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Dog Years

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Title: Dog Years
Word Counts: 4769
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Rating: PG-13
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Disclaimer:The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: If Baekhyun was being honest, his life was pretty boring.
Author's Note: Thanks to the Queen F. For uploading this for me. I've been at the hospital and work back and forth. Thank you so much for all your help.

If Baekhyun was being honest, his life was pretty boring. During school, he spends most of his time amongst dusty books in the school library. Of course his best friend Kyungsoo is with him, tucking away books and occasionally being a rude ass bitch to random students. That was the highlight of his day.

Normal routine. Everything was fine until he ran across Luhan.

"Babysit for me. I have date. Remember the one time you vomited during--"

"Don't remind me." Baekhyun slapped a hand over Luhan's mouth. The blonde ripped his hand away before promptly pulling him into a hug.

"Chunks everywhere. Thanks, B." I'll text you the address later." Luhan beamed, all full of ethereal beauty and natural grace.

It disgusted Baekhyun.

How was he even friends with Luhan again. All he remembers was telling the Chinese kid that the number two in the cafeteria lunch was the best and suddenly he found the kid clinging to him from then on. No one pegged Luhan to turn into a cute, powerful, soccer joc.

"Its all good, Lu. I'll see you another time and you can tell me all about your date." With that, they separated ways. Onto their next class. Hit, he hates the bubbly feeling he still sometimes get around Luhan.

. . .

"Sugar, it looks like we need to hire a baby sitter for you."

. . .

"Baek, I left early. You know why," Baekhyun read the text he received from Kyungsoo. Yeah, he knew exactly why.

"Baekhyun! Wait!"

Speak of the devil.

Baekhyun walked a little faster, though he knew it was useless. He'll be lucky if he isn't ground grappled.

"Baekhyun!" The judo captain panted. "Are you heading home? Is--"

"No. Kyungsoo left early. And yeah, I'm heading home. Sorry, Jongin." It almost pains Baekhyun. The look of disappointment on the tan males face. He was like a cute chocolate poodle with the current state of his messy brown locks. "I'm really sorry. I have to go."

"Yeah, sorry. Later." Jongin mumbled, heading back towards the west wing of the school.

. . .

"Will that be all?"

"Three cheese bread and two more chocolate crescents won't hurt." Baekhyun told the bakery employee. "That should be it, thank you." When he left, he may or may have not heard a faint mumble of, "that boy bought so much bread."

"It fills his nice ass." Was the retort.

. . .

"Yummy bread. Yummy bread. Yummy bread." Baekhyun smiled to himself, carrying two dozen baked goods. He finally made enough to buy everything he wanted from the bakery. "I should probably get a job to support my bread addiction." The brunette mumbled to himself, checking his phone for the time. Its not going to be enough just crocheting scarves to sell during the winter.


The day was going so well.


His beautiful baked goods.

Baekhyun screeched in terror when the bakery boxes flew out of his arms, after having been pounced on by a gigantic dog. His heart clenched, watching all the doughie goodness he just bought, fall to the ground.

A part of him wanted to use the five second rule to quickly pick them up but knew it was hopeless. "No." He teared up, turning to the culprit. "Sit!" The dog obeyed immediately, ears tucking down. "Why are you running around, puppy? Look at what you've done." Baekhyun crouched down to eye level with the Samoyed. "It's not good to--"

"There you are!" The deep voice hollered, relief all over is face. Baekhyun's eyes widened at the smile directed at him.

Or the dog.

"Is he yours?" Baekhyun asked skeptically, eyeing the tall stranger before hugging the dog. "Because this pup here just tackled me and now all my donuts are..." He didn't have to finish, seeing the distraught look on the man's face.

The raven haired man held up a leash before approaching with an apologetic smile on his face.

Oh, hell no. Baekhyun thought to himself, this guy thought he was going to get away without paying for his donuts.

"Good thing I have cash with me." What a charming smile the man had. "How about we head down to the bakery together and I'll pay."


. . .

"So, why so much?" The taller tried to initiate a conversation, after leaving the bakery shop. And this time, Baekhyun held onto his baked goods tightly.

"I get my allowance and save my money from lunch." The brunette looks down at the pup eyeing his donut. "You want one?"

"You can't give a dog chocolate."

"Chill." Baekhyun opened the top of the box, fishing out another flavor. "I was going to give him glazed." The dog barked happily at the sight of the baked good being held above him. "My name's Baekhyun, puppy. I need you to sit." And just like that, she sat her fluffy bottom down.

"How did you--"

"Roll over--wait--it's dirty. Shake instead."

