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Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM

Prompt #: 239
Title: Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM
Word Counts: 8,339
Side Pairing(s): past!xiubaek, slight!xiuhan
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): bits of light curses here and there
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: It takes Kyungsoo a good fifteen years to be a failed avenger.
Author's Note: I still haven’t watched the last episode of HIMYM. And to the recipient, thank you for the prompt! I had so much in my mind when I came upon it, but they all suddenly disappeared the moment I started writing. Also, I think I took too much freedom in this and therefore I’m sorry... Thank you and have a great fun with the festival everyone! ^^

Baekhyun wakes up feeling warm. His head and limbs feel kinda out of place. True enough, as he opens his eyes, the usual bright sunlight that greets him is replaced with his bedhead. Also, why is he covered with his thick winter blanket? Last time he checked, it was still June though. He takes a nanosecond to wonder about it, before nah~ he'll just go back to curling inside his comfortable fluffy blanket. And the world seems to be at peace again..

'YA BYUN BAEKHYUN', comes a shrilling voice, along with continuous loud knocks on his bedroom door.

Not really intending to respond, Baekhyun just squeezes his eyes deeper and covers himself in more of the warm blanket.

Oh it's unlocked. Ugh wasted my energy for nothing. Baekhyun can somehow make out some words, yet he doesn't feel conscious enough to comprehend. That is until his body gets shaken rather violently and a heavy weight comes on top of him.


'Ugh...' Baekhyun tries to collect every bits of energy left in his body. 'Jongdae? Whatcha doin hereee?'

The said guy has left the bed and runs his hands over all the items on Baekhyun's desk. 'My wallet asshole!!' Finally giving up of searching the room, Jongdae hurries outside. 'HOW DID YOU FORGET TO TEXT SUNYOUNG THAT I WAS STAYING OVER??'

It is only now that Baekhyun starts gathering his soul. 'FRONT DOOR!' He screams back as he walks out of bed and his room. However what greets him outside surprises him.

His dinner table is filled with a bowl of porridge and several side dishes and... is that a pizza box? Baekhyun is still trying to get his mind straight when Jongdae hastily slams his front door. It is only then that he realizes a slight red on his wrist and a receipt in his fist.

One thing for sure, Jongdae doesn't cook.

Just what the hell happened last night?


As an avid fan of How I Met Your Mother, Chanyeol believes nothing good ever happens after two am. It was past midnight when he got a call from a very desperate, whiny, almost annoying customer, asking for a delivery of a large quattro formaggi with doubled mozzarella. Why would anyone eat that at that hour, really? He was about to reject the order, but please my friend is dying here hiccup hes going maaaaadd. Plus he thought he heard some sobbing at the back, and he could not feel any worse.

And that is how he finds himself at 1.55 am, trying to get some payment from a drunk, puffy eyed guy. He thinks there is a collapsed guy in the living room. Although once he squints further, said guy seems too peaceful to be dead, holding a piece of paper which is looking very similar to his pizzeria's brochure on one hand, and an empty bottle of soju on another...

"I'mm sorreyyy qewtiee but I..' the customer taps at his own chest, a little harder than necessary 'diiddd not order pizzaahhh.'

Now Chanyeol is a gentle, polite man. And the guy in front of him looks like he can fall anytime soon. And, really he should have trusted Ted – c’mon Chanyeol,just answer OK and fly off the crime scene -. Yet he could not help holding this customer, making sure he could still stand properly.

'Sir, are you alright?'

And really, he should not have meddled others' businesses so much. That, is from Kyungsoo.


If earlier Chanyeol was worried, now he is terribly panicked as the guy in front of him started slapping himself. 'No, no, no, stop it!' Chanyeol screams as he grips his hands, making sure the slapping stops.

Well, not only the slapping stops, the guy seems to stop functioning too. And so, being that handsome gentleman knight in shining armor that he is, Chanyeol carries the unconscious customer, hoping the first door he opens is the bedroom and lays him on the bed. Upon tucking the blanket, he senses some whisperings. 'It's just.. It doesn't make sense..' And, cue, sobbings, 'I had waited so much for him, he said he would consider coming back..' The guy is no longer lying on the bed, and Chanyeol is pretty much frozen on his spot. 'And it had been fine, tremendously fine, we hadn't fought for so long. Then suddenly I saw him at lunch, only to have him breaking up with me.'

'THREE YEARS. We hadn't met for three years and the first words he said were... WERE.....'

And, the slappings return. A bit wilder as he accidentally hits some objects on the bedside table. This time Chanyeol takes no chance and hurriedly holds his wrists down, forcefully tucking him to bed.

'Ssh, calm down, calm down. It's okay now, ssh..' Chanyeol whispers, as the guy becomes quieter. Just what the hell did i get myself into .


Monday is not yet monday till he hears 'You fucker!' coming from his colleague's lips.

'What now, Jongdae??'

'Sunyoung refused to talk to me all Saturday noon. BECAUSE OF YOU! And why didn't you pick up your phone geez.'

'Well you didn’t call me at all Saturday evening and Sunday, you sure you’re one to talk here?'

'Shut up.' Jongdae says as he tidies his notes on the desk, eyes sneering at his very-recently-dismissed-as-a best friend.

Baekhyun laughs internally, albeit bitter one though. Right i'm flying solo now...

