Wat happened? O, da 1 u wer tellin mi abt?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Yes. I wanna give up, really. I just wanna see him again but I can’t find him anywhere.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Y wud u giv up? U’ll never kno d opportunities w8ing 4 u!

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I believe that love will find you, no matter how long it takes. But damn, love is taking too long. I’m not even sure if this is love I’m feeling. Dammit.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Awww ^___^ it’s ok. I feel u. haha.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
In what way do you actually “feel me”?

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
There’s also dis guy I m searchin 4 ahaha. I kno his name, doe. I’m jus 2 shy to actually approach him.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
You’ve got all the luck, you know his name and you know what he actually looks like! Well, of course I know what my mystery stranger looks like. My friend knows his name, but I’d rather not let him tell me.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Y? Grab da chance while u still have it, dude!

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I want to meet him personally. I want it to be spontaneous.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Wow, dat was deep. So wat does ur mystery guy look like, huh?? ^^

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Well, he’s beautiful. I can’t find another word to describe him, actually. And I only realized that the moment I started yearning to see him. He’s got this grey hair that becomes purple when viewed in certain angles. I miss him already. I want to hear his voice again.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
From d way u talk abt him… u sound so smitten! Ahaha xD

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Maybe I am. So, tell me about your first kiss. I mean, the person you shared it with.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
He wus gorgeous. Pretty, evn. I really liked him. Dont think he felt d same way 2wards me, doe. I was pr0lly 2 ugly 4 him.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Don’t say that (uwu) you must look very nice, too. in person. I wanna see what you look like.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Patience, my little grasshopper ^____^


A few more weeks of texting like that, and Baekhyun’s mind wasn’t filled with thoughts of tall-mesmerizing-stranger anymore. This time there was only one thing he yearned for: to know who this mystery texter is. What does he look like? What does he sound like?

Baekhyun hasn’t done anything for the past few weeks but to wait for and compose text messages. He’s always waiting for a reply, even to the most nonsense things. He hasn’t felt like this before; the desire to meet someone so bad—this bad.

Baekhyun felt like such a jerk, giving up so easily on someone and falling for another in such a short span of time. But he can’t blame himself, can he?

And so he made the big announcement to his friends, standing in front of the television with his hands placed on his hips. He cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Okay, guys, this is it. I’m over him.”

“What?” Jongdae exclaimed, “I thought you weren’t giving up on him?”

“Maybe it’s okay to give up something in a while in exchange for something better,” Baekhyun replied.

“Stop getting my booty into such deep shit, Byun Baekhyun.”

“So, you want me to tell you his name, now?” Jongin asked, “Since your mission is over, anyway?”


“You sure?”

“Yes. Bug off, Jongin.”

“So, who’s the new boy toy?” Kyungsoo interrogated, to which Baekhyun blushed profusely. “He’s not a boy toy! He’s a friend. And his really sweet.”

“What’s his name?”

“I… actually don’t know. I’m texting him without even knowing his name, ha ha.”

“Have you lost your mind, Byun Baekhyun? For all you know, he could be a murderer! Are you actually falling in love with someone you’ve never met yet? Someone you’re just texting with?”

“It’s weird, right? There’s this weird thing that’s attracting me to him—even if he types like an idiot.”

“Oh my god,” Kyungsoo said, putting his hands up in defeat and muffling his words with the pillow beside him. “Baekhyun’s lost it. I can’t believe it. Baekhyun’s fucking lost it.”

“Hyung, you like mysteries so much, do you?”

“No, Jongin dear. I don’t love mysteries. The mysteries love me.”

And with that, Baekhyun made his exit, but he was still in this little crisis he’s constructed with himself. Is he making the right decision, to stop searching for his Disney World stranger? Is he really ready to give him up, in exchange for someone he hasn’t even met yet or talked to in person?

Baekhyun hoped so, because his life was one big dilemma in the making. How did his dreams go from visiting Disney World to meeting some strangers he’d fallen in love with?