"Are you looking for a job."

"Sir, if you're soliciting sex, I'll have you know I'm too young."

The older washed his face with his hands. "No, no. As a dog sitter. Sugar's been alone a lot lately and I don't like that. So I've been looking for someone but so far all the applicants have been unqualified. She gives them hell. But she seems to like and obey you and--"

"I'll think about it, yeah, I'll do it."


"I'll do it." Baekhyun repeats himself, shoving his bakery boxes at the man to hold and fetching his phone out. "Name and number, please."

"Park Chanyeol. (092)610-1127."

"When do I start, Mr. Park?"

"That's so formal."


"Monday, after school. Just come to my house and take care of my baby until I come home which is around eight." Chanyeol explained. "I'll text you the address later."

"Wait! How much? I'm not cheap."

"Enough to support your bread addiction that's going on." Chanyeol tilted his head and smiled at the shorter charmingly.

"Cool." Baekhyun said listless before snapping back to reality. "Don't think your charm is going to work on me, Mr."

Chanyeol just smiled innocently.

. . .

"0506 Incandescent Lane." Baekhyun checked the text again, stopping in front of an elegant two story house. "Wow."

The brunette let himself in through the gate with the pass code Mr. Park left him (9204) before fetching the key hidden in the left bush.

The house is utterly beautiful but not over the top. The simplistic style is just in Baekhyun's range of taste. If he's gonna live like this, he's going to have to step up his job goals.


Right on queue, the large fluffy Samoyed comes bounding around the corner, tongue stuck out and flapping about. Baekhyun was prepared to be tackled down this time, straight into the pristine white couch that was unbelievably comfortable.

"How are you, cutie?"

The dog barked at him in answer, jumping down on the floor, wagging its tail at the brunette.

"Wanna show me around the house?"

Sugar barked again.

. . .

Around five, Baekhyun had seen everything in the house. From Chanyeol's walk in closet to his entertainment room, the living rooms, and three bathrooms. If he were honest, it seemed all too big for one person to live in.

Baekhyun wonders if Chanyeol was married and when he and his wife possibly had time to see each other. Because at this rate, it wouldn't be a relationship or marriage at all.

. . .

It's hot. Baekhyun gasps aloud and sits up, startling Sugar, who was cuddling him to a heat stroke.

The television was on and the smell of spaghetti lingered in the air. One thought popped into his head. Chanyeol's wife must be home.

"E-excuse me."

"Hey, I wad just about to wake you up." Chanyeol's tall figure came out of the kitchen door, carrying a tray of fo of enough for two. "Right on time. You must be hungry."

"What are you doing home? I thought you were out till eight." Baekhyun mumbled, quieting down at the sound of his rumbling stomach.

Chanyeol shrugged, handing Baekhyun his plate of spaghetti and nudging the breadsticks in his direction. "I decided to come home a little earlier. Eat up. You and Sugar were napping peacefully when I came home. And by the kitchen stock, I figured you haven't eaten since you got here so I decided to fix something up. Is it good?"

Baekhyun, who was shoveling the pasta in, nodded in response, mouth full and cheeks puffed out. To say the least he wasn't the most attractive when eating.

Chanyeol laughed at him, taking a napkin and wiping the sauce off his cheek like he was a child.

After Baekhyun swallowed, he took a big gulp of water before speaking. "I thought it was your wife home."

"Wife?" Chanyeol looked curious.

"Yeah," Baekhyun nodded. "Someone as handsome as you must be married."

"You would think so."

Baekhyun laughed. "I'm sorry." The brunette apologized. "I didn't mean to scare you. I just thought it was funny." Baekhyun chuckled a bit more before explaining himself. "You're like the whole package. Wealthy, handsome, domestic. It's funny people aren't tripping over each other after you."

Chanyeol was turning positively red at Baekhyuns comments. The brunette found That even more hilarious. "I've been dumped several times."

"For what?" Baekhyun jumped up, genuinely surprised.

"Not seeing them often enough. As you can probably guess I'm-"

"A workaholic." Baekhyun finished.

"I used to bring Sugar to work with me but being around too many new people on a daily basis stressed her out. It wasn't good for her health." Chanyeol explained quietly, stroking his pet lovingly.

"That's why I'm here." Baekhyun yawned. "Don't worry. You're a catch. It's their loss."

Chanyeol ruffled Baekhyuns hair and stood from the couch, his food untouched. "It's getting late. Lets get you home."

. . .

Baekhyun has never been in such a nice car before. He's pretty sure this is Maserariti in Dark Knight Black and it was beautiful.