The next ten minutes are filled with typical routine, signing in to the computer, launching the browser, checking inbox, and switching on the timer to the 5 pm-off-work time. It's not so much a busy period at the moment, so Baekhyun still has at least another thirty minutes of free time before he gets called for the weekly meeting. He's about to read the third page of the latest One Piece chapter update when Jongdae peeks from his cubicle.

'By the way, Baek, how did you manage to cook so cleanly while being drunk?'


Chanyeol decides to leave once the sleeping guy stops making sniffling noises, eyebrows no longer crunched in the middle, arms tightly hugging a body pillow. He wonders if what he is doing makes sense, half afraid if somebody will suddenly appear and accuse him of burglary... or something.

He is about to stand up and leave, when he notices the fallen frame on the floor and picks it up.


In the picture is a family of a middle-aged couple, along with two young men standing at their sides. A sense of familiarity hits Chanyeol. I'm sure I’ve seen this couple bef.. wait..

He looks at the sleeping guy's face again. This time carefully examining his eyes, his nose, lips, cheeks.. Then he takes out a picture from his wallet and turns his gaze at the now whimpering guy. For real..?

Perhaps this time the gang is wrong after all. Perhaps something good could happen after 2 am.


By the third time he receives a small gift in front of his door, Baekhyun while flattered, decided to apply the skills he got from that one criminology course in college. The gifts he got have been quite his favorites actually, from a gift coupon of a nearby fried chicken chain - which at first he thought was simply marketing efforts, until he saw a scribble written, saying 'since you’re no longer on a diet, go get the saucey one! ^^' when he was about to order that very night.

Slightly anxious, Baekhyun lost all of his chicken mood then. Excuse you i am not fat! Not since high school at least! He still stuck the coupon on the fridge though. In his defense, it is free chicken so..

On Wednesday, a flash disk was present by his doormat, on top of an envelope. 'Before you think too much, it's just some songs I’m sure you'd love!' He was still unsure though, decided to put it in his bag before entering his unit. It was Jongdae who played it the next day, mistaking the disk for a work matter flash disk. 'Why are you listening to these high school oldies? And also, who the hell stores music in a flash disk! How old are you?? Fifteen?'

Baekhyun immediately snatched the disk from Jongdae and plugged it in his own desktop. There were around twenty mp3 files in it, titles ranging from Jason Mraz' Live High, a couple of Monday Kiz' tracks and even some TVXQ hits.

'You know if I didnt know you better, I would have thought you were having some almost-mid-life-crisis or something. Oh wait. Are you?? You're still hung up on that shitty guy?.....' The rest of Jongdae's speech was left unheard as Baekhyun turned his focus on the songs playing, his mind starting to remember all the lyrics of them. His past teenage years’ memories started to resurface and before long, he forgot that he still had no clue who gave the disk to him.

So, when he sees a stack of superhero movies DVDs by his doormat, along with a note saying 'don’t get drunk again please!' he starts to get cautious. Delighted. But worried. His eyes turn to the stack of DVDs and oh! Is that Iron Man? Wait, all three of them?? Baekhyun's eyes suddenly glimmer at the view. But if anyone asks, yeah, he's mostly definitely worried.

Jongdae better pays for this mess..

Except, it really was not Jongdae who had been pulling all these sweet 'pranks' as evident with his uttermost shock and teasings the next second. 'Awww our Baekhyunnie got himself an admirer. A sweet ass admirer.' Baekhyun thinks he hears a faint shut up Jongdae from the phone. 'Oh Sunyoung needs me, but we're so gonna talk about this on Monday!'

Baekhyun hears the line cut off and sighs as Tony falls to the desert. Whatever motivation he had earlier to find out who has been pranking him is all gone now is now replaced with a bag of chips and a few cans of cola.


'You're insane' was the first thing Kyungsoo muttered. It's only three on a Monday afternoon, not much crowd except for a few high school kids skipping their afternoon courses, most probably. Even Sehun is drooling off the table, taking every minute of his break to maximum use, also known as napping.

'I was just playing jokes on him, geez! What better way is it to reunite with a lost best friend than through jokes?' Chanyeol replied, hands busy trying to figure out Sehun's phone password.

'Uhh I don't know, facebook?'

'Ha, what are you? Seventeen?'

'I was being sarcastic if your slow mind fails to comprehend.' Kyungsoo mutters as he chops more red onions. 'Also those sweet notes are making you look like a creepy stalker. Ugh then again you two had always been on the looney side.'

'Ha!' Chanyeol suddenly shrieks and in a blink of a second a few camera shutter noises are heard. 'Ya Do Kyungsoo, you think these are enough blackmail materials for this kid?'

Kyungsoo shakes his head as he watches Chanyeol nudging Sehun with one hand. Another is one click away from posting a picture of the sleeping and yuckily drooling part-timer-slash-high-school-heartthrob. He thinks he hears low-registered whispers 'Sehun-ah...'

He starts washing some lettuce when he's reminded, 'Hey Park Chanyeol, while you keep yourself busy with that little friend of yours, don't forget Sulli! I'm tired of having to tidy up YOUR mess! She won't stop bugging me everyday and I don't even like her! There's a reason why I introduce you guys..'

'NOOOOOOOOOOO' Kyungsoo thinks that was Sehun. 'I'LL GO I'LL GO HYUNG!!' Yep, definitely Sehun being blackmailed by Chanyeol again.