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I wanna meet you already. I’ve got something to tell you.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Y? Wat do u hav 2 tell mi?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I… think I like you? In love with you, even.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I expected a longer answer, but… yes. I think so. My friends think I’m crazy. Please, I want to meet you. I want to know you’re real. It’s okay if you don’t like me back, I’m okay with just being friends.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
R u sure? U might get disappointed when u actually see me. Ha ha.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I’m pretty sure I won’t. Please.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
Olryt, if u insist. I’ll just text u when I’m ready.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Okay. ☺


But days have passed and Baekhyun’s not getting a single answer or a text message back. He’s beginning to worry. Did he somehow push his text buddy away? Was he too frank? Or was it something he’d said? Was it his confession?

The world began dawning upon Baekhyun’s shoulders—he’s never felt this heavy-hearted to move or even do anything appropriate. He’s missed a lot of the squad’s outings and dinners, all spend while waiting for even just one text message.

More days passed, and still no new notifications.

But he’s not giving up, this time. He won’t have any more strangers running away from him.


To: Unknown Number +*******1127

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Please talk to me.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Was it something I said? Hey? Did I say anything wrong?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I’m really sorry.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I understand. I’m sorry for annoying you.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
But I’m not leaving you alone. I’m determined. I won’t give up on you.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Are you finding this annoying yet?

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Once you reply, I’ll stop.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Please, mystery stranger. Please.

To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Okay. Goodnight.


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
You’re a tough one, ah?


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I hope you’re doing well.


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I miss talking to you.


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
You know, I once dreamed of going to Disney World. It was so—consuming. The thought of Disney World always ran through my mind.


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
Now I dream of meeting you. Heck, I don’t even know what you look like.


To: Unknown Number +*******1127
I hope you are happy ☺


Baekhyun’s stopped texting him, but his pursue hasn’t stopped. He’s been telling nothing to his friends about his text messages or the fact that he’s dreaming of nothing now but to meet this stranger. Besides, all three of his friends are quite busy. Kyungsoo’s been learning new dishes over the holidays. Jongdae’s spending all of his time on social networking and dating sites. And well, Jongin—he’s been hanging a lot more often with Sehun now, whose hair was now dyed black.

“Hey, Jongin?” Baekhyun said, one day, before Jongin went out on a date with Sehun, “Tell your boyfriend his new hair suits him.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend!”


“Good night, hyung,” he said, and the door slammed shut behind Jongin.

Baekhyun felt like he’s rotting. He’s been nowhere but on top of the couch nowadays, waiting for even just a single vibration of the phone in his hands. He was watching a re-run of his favorite k-drama when he heard his familiar ringtone again.

From: Unknown Number +*******1127
2morro, 11AM. Coffee shop near local library. I’m gonna be in red.


Baekhyun arrived at the coffee shop on point, his heart slamming wildly inside him. Oh god, he felt like he was going to throw up. He was a little bit hesitant when he pushed the coffee shop doors open, but he figured out that there’s no turning back now.

His eyes scanned around the shop immediately, searching for a person in red. Then, he saw him.

He had grey hair, that had tinges of purple all over it. He wore a red Mickey Mouse hoodie with silver stripes. Had he possibly copied the descriptions Baekhyun told him about? Okay, probably not, but he was tall, maybe just as tall as his mystery kisser. And he wore ridiculously large glasses that obscured his—


There was a tempest going on inside Baekhyun’s head. He thought of a game plan immediately. He thought of either approaching his supposed date, or running away from his supposed date. Unfortunately for him, he tried to do a combination of both and ended up tripping halfway through the aisle. It’s all good, though, there weren’t too many customers to laugh at his miserable life.

He’s still trying to get a good grip on this whole situation when a hand stretches out in front of him. “Need some help?”

The voice, it sounded familiar. When he looked up, the voice didn’t at all match its owner.

Baekhyun thought he was going to feel the butterflies inside his stomach, but they were nowhere to be found. They must’ve burnt into ashes from all the rage building up within his psych. It was rage. Rage, and fury, and anger—they’ve replaced the butterflies. “No, thanks, I can handle myself.”