"You get to sit in Sugar's spot tonight."

Perpetually Baekhyun thought the real seat for that dog was Chanyeol's lap, being such a cuddly pup made Sugar believe she was a lap dog. And for a moment Baekhyun pictured himself sitting on Chanyeol's lap before blushing red and dismissing the oddly inappropriate thought.

"Are you getting in?"

. . .

The drive to Baekhyun's house wasn't long. It wasn't till they arrived st his house that the brunette remembers his bike back at Chanyeol's house. "My bike."

Chanyeol looks up at him quizzically. Baekhyun waved a hand before bidding him goodnight. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Little One. See you tomorrow."

"I am not little!"

But Chanyeol's laughter and the purr of the engine drown out Baekhyun's retort as he drove away.

"He is way too odd to be a veterinarian."

. . .

The first week spent with Sugar and Chanyeol were very calming. Sugar was a very well mannered dog. She wiped her paws off at the mat after being outside. Made her bed after her naps and even portioned her food so not to feel too sluggish to play with her new friend, Baekhyun.

Today, Baekhyun brought his kitten, Toffee, with him. The little Snowshoe kitten waddled about the place, bouncing about here and there. Sugar, the older pup trailed her curiously, making sure she didn't get into trouble.

After some time, the three of them fell asleep on the floor, cuddled together where Baekhyun and Sugar were back to back while Toffee laid on top of the furry Samoyed.

. . .

Chanyeol didn't know what to make of it as he stood near three sleeping beauties. So at a perfect moment like this he did what anyone would probably do. The veterinarian pulled out his phone and snapped a photo.

Baekhyun opened one eye, peering up at him questioningly. "What are you doing?"

The taller just smiled at him sheepishly.

. . .

Baekhyun walked down the street after Sugar, getting the pup it's daily exercise while Toffee sat on the dogs back.

The high school decides to stop by the bakery on their way back.

. . .

It's the normal days you have to watch out for.

It was Baekhyun's day off. So he decides to spend it out with his cat Toffee, playing fetch with the kitten at a nearby park.

That's when he was suddenly attacked by a weight of fluff, his ears invaded by a deep melodious laughter. He felt his face flush red at the countless memories of dazing while staring at Mr. Park's face.

"Hey Baekhyun! Didn't expect to see you here." Chanyeol paused for a moment. "Or to see a cat playing fetch."

Baekhyun smiled up at the taller from his perch on the swing. "She spends too much time with Sugar. They're best friends now." The two watched their pets play tug-o-war with Sugar's toy rope. Though they knew the pup could easily win, the Samoyed played along, letting Baekhyun's pretty kitty win.

The brunette peered up at the man leaning against the swing set, watching the sunlight gleam around his silhouette. Chanyeol perked up, suddenly turning to meet his gaze with a smile. Baekhyun was frozen for a moment before hastily breaking away from his trance. His accelerating heartbeat must be lying to him. The only time he felt like this was when he was eating bread.

. . .

The first time Byun Baekhyun gets in trouble at school, he doesn't call his mom.

Kim Junmyeon, the schools rich as whole had punched him square in the jaw during physical ED for apparently flirting with Kyungsoo. Baekhyun didn't take well to it, round kicking the fuck out of Junmyeon. That's about the time Kim Kong in stepped in to keep him from beating the fear of God out of the little rich boy.

That's also the cause of why he was currently in the principals office.

When they asked for a guardian number, he doesn't know why he wrote the number down. He wasn't expecting anyone to come save him.

When the wooden door slammed open, both Baekhyun and the principal jump at the scare.

Chanyeol looked absolutely marvelous. Sweat commanding his hair to stick to his forehead in an artful manner. Breath, hot and heaving. That's when it dawn's on Baekhyun that Chanyeol had rushed it here for his sake.

"I heard the other kid hit him first." Chanyeol's voice took an new edge Baekhyun had never heard before.

"Yes but the matter-"

"He defended himself." The taller adjusted his coat before strolling over to where Baekhyun sat petrified. Chanyeol cupped his chin, tilting his face to the side then immediately clicking his tongue. The color of violets and blues already beginning to surface didn't please the man at all.

After receiving a very stern lesson from Chanyeol, the principal was obviously offended but couldn't find the words to defend himself. Baekhyun found himself being tugged out of the principal's office before being ushered into Chanyeol's vehicle. It wasn't long till they arrived at the veterenarian's house.

Sugar greeted them happily, though Chanyeol's mood was obviously sour. The taller ran about the house, instructing Baekhyun to sit on the couch.