Baekhyun ends up spending his weekend finishing the stack of DVDs, conveniently closing his eyes once he feels way too sleepy to continue and before he knows it, it is already 11 am on Monday. Wait... Monday?? He notices a few missed calls and 'fucker where u at' texts from his boss' secretary and Jongdae. He is one click away from sending his reply to Jongdae before deciding to just leave it and planning to actually go MIA today. Just get a warm bath, order pizza, maybe catch some dramas on netflix and relax. Maybe this could serve as a little commemoration of him pulling off the whole week of being back to that single Pringle.

Sigh.. He starts recalling all the past year's weekends spent text messaging and skype calling Minseok. He also remembers now, all the gradually lessening texts that he ignores thinking they were comfortable like that. Also all the small fights he thought were resolved once Minseok stopped bringing them up, only to have him spell each one out on that short final lunch they had just last week. All the reasons that convinced him that indeed Baekhyun and him were not a match.


Or, maybe excuses would be a better term.

Baekhyun is casually checking his Instagram timeline when something catches his attention. In between all the food blogs and traveling accounts that he follows, a familiar username pops out. He sees a picture of a silhouette of a guy by the beach, his chest seems bare and lightly toned, a surfboard by his side. A single red heart as a caption, a certain luluyomama tagged, a cartoon kitten with bunny teeth as the profile picture.

Fuckin Kim Minseok .

All of the sudden tears come flowing out of Baekhyun's eyes. Of course a string of curses words in at least ten languages that he learnt for fun back in college, also accompany those tears. 'Fuckin Minseok, friggin shit, be damned you shit be damned your excuses you piec..' He stops when he hears some knocks from his neighbor. Out of surprise. Before deciding, nah. And continues with his wailings and brûle en l’enfer's and 狗崽子s.

He stops again some moments after that though. Not because of his neighbour, but because his stomach is starting to grumble. Man all that anger really eats up his energy. Thus he grabs his mobile phone and calls up the nearby Chinese restaurant for some black bean noodles.

The next five minutes are spent with him tightening his fist and making up his mind that that sucker can go out with whoever shit he can't be bothered and that he will be the better, independent, single Pringle.

Or maybe he'll start tomorrow. For now, he's just gonna answer that knocking on his door, open it and be ready to indulge in that mighty bowl of noodles and cry to bed.

Except what he finds is not the usual middle aged guy delivering Chinese take-outs. Instead, bending down with a box of uhh is that pizza? is a seemingly young guy with jet black hair and probably unending limbs. He gets startled when he realizes the door in front of him is opened.

'Excuse me,' Baekhyun says. He is about to ask further when he notices a small note on the pizza box, with a handwriting that he thinks he has been observing very often this past week. 'I did not order this though.'

The delivery guy slowly lifts his head. He looks at Baekhyun's face. The startle from a second ago seems to have gone, but is now replaced with eyebrows knitting together, worry seems apparent. That's when Baekhyun realizes his face is probably still red from all the screaming he did earlier, along with the rather puffy eyes. And all of the sudden, Baekhyun feels angry again.

'Yes I have been crying, yes my eyes all puffy my nose is snotty my face is all shitty. Why? You got a problem with that?! Well I'm sorry your perfect being has to witness a loser like me. I'm sorry my long distance boyfriend for two years just dumped me for some random surfer i give no shit about. I'm sorry I'm apparently not good enough of a boyfriend. Heck I'm prolly not good enough for this box of pizza, like just how the hell did you mix up the addresses?? Why do you have to shove me pizza by mistake when I'm miserable like this?? What the hell is wrong with you!!!'

The delivery guy is still speechless. He is holding the pizza box now, and he is still making no further moves. And so, Baekhyun realizes how much of a fool he just made himself, and proceeds with his best next plan. Back to his apartment it is.

It takes another five seconds until he hears more knocks. Baekhyun contemplates on opening the door as the knocks intensify.


Wait, isn't that his name?

If just now Baekhyun has been worried, now he's exponentially creeped out. He unlocks his door, and opens a small creak.

'Excuse me?'

'You're.. Baekhyun right? Byun Baekhyun? Bucheon kid Byun Baekhyun?'

'Sorry and you are..?'


'Wait.' Baekhyun looks back at the pizza box, his mind is starting to make two-by-two. 'I know that pizza! I had it last week!'

The stranger is now flashing a slight smile. 'Oh good to know age hasn't completely eaten up your memories.'

Park Family's PizzeriaPark?

And those notes.. 'You! Were you the one who gave me all the random stuffs?? Wait.. Did you also cook in my unit??' Baekhyun slowly opens up his door to get a better look of the guy. He notices that the guy is at least a head taller than him, and his face.. he thinks he recalls it from some.. Oh! No.. That's impossible..

'Park Chan...yeol?'

'Oh wow hooray! Congratulations you just won yourself.. Uhh, me I guess?' Chanyeol sarcasticly brings one of his arms up, the other still holding the pizza box. 'Also this super delicious pan of pizza, is kinda steamingly hot too, so if you don't mind..'

Chanyeol shoves the pizza to the still-flustered Baekhyun's arms. 'Wait.. But.. But..' Baekhyun is all red now, even worse that earlier. His mind trying to make use of all the information he just get.

Park Chanyeol, his elementary and middle school bestfriend is right in front of him, bringing him pizza. And all he did was barked at him and potentially disgraced himself with whatever Minseok bullshit. Shit shit shit!!!

Baekhyun was about to run back inside, but Chanyeol is faster this time. He holds the doorknob before Baekhyun can lock it and breaks into loud laughter, 'Yo Baekhyun you okay there?'