He stood up, dusting himself off. He cannot look into his mystery stranger’s eyes. Oh wait, mystery stranger number one, or mystery stranger number two?

The charming guy who’d accidentally kissed him in a rollercoaster at Disney World, and the sweet, chatty stranger who sent him pick-up lines when he’d least expected it? Both of them, most likely because they were the same person.

When he regained control over himself, Baekhyun downright exploded. Remember what they told you—Once his mouth opens, it doesn’t close for a very long time. “Okay, first of all, fuck you, man. I don’t even know where to start. Why the hell did you kiss me at Disney World and leave me the fuck alone? It was accidental, yes, but why did you disappear into a crowd? You must think it’s funny, yes? Letting me on for god-knows-how-long?”

“I can explain—“ The boy started, but Baekhyun putting an index finger in front of his mouth was enough to leave his next words unsaid.”

“I moped over you. I tried to find you. Well, my friend said I didn’t try at all but you get my fucking point. I was so consumed with the desire to see you again and I don’t know? Feel your lips on mine again?” Baekhyun was gasping for air, but he wasn’t done yet. All these pent up emotions set the mode of Baekhyun’s mouth to turbo. ”Damn. I don’t even know. I don’t know how it was possible to fall in love that fast. Fuck you and your pretty eyes. Damnit.”

“But I was—“

“I’m not done yet, tall-beautiful-mesmerizing stranger! How the hell did you get my number and who do you think you are, sending me corny but fucking cute pick-up lines whenever I asked for your name. I don’t even know what your name is, until now—“

“It’s Ch—“

“—But all I wanted was to see you and at least I would know you’re real, unlike some fucking random stranger who kissed me at Disney World, who could be a figment of my imagination for all I know, but no, you had to be the same person. Ah, yes, the gods are forever in my favor.”

And then Baekhyun started crying.

“I did try to find you, you know,” Baekhyun said, his words reduced to a messy pile of jumbled sobs. “My friend Jongin knew your name but I didn’t want to find out. I wanted to find you. Or I wanted you to find me, to come to me. But you didn’t come! And when I was over you, I fell again. For the same fucking person!”

The boy had been staring at the floor for the whole duration that Baekhyun was gabbing, cue the occasional sobs and sniffs. When Baekhyun had finally stopped talking, he wiped his tears on his shirt sleeve. The taller boy offered him tissue. “Please calm down.”

“I’m calm. I’m calm, sorry,” Baekhyun said, reassuring his mystery stranger, whom he’d yearned for so long—but now he’s standing right in front of him. “Sorry about that, I was consumed by my emotions. Sit the fuck down, we’re gonna have a long talk.”


A few minutes have passed, but Baekhyun’s face was still stoic towards his supposed date. He figured out that he should be happy, but he really is anything but giddy and cheerful right now.

Maybe some other time, he thinks, but he’s so caught up in the way his mystery stranger talks with such a pretty face. He loses himself completely at times, actually.

But then he remembers that the person in front of him tried to run from him, twice. Nope, nopity, nope, nope.

“I’m sorry,” The boy said. His eyes are boring into Baekhyun’s very soul, but oddly enough, it’s not making the shorter boy uncomfortable. “I really liked you the moment I sat next to you on that rollercoaster. I figured out, heck, this is Disney World. It’s a once in a lifetime chance. I’m gonna kiss a beautiful stranger and savor it while it lasts.”

“So, it wasn’t accidental?”

“It wasn’t.”

“And wait, Jongin told you my name?”

“Sehun told me that Jongin told him your name. And your number. So yes, I guess so. You have a really pretty name, though.”

“Uh, thanks,” Baekhyun said, taking a sip of hot chocolate. He still doesn’t know the name of this person he’s talking to, but he doesn’t bother asking.

“I guess I did end up falling for that stranger I kissed on some random rollercoaster. It was my first kiss, you know, and I gave it to someone whose name I didn’t even know.”