When he found everything, Chanyeol held an ice pack to Baekhyun's bruising jaw. Baekhyun took it from him. The older clicked his tongue, tying a cloth around to frame his face and hold the ice pack in place, sealing it with a bunny knot on top of his head.

"That kid, I swear. Are you okay?" Chanyeol kneeled down between Baekhyun's legs, the high school blushed to hell and back whilst the older examined his wannabe medic handiwork. "I'll go fix use something to eat. Soup will probably be the best option. Chicken gnocchi it is."

Baekhyun gasped aloud before moaning in pain from opening his jaw too wide.

"Not a chicken gnocchi fan? No gnocchi dokkie for you?" Chanyeol winced at his statement once he realized how embarrassing it was.

Slowly the brunette mumbled out,"I love chicken gnocchi."

The brightest, most dazzling smile Baekhyun has ever seen, broke across the older man's face.

. . .

"Maybe we found love right where we are..." Baekhyun singsonged quietly, humming the rest of the tune to himself.

Kyungsoo watched his best friend with scrutinizing eyes. "What's the deal?" He finally broke, narrowing his gaze at Baekhyun who looked like a deer caught in headlights.

Baekhyun shrugged his shoulders, playing it cool. "I dunno what you're talking about." The brunette hid behind his book. The title invade Kyungsoo's line of sight. The words "Crazy Rich Asians" made the other boy irritated, grabbing the bright pink novel before tossing it aside. Baekhyun yelped like a kicked dog, rushing after the book. But Kyungsoo got a hold of his arm.

"You have the melted chocolate eyes." Kyungsoo pressed his forehead against Baekhyun's. "The same eyes you gave the foreign exchange kid, Xi Luhan in our junior year till you found out he liked to play catcher and you were wanting to be a receiver yourself. I still don't get how you thought he was top."

"Luhan was totally manly! The way he played soccer!" Baekhyun defended the soccer captain.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes. "The way the sang Arianna Grande and moaned Oh Sehun's name in the boys bathroom."

Baekhyun let out a chuckle.

"But seriously B, what's with the melted choco eyes?" The doe eyed boy sat back down in his seat, ready to interrogate Baekhyun. "It can only mean one thing. Who is it? Tell me everything."

. . .

Kyungsoo was in no way a dog person. They required too much attention. Cats and hermit crabs were more his get go.

But he seemed to attract their kindred spirit.

For example, Byun Baekhyun. Kyungsoo was pretty sure if Baekhyun had been a dog, he would be a samoyed pup. All bright, light, playful and adorable.

So when he saw how well his best friend was getting along with the very breed he was sure he was, Kyungsoo couldn't help but laugh. He received a curious look from both Baekhyun and the pup. "It's nothing."

Kyungsoo smiled at his best friend, reaching out to pet the head of brunette. B-"

"Baek?" A deep voice sounded over Kyungsoo's, making the boy jump a little. The front door was heard closed around the corner before a tall figure emerged. At that, the samoyed bounded up to the man, barking enthusiastically at him before running back into Baekhyun's arms. "Hey Baek, did you want to go out for dinner tonight?"

It's like Kyungsoo didn't exist in the man's eyes. He was literally standing next to Baekhyun. It took clearing his throat for the smiling man noticed him. "Hi."


"Ah," Baekhyun shot up to his feet. "This is Kyungsoo, my best friend. Kyungsoo, this is Chanyeol, my employer."

Chanyeol flashed Kyungsoo a blinding smile, making the shorter squint. "Nice to meet you, Kyungsoo. Did you want to join us for dinner?"

Kyungsoo looked over at Baekhyun for a second. He already knew the brunette would be a puddle of goo. Ah, bingo. As soon as he saw the expression on his best friend's face, he knew Chanyeol and his sure fire eyes the color of fine wood, was the culprit. "No, I better get home." Kyungsoo shook his head, waving goodbye to both Baekhyun and Chanyeol. "Hope dinner ends up being good." The high schooler rushed out fairly quickly.

Kyungsoo ran home that night.

How was he suppose to win against someone like that.

It's obvious that Byun Baekhyun would never realize his feelings for him. Not when all Baekhyun did was look the opposite direction of where he stood.

Kyungsoo laughed to himself, albeit sadly and a tad bit bitter. He saw the way Chanyeol practically glowed at the sight of Baekhyun. It was the same way he looked when he first laid eyes on the brunette, he was sure of it.

The small male trudged over to a street bench, under an old sicamore tree. He leaned back, scooting down lazily before closing his eyes.

So this is how three years of unrequited love is going to end.

. . .