'Just let me get this straight. You. Left me out yesterday, made me listen to Manager Shin's nagging and forced me to spend lunch with Victoria talking nonstop about some staff's affair. All. Because your stalker sent you some superhero DVDs??' Jongdae points out at Baekhyun with his spoon. Tiny splashes of soup hitting Baekhyun's cheeks but he guesses he should at the very least bear with that. He is indeed guilty for skipping yesterday without notice.

Baekhyun scoops another spoonful of rice before answering. 'Well, technically speaking I overslept.'

'Technically speaking you suck.'

Yeah he can live with a day of grumpy Jongdae.

'And you're doing my department's bookkeeping this month.'

Baekhyun gulps.

'What? Hell no, your department sucks so badly, they never turn in receipts! You said that yourself!'

'Nah, that's only Victoria but she's all puppy-puppy over you, while with me she's all excuses and shit. So~ get em tiger!'

'Ugh.. You suck.'

'Speaking of which..' Jongdae's eyes slowly turning cheeky and Baekhyun is feeling even more anxious now. 'Your stalker. He's your middle school mate?? What sort of soap opera is this??' Jongdae laughs out loud. His spoon hitting the now empty tray.

'Heyy this is all your fault that I embarrassed myself so much.' Baekhyun is now playing with his food. His cheeks slightly blushing and he can feel that bit of heat coming up his face. 'I mean, out of thousands of pizza shops in Seoul, how could you call up his????'

And just for that reason he is not looking at Jongdae back.

'All the more reason to make me your bestman at your wedding then!' Jongdae's cheeky laugh slowly turns into a singsong. 'Aww our Baekhyunnie got himself a sweet little stalker, how cute is that!'

Baekhyun is slowly reminded to last night's turn of events. It all went good actually, it was really fun to finally meet somebody that he used to know back when he stayed here and made another friend. Spending the last three years with Jongdae as his only best friend, has been awesome but now that he has got married, he is significantly getting more whipped and less let's-go-get-chicken-at-2-am-able.

Yet the memories of the first fifteen minutes of his meeting with Chanyeol are definitely straight-to-trash memories. Sometimes he really hates his talk-first-think-later habit really. (Chanyeol used to say it's his trademark. He said the same thing last night too when Baekhyun started hiding behind the sofa, regretting the tiny embarrassing speech he made earlier.)

'So, how's this Chanyeol guy?'


Chanyeol has been all smiles these few days. He's even letting Sehun sleep on the back room's sofa instead of the shop's table. He also lets Kyungsoo take lead with whatever crazy inventions he is planning to try for the tonight's specials and desserts. Definitely not your usual play-safe-with-pepperoni Chanyeol.

Although that maybe has a little more to do with him spending almost every five minutes looking at his phone and texting whom Kyungsoo could not care less. His mind is all busy with the various meals he could make out of aubergines and prosciutto and bocconcini, oh maybe he could introduce vegetable cheese sticks for tonight's kids specials! And some strawberry parfaits would be super lovely too! Oh he's gonna have so much fun in the kitchen tonight.

Chanyeol though, is busy reminiscing the past with his long-lost friend. Finally he has managed to be reunited with his best friend back in middle school. His pretty much best partner-in-crime actually. They chatted so much this past week. The day Chanyeol ousted himself, he ended up skipping his shift at the shop and called Jongin, another part-timer, to help Kyungsoo and Sehun. They spent dinnertime finishing the quattro formaggi pizza that Chanyeol brought on purpose, recalling Baekhyun's love for cheese and sharing, or more like finishing, the black bean noodles Baekhyun ordered earlier. They mostly talked about the past though, how they were always seated at the opposites in class because of how loud and playful they were. How Baekhyun always managed to get them off detentions with either his witty replies or lame excuses. How Chanyeol always made him try his cookings on weekends ( wow and you're practically a legit chef now? Way to go kiddo!). Oh also how they always played pranks on Kyungsoo ( no offense but he is still holding grudge of that time you told him that spooky story of the guys' toilets! - aww that was good ole time, i meant well tho, i was hoping he would brave the odds! - uhh he never went toilet for the whole three years of middle school, i think you should be worried of meeting him you know..). And since then they had been exchanging texts and a few late night phone calls.

It was again, almost dinner time when Baekhyun replies his message.

Yep I'm free tonight. And starving too! What you got?

And Chanyeol thinks maybe he should invite Baekhyun to the shop tonight.

And maybe it's okay for his heart to leap a little when Baekhyun asks him for directions within seconds of reading his invitation. Just the way it did some ten years ago or so.


'Wait, I just realized one thing!' Baekhyun suddenly perks as he picks up the last mozzarella stick. It is not such a huge crowd, so Chanyeol is permitted to leave the kitchen every now and then. Kyungsoo had joined them for a bit earlier, but he is back in kitchen working up dishes for the family of four that just came in. Despite what Chanyeol said earlier, Kyungsoo actually went all oh-my-gosh-byun-baekhyun! and proceeded to squish Baekhyun sweetly.

'How did you recognize me when you delivered pizza?' He offers his half eaten mozzarella stick, which Chanyeol immediately bites in, pretending that slight touch of finger to his lips is not making the butterflies in his stomach twirl. 'Hey why did you finish it all!' Chanyeol shrugs and smirks.

'I mean, firstly I have grown at least another 20 centimeters since middle school..'

Chanyeol stares at Baekhyun, his smirk starting to turn into a giggle.