“You do realize that it had been caught on camera, right?” Baekhyun asked, taking his backpack and producing the photograph from Disney World. “Here. We looked like idiots.”

“I actually came back for this photo,” The boy said, examining the photo.” I came back to find some evidence that I did kiss someone on that rollercoaster, shove it onto my friends’ faces or something. I did come back, but I left disappointed. I didn’t expect that you were the one who took it.”

“Alright. I’m just raging over the fact that you ran away from me. I tried to look for you, but I didn’t survive the shit-storm of people all over Disney World.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do. I’m inexperienced,” The boy looked genuinely apologetic, so Baekhyun decided not to dwell on that Disney World matter again.

“The texts, though. Did you mean them? Because I did. And I’m a little embarrassed now that you had to read all those praises and compliments I had for you. Also, all that whining I did whenever you and I talked—“

“I was blushing, the whole time you were texting me, honestly,” He laughed, which showed his rows of gleaming white teeth, “I didn’t think you would find me at all attractive. I’m average, you know.”

“Tell me, dear stranger, do average people kiss random strangers at Disney World and run away from them, then work out some connections just to get said strangers’ number and text them, pretending they’re someone else?”


“Then there you have it, you aren’t average.”

“Thanks, I guess. But for the record, I don’t actually type texts messages like that. It was so hard to keep my confidentiality, dang. It was hard being illiterate.”

Baekhyun rolled his eyes at the taller boy, who just smiled at him. He’s still contemplating whether he should forgive him or not. But shit, Baekhyun could not resist those dazzling eyes and pretty teeth and everything, damn it. He only had two choices: To forgive him, or to run away from him and just forget he even existed.

But Baekhyun’s not in the mood to be a hypocrite right now.

“Alright, tall stranger, I forgive you.”

“You do?” The boy said, and his eyes literally sparkled. Baekhyun didn’t even know how that was possible. “Thank you, Baekhyun! And I’m sorry, again.”

“Yes. Just please, do not run away from me again,” Baekhyun said, putting his finger up, “Ever, you hear that? I might still be a little bit in love with you, but now that I’ve met you, it could be more than just a little bit—eventually.”

“Of course, I promise.”


“Thank you, Baekhyun!” His voice had this newfound warmth than it did before. “So, wanna go somewhere else? Hang out? Or something?”

To which Baekhyun obliged happily. “Sure, whatever you say, mystery stranger. Just make sure you aren’t a murderer, okay?”

“I am not! By the way, you mentioned earlier you wanted to feel my lips on yours again—“

“Don’t push your luck.”

Once they got outside of the coffee shop, Baekhyun felt like he was forgetting something. It was something vital, something he’d wanted to know for quite a long time—

“Hey, stranger!” Baekhyun called out from the coffee shop entrance, from which the boy had already been a few strides away. “I still don’t know your name. Mind introducing yourself to me?”

The boy walked forward to where Baekhyun stood, sporting a cheeky smile. “Oh, my bad! You first, though. Introduce yourself.”

“I’m Byun Baekhyun. I’m 22, and uh, I love Disney World? Okay, your turn.”

Baekhyun’s senses sent all sorts of signals to his brain, which finally went haywire when the former took both of Baekhyun’s tiny hands into his own. They were warm, and it reminded Baekhyun of fireplaces during cold winter nights.

“Alright,” the taller boy said, smiling, and holding Baekhyun’s hands tight like they were his sole property.

“My name is Park Chanyeol. I am 22, and I’m in love with you.”


Right now, there are still some things you should know about Byun Baekhyun: One, He’s still only got three friends; Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, and Kim Jongdae, the ass. Two, He’s kissed three people in his lifetime, and he’s determined to make that fact stay that way forever, Three, His favorite Disney World ride is Journey To The Center Of The Earth Experience, and four, he’s finally got someone to hold hands and make out with during annual Disney World visits.

Tags: [round 1] posting day 13, rating: pg-13, word count: +5000
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