Kim Jongin. Better known as Kai at school has been infatuated with Do Kyungsoo for as long as he could remember.

Today is the day he figures out why.

Practice had run really late today. And as captain of the team, Kai had been t the one to stay the latest.

As he walked down the darker streets to his house, he wondered what was wrong with him. What was he lacking?

All these questions of doubt stemmed from one person.

Do Kyungsoo.

Kai stopped in his tracks, swallowing thickly, trying not to let his mouth agape in awe. Right before him, Do Kyungsoo lay sleeping in the bench in front of his house. The old sicamore tree he childishly carved their initials on let freckles of the moons light dance in the other boy's face, crashing waves of emotion against Kai's still body.

If only Kyungsoo hadn't ground grappled him that one time in the hallway, he wouldn't be standing neck deep in such a whirlpool of emotions.

. . .

It's not that Baekhyun is attractive.

It's not his eyes that are the color of dark chocolate that shimmers like honey when he's smiling under the sun, that destroys any sane resolve on Chanyeol's end. Its literally everything about Baekhyun that was attractive.

Baekhyun's personality. His taste in food, music, and natural ability to charm everyone around him. If trees could be smitten, they'd fall for Baekhyun from how cool he was.

The brunette was like fine wine. He got better with every sip. Got better with age.

Speaking of age. Chanyeol was so screwed.

The delicate age of 17 was for the lack of words, delicate. And very illegal.

Baekhyun was still dancing around that age, young and sween while Chanyeol was working the age of 27.

There's no way this would end well.

Not at all.

It could very well end with the jail bait watching him get hooked and tackled before being lined and reeled into prison.

. . .

The more sane part of Baekhyun was telling him to stop while he was ahead. It's been a little over half a year since he started pet sitting for Chanyeol but somewhere along the way, the pet sitting turned into actual sitting.

On Chanyeol's lap.

For long make out sessions.

Of course it didn't start off like this.

The older man was just dropping him off at his house like usual one night. Baekhyun on a whim, gave him a peck on the cheek before running inside, face on fire. He felt like he took a bite out of a pepper, knowing fully well how hot it was but taking the dare anyways, ending up red faced, teary eyed, silent, yet very alive.

Occasional goodnight pecks on the cheek evolved into goodnight kisses on the cheek.

And maybe someone turned their head by accident. Because cheeks become soft lips pressing against his own.

Along the way the lines blur and Baekhyun finds himself pressing his torso against Chanyeol's, whose large hands wander in his hair and the small of his back, pulling him closer whilst getting drunk off the taste of his mouth.

The brunette felt heat course through him, rolling his hips out of instinct.

A low moan escapes Chanyeol's throat, threatening Baekhyun to drive over the edge. "We should stop." Chanyeol gasps, kissing down Baekhyun's neck. Baekhyun nods, moaning when he feels the older slip under his shirt, sucking on his chest. "Ah. Nope!" The taller suddenly deposits him on the couch before running away to lock himself in his room.


"Not till you're 21!"

Baekhyun groans. He failed again.

. . .

It's not as easy as it seems.

Baekhyun ggroans, catching Sugar and Toffee's attention. They blinked at him simotanously.

It's a quarter past nine and Chanyeol still wasn't home. He's worried the olderwas getting bored of him. Though he's 19 now, Chanyeol still wouldn't go past a point during their make out sessions. Maybe the older was worried he's only using him for his money. Since he just recently moved in with him. Well at least his mother doesn't know.

Baekhyun taps his fingers against the kitchen counter, the sound of the cool marble under his fingertips only driving him more impatient

The brunette nearly fell out of his seat when he heard the door unlock. Sugar and Toffee were way ahead of him, barking and meowing.

Though all of them stop when they heated two different voices.

Oh Baekhyun was so embarrassing, all heated for noting.

Well, such a pretty girl would make any boyfriend suspicious and jealous.

But Chanyeol knew him so well, quick to put him at ease.

"Baekhyun, this is my sister, Park Yura." The giant beamed down at him lovingly before turning to his sister, walking over to hug the brunette from behind. "And Yura, this is him. My Baekhyun."

Baekhyun should've seen the resemblance. Yura smiled just like Chanyeol.

. . .

It's 11:59. The day before his birthday.

Baekhyun slips out of bed, stripping down before slipping back in.

As soon as the clock hits 12:00, he smiles to himself and rolls over.


Chanyeol rolls over, barely opening one eye at him.

"Happy birthday to me." Baekhyun singsonged. "Happy birthday to me. Park Chanyeol I'm legal so please sleep with me."

Chanyeol chuckled. "How shall I treat you, Little One?"
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