Sort of irritated, Baekhyun continues, 'Okay, ten! And yes this time I'm sure so quit giggling! Oh and obviously I'm much cooler too now. Heck I did not even recognize you at all and I was the one who studied more back then!'

'Meaning I'm even cooler now? So you're finally admitting that your best friend is now a hot catch?'

Baekhyun immediately grabs his iced tea's straw and splash a bit of his drink towards Chanyeol, 'You shitting me?'

'Hey stop that!' The taller guy says as he holds his stomach and laughs. 'I saw your family picture on your bed table. I didn't notice at first until drunkard you dropped the frame.'

'Huh? Wait. I was THAT drunk?'

'You don't know? You were slapping yourself and muttering some shit. I had to hold you very tight to make sure you stopped.' Chanyeol explains.

Baekhyun is now covering his face with his hands. 'Okay, no more talking. Ugh I'm usually a pretty pleasant drunk though. Like, really! I could drink three bottles of soju and still walk perfectly straight.' I'm so gonna kill Jongdae first thing tomorrow.

'Yeah right.' Chanyeol smiles at Baekhyun. 'I know we just met again but you could tell me if you're having a hard time, you know.'

Baekhyun turns red at this. 'You mean, I haven't blabbered enough?? Ugh thanks but it's okay.'

Baekhyun doesn't see Chanyeol making a weird, unpleasant expression.

'Okay kids, time for my special triple cheese pizza, and especially for you Baekhyun, extra chorizo. Now stop with all that faces and start eating.' Kyungsoo suddenly announces. He puts the pan on the table before running back to the kitchen. 'I'll just prepare desserts and be right back. Leave a few slices for me okay!'

Baekhyun is about to grab a slice when Kyungsoo calls Chanyeol out. 'Hey Chanyeol, answer your phone geez. The hospital called earlier, said Sulli woke up already. Just because I'm your emergency contact doesn't mean I'm your caretaker okay!'

'What??' At that, Chanyeol suddenly panicks and runs off to the kitchen.

Baekhyun is a little dumbfounded and retracts his hand back, planning to wait for Chanyeol. He is not sure but it feels like there is this heavy feeling in his heart. After five minutes, he contemplates going to the kitchen too, but decides against it. They just met again for goodness sake, there is so much they haven't known about each other. If Baekhyun has managed to date a few girls and guys in college and break up with a guy just a little over two weeks ago, what are the chances of Chanyeol having a girlfriend now? Or a daughter even?

Ten minutes in and Chanyeol finally comes out.

'Baekhyun-ah, I'm so sorry but an emergency comes up.'

Chanyeol is now in his leather jacket, car keys in one hand and his phone with an active phone call in another, and never in Baekhyun's life has he ever thought that a day will come when he thinks his lanky, awkward best friend will look awesome in a mere jacket.

Baekhyun steps out of his trance immediately. 'Oh, uh yeah go ahead.' Baekhyun tries to quickly think of something to reply. 'I'll just chat with Kyungsoo, I guess?'

'I'll make it up okay!' And with that Chanyeol holds his phone back and hurries outside. Baekhyun kind of hears a faint 'Baby are you okay?' as Chanyeol opens the shop's doors.

Baekhyun just stares at the doors for the next few seconds, processing whatever just happened.

'Yo Baek, why haven't you eaten the pizza? I especially put extra care and love on it!' Baekhyun is suddenly startled with the voice. He immediately turns to find Kyungsoo sitting neatly at his opposite.

'Oh, yeah, I was waiting for you guys earlier. It looks super nice though! Been drooling since you first brought it out!'

'Aww fifteen years and suddenly you're this sweet, mannered guy? Are you really Baekhyun??' Kyungsoo jokes as he picks up a slice.

They chat for a little while, mostly on Kyungsoo swearing Baekhyun will pay back for scaring him back in school, jokingly of course.. or maybe not? Who knows..

Baekhyun though seems a little preoccupied. Kyungsoo notices that while he laughs, his eyes seem to keep pondering, his fingers occasionally trying to reach his phone. Kyungsoo makes a knowing smirk at the sight.

'Oh by the way, I'm sorry Chanyeol had to leave earlier though. Sulli had a minor food poisoning a few days ago and had to stay in the hospital..' Kyungsoo suddenly says, his eyes focused on Baekhyun, trying to analyze his reactions.

At the sudden mention, Baekhyun raises his head curiously. 'Oh? Sulli?'

'Yeah. Oh Chanyeol hasn't told you about her yet?'

'Who is she?'

Kyungsoo notices Baekhyun's voice turning a bit softer now, his fingers are also fidgeting with his phone. ha, an eye for an eye my friend..


Jongdae is greeted with a gloomy Baekhyun the next day. And that is weird, considering said boy has been sparkling the last few days. Heck, even Jongdae was getting slightly irritated as Baekhyun had been super focused with his phone lately. Much worse than when he was still in an oceans-apart relationship, Jongdae dare says. So seeing Baekhyun without his phone ringing every ten seconds today feels kind of weird actually.

'Yo B, things alright?' Jongdae taps his shoulder as he calls him to get lunch. The latter gets a little startled at the touch, before sighing. 'Yeah, nothing much.'

Their walk to the canteen is a little silent. Baekhyun's mind seems to wandering off, while Jongdae is busy trying to find ways to crack his colleague's thoughts.

'Oh right, are we still going to the karaoke next weekend? Your Chanyeol is coming as well right??' Jongdae tugs Baekhyun's shoulder at that. 'I really can't wait to finally meet this wonderful old friend of yours!'

Baekhyun is suddenly reminded with the karaoke trip he proposed to Chanyeol a few days ago. Since the shop is usually opened only for dinner on Saturday, he thought maybe they could go on a Saturday noon. The tall guy had agreed immediately then, but after last night he wonders if they should still go for it.

'Oh, let me just check and text you again later?'

Jongdae is getting slightly suspicious now. 'Yeah sure.'

They are in the middle of queueing when Jongdae suddenly taps Baekhyun's shoulder again. 'You could always spill shit at me you know. Not only am I a wonderful singer, my ears are also very effective!'

At that, Baekhyun laughs loudly, 'Says the person who got drunk with a bottle of soju before I even started talking shit.'

'Hey! That was a one time okay! Besides look how THAT turns out now!'


These past few days, Baekhyun has not been replying as frequently as before. Chanyeol thinks it is possible since he is a working adult. But he can't help feeling uneasy. Did he say something wrong? He had apologized for having to leave that one time at dinner, and as far as he remembers the next chats have been pretty safe topics. Or is he boring Baekhyun out?

'He's probably busy you know. Not everyone works depending on their free time like you!' Kyungsoo answers when Chanyeol looks at his phone for the umpteenth time.

'We're partners, you don't exactly have the rights to say that.' Chanyeol mutters. 'Shortie.'

'Why don't you text him first then?'

'What if he doesn't reply? I'll sound desperate. Wait do you think he's mad at me? Just what did you guys talk about exactly last time?'

'School, catch-ups, you know all that. Mostly you though. Like if I knew all the pranks you did on him..' oh and the prank i am doing on you two , Kyungsoo smirks at the thought. 'Hmm what else was there. Oh a karaoke session! Wait it's tomorrow isn't it?'

Chanyeol's eyes suddenly become a whole lot brighter, fingers immediately busy typing.

To: Baekhyun

Yo Byun, we still going out tomorrow?


Wait, did i just send 'going out'??

'Hey Kyungsoo, do I sound weird?' Chanyeol hurries to Kyungsoo's counter and shoves his phone at him. Kyungsoo does not bother looking though. 'You're like weird, 90% of the time. So my guess is yes.'


To: Baekhyun

Whoops I didn't mean going out like going out! >< kyungsoo asks.. So just wanna make sure! :)

'But to be honest, Baekhyun is just as weird, so I see no problem really.' Chanyeol scrunches a piece of note paper and throws it at Kyungsoo. 'I'm holding a knife here you idiot!'

'Hey Chanyeol, I'm not taking the night shift okay. Called Junmyeon-hyung to replace me though and I've prepared the ingredients too.'


Baekhyun finally spills after Jongdae treats him to few cans of beer after work. 'What do you mean he's got a girl?'

Baekhyun gulps down another can. 'Kyungsoo said so, that Chanyeol went to pick up his girl. He looked super panicked last night too. I mean, I don't know I thought he was advancing on me the whole time. But maybe.. not?'

'So, you like this guy?'

'I don't... know..? I like having him around.. but isn't it too early for a new relationship?' Baekhyun wonders. 'I haven't been talking much with him these few days though.'

The bar's door is suddenly opened and a familiar figure walks up to their table.

'Baekhyun-ah!' Kyungsoo waves at Baekhyun.

'Oh? You came!' Baekhyun gestures Kyungsoo to come and sit with them. 'Jongdae this is Kyungsoo, my friend from middle school. Kyungsoo, my colleague Jongdae.'

'Oh Baekhyun mentioned you a lot!' Jongdae says as they introduce themselves. 'I must say you're a saint for keeping up with him!'

Baekhyun kicks Jongdae's shins.

'Hahaha well both him and Chanyeol were quite a deadly combo then. Trust me I was the only sane one!' Kyungsoo proceeds to order a can of soda. 'So what have you guys been chatting about?'

'Oh just about how this Chanyeol guy has turned our Baekhyun into a walking zombie. Even Yixing asked me earlier if you were on drugs or something.'

Baekhyun drinks up another can of beer for him. 'He, of all people, has no right to say that!'

'Ooh so you really like Chanyeol?' Kyungsoo turns to Baekhyun now, pretending to be oblivious.

Baekhyun chokes on his beer.

'That's your answer there my pal!' Jongdae offers Kyungsoo a low-five and they both giggle at that. 'Although apparently Chanyeol's got a girl..?'

At this Kyungsoo laughs slightly harder, causing Jongdae to be slightly confused.

'Nooooo you guys.' Baekhyun finishes his fourth can. Jongdae looks at him knowingly and Kyungsoo can tell he is not pleased with Baekhyun's expression.

'Oh come on, why is he drunk already!'

Kyungsoo is slightly worried now. 'Wait he really gets drunk off beer??'

'Come on, let's get him home. Sorry we only managed to chat a bit, Kyungsoo-ssi.'

'Actually, I have a tiny bit confession to make.' Kyungsoo says to Jongdae on their way to hail a cab. Baekhyun is pretty much unconscious and is being held straight by the two of them.


Chanyeol was beyond ecstatic when he got a reply from Baekhyun, so much he was worried his customers noticed his giggles, over. a. text message.

From Baekhyun:

Can you pick me up at 1 tomorrow?

And so, here he is in front of Baekhyun's door five minutes to one, a cup of iced strawberry latte on one hand. Kyungsoo ends up not being able to go though, texted this morning something about having to visit his parents and that Chanyeol better don't giggle too much if he's really serious about Baekhyun because it's pretty unflattering. Chanyeol just huffed at that.

He waits until the time on his phone strikes exactly 1.00 before pressing the doorbell.

The door opens a few seconds later.



Baekhyun woke up quite late today. Could have been way later if it was not because of his alarm clock suddenly ringing. Probably Jongdae switched it on last night. Baekhyun remembers going to the bar with Jongdae and Kyungsoo and chatted for a few before having them bring him home and slept his way through the night. He was even still in his work clothes when he woke up.

He has just finished showering when the bell rings. 'A moment!' He says as he puts on a t-shirt and runs to the front door.

What greets him totally takes him by a surprise. Or who, technically.


'Ready to go?'

'Go... where?' Baekhyun is barely registering. At that moment, Baekhyun's phone vibrates.

From: Jongdae

Are you out with Chanyeol yet? Told him to pick you at one lol. And no dont start nagging on me, we're doin u a favor here.

There's also one unread message from Kyungsoo, he realizes.

From: Kyungsoo

I'm sorry lol well not really, but you know an eye for an eye hahah well anyway good luck!

Baekhyun gapes at his phone, trying to make sense of his friends' texts, before suddenly remembers they are still standing by the door. Ugh he's gonna murder them for real. asap.

Baekhyun puts up his best to hide his urge to kill behind his smile, and invites Chanyeol in.

'Hey, I'm so sorry, it's just it was Jongdae who replied you yesterday. As you can see, I'm barely prepared yet.'

'Is that a sign for me to offer waiting for you to get ready....?' Chanyeol says as he sits on the sofa.

Baekhyun contemplates going out, but at the same time he doesn't feel too well to, his head still feels a bit off from all the alcohol.

That, and thoughts about this Sulli girl keeps bothering him.

'Or we could just go next time, if you don't feel too well. I brought you some latte too actually.' Chanyeol proceeds to place the drink on the desk, before standing up, ruffling Baekhyun's slight messy hair and heads to the front door again. His lips are smiling, but his eyes lose sparkles.

Baekhyun is still looking at the tiles. He feels like stopping Chanyeol, but he is afraid. Afraid that once he holds Chanyeol, he will not be able to let go. Exactly the same reason why he did not tell his best friend that he was leaving the country years ago when they graduated middle school.

And so again, they separate.


Chanyeol is in his car, slightly sad, well very sad actually, that he is losing Baekhyun again. He thinks of the time in high school when he suddenly received an email from Baekhyun, few months into first year. How apologetic Baekhyun was that he couldn't tell Chanyeol directly that he was leaving. How he had been busy with the move, English crash courses and high school. The emails only stayed for a few weeks though, soon enough they were both busied with their own activities. Except, Chanyeol had never forgotten. He just ignored. All through high school, college, even when he decided to drop out of college and travel the world. It was not like he closed himself through all those times though, because he had one or two relationships. Just that he always felt something missing. Seulgi broke up with him when she realized the relationship was not going anywhere. Junmyeon called it off saying Chanyeol's eyes never looked as if he was in love.

Even Kyungsoo has been worried if Chanyeol will actually settle one day. One of the reasons why he gifted Sulli on Chanyeol's birthday last year. If you can't engage with humans, maybe you can start with her.

Chanyeol holds his steering wheel firmly. His hands are getting a little sweaty and his heartbeat growing and he decides right then and there, to get out of the car and chase Baekhyun.


Baekhyun doesn't feel right at all. Just like back then in the plane, he wonders if it is right to just leave things open. If he would one day regret just the way he regretted not replying Chanyeol's emails, fearing he would not be able to stand staying overseas. He had no idea then if he would return to Seoul, or if he would meet Chanyeol again in the future, so keeping in touch really did not feel that right to him.

But, it's a different situation this time, his heart tells him. And even if he is indeed taken, it doesn't change the fact that Chanyeol had been his best friend. He should at least do that, seeing how he had just left him with no clues back then. No friend in their right mind would accept that sort of treatment.

So Baekhyun grabs his phone, Chanyeol's number on call, another hand picks his car keys up and hurries to the front door.

And once again, he is surprised with what greets him as he opens the door.


A familiar ringtone is heard.



'Why are you here?'

'I have something to tell you.'

Baekhyun hangs up on the phone. Chanyeol's phone stops ringing.

'Can I be selfish again and go first?' Baekhyun asks. His eyes turning watery, and Chanyeol can never say no to those eyes.

'Firstly, I'm sorry. For leaving you in the dark many years ago. I was a shitty friend, and I deserve no forgiveness. I was scared basically. That staying in touch with you would make me beg my parents to send me back to Seoul, and that's impossible. Dad worked so hard to give us better lives and I couldn't disappoint him.'

'When I came back three years ago, I had wanted to find you, but I didn't know if it was the right thing to do. If I would be selfish by doing so. Then suddenly we met again by chance, so I thought maybe this is my chance to fix this friendship.'

'But after all this time, even after all these years, it turns out that, I still.. Wait, okay. This is really bad. How do I explain this..'

Baekhyun grabs his hair. His eyes closed, trying to think hard. While Chanyeol waits patiently for him to continue his monologue. He thinks he knows where this is going, but he doesn't want to speculate. He does not realize that all this time he has been waiting for Baekhyun to return.

'Actually I've been selfish again, is what I'm trying to tell you.' Baekhyun sighs. 'I liked you a lot, back then. And now too actually. I know that you're taken too so I'm working on my feelings now. But please even after knowing this, don't chase me away. Before everything else, I really adore you as a friend in the first place and I hope we could stay friends for as long as possible..? If.. you don't mind..?'

Chanyeol just smiles, and Baekhyun wonders if 'There's something on my face?'

'Is it my turn to speak now?' Chanyeol asks. Baekhyun keeps his head to the ground, his face all blushed. Chanyeol asks again as he brings Baekhyun's chin up. 'Firstly, apology accepted. It was the same case for me, I contemplated many times to ask why you didn't reply. Yet at the same time, I was worried if I would then keep forcing you to come back when I knew that wasn't right.'

'Secondly, who told you I am taken?'

Chanyeol is now slightly closer to Baekhyun, his face is lowered to meet Baekhyun's eyes.

'I.. Uhm.. Well, that night you went to pick up was it Sulli? Your girlfriend? From hospital? Kyungsoo said she was admitted few days before.. Actually, as a friend I think I should be angry that you haven't introduced us!'


At this, Chanyeol breaks out into a laughing mess. All intimate touch no longer there (which Baekhyun kind of regrets).

Once he calms down, Chanyeol holds Baekhyun's hands. 'Follow me!'

Baekhyun dumbfoundedly nods. 'Wait let me lock my door!'


They pull off about twenty minutes later. The whole ride, Chanyeol keeps stealing glances and Baekhyun keeps feeling awkward and looks at the neighborhood outside. They reach an apartment building shortly.

'You know, I was just joking about the introducing thing. I'm perfectly fine you know, you don't have to bring me right away.' Baekhyun blabbers as they wait in the elevator to reach the tenth floor.

Chanyeol just grins the whole time, taking out his keys from his pocket as they walk to the apartment.

'Wait you live here? You guys stay together already? I didn't know yo..'

At that, Chanyeol turns to Baekhyun, his finger presses Baekhyun's lips. Baekhyun takes it as a signal to stay silent and proceeds to stop talking.

But Chanyeol keeps his finger there, lowering his face until there's barely millimeters separating them. Chanyeol just stares at his friend's face, wondering how much he has missed the person right in front him. Meanwhile, Baekhyun shuts his eyes tightly, scared of what might happens next.

Then he hears a click.

Baekhyun turns around as Chanyeol invites him into his apartment.

'Sseol-ah, we have a guest here!' Chanyeol calls.

Baekhyun hurriedly tidies up his clothes. It is only now that he realizes he is still wearing his ragged t-shirt and black bermudas. He believes his hair is still very messy as well.

'Sseol-ah!' Chanyeol calls again. 'Wait here, okay?' He tells Baekhyun as he walks into a room.

Chanyeol comes back a few seconds later with the cutest corgi Baekhyun has ever seen.

'Oh wow you have a corgi! She's so cute!' Baekhyun proceeds to carry the puppy. 'What's her name?' He asks as he plays and ruffles the corgi's head.


Baekhyun stares at Chanyeol now. 'What?'

'She had a little poisoning last time and had to stay at the hospital for a few days, but she's good now. Just a little sleepy. But hey she seems to be very friendly with you! It took me three days for her to treat me like a friend! You and your charms really, Byunbaek.' Chanyeol explains as he carries Sulli back to his arms. 'The doctor said she should still rest a little more though, so I'm taking her back for now. We could play together tomorrow though! Sunday is her outing day!' Chanyeol turns to the corgi now,' Right, Sseol-ah? We'll play tomorrow okay!'

Baekhyun just stares, trying to process the new information that he just receives.

'So, you're saying that.. Sulli is.. a.. puppy?'

Chanyeol is now moving closer to Baekhyun. His hands naturally find Baekhyun's, while the shorter guy is surprised at the touch. Chanyeol half-whispers, his lips just by Baekhyun's ears. 'I liked you too. A lot. Back then. And still do now.'

He turns to look at Baekhyun properly this time. 'And I hope you don't mind this.' Chanyeol whispers as he leans in to kiss Baekhyun on the lips. Baekhyun closes his eyes, one hand holding Chanyeol's and the other on Chanyeol's neck.

It is only when they gasp for air that they separate and Baekhyun's mind comes back to its rightful place.

'You couldn't have just told me I misunderstood??'

'And lost the chance to prank you one more time?'

Baekhyun pretends to pout at that, folding his arms as he goes to sit on the sofa and turns on the TV. Chanyeol runs after him and kisses him again as he plumps himself besides his best friend.

'Wait!' Baekhyun suddenly exclaims.


'Give me one minute.' Baekhyun says as he searches for his phone in his pocket and furiously types in it.

To: Jongdae; Kyungsoo

u two r dead once i see u. esp u kyungsoo! ur sorry sucks.

Baekhyun presses send.

To: Kyungsoo

i friggin mean it u fucker.

Baekhyun looks back and smiles at Chanyeol, 'Now where were we?'


Group chat (3)
Kyungsoo: u made me hold my piss the whole three years this is nothing

Kyungsoo: ps. does this mean congratulations~? lulz

Kyungsoo: pps. we're good right? i mean im still u guys' number one supporter ya know~

Jongdae: lol baek cmon he's just having fun~ also congrats?

Jongdae: finally u can stop having solo pity party every weekend~

Baekhyun: u fuckers

Baekhyun leaves chat.

Tags: [round 2] posting day 3, rating: pg-13, word count: +5000
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