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Heart Out

Title: Heart Out
Prompt#: 341
Word Count: ~8k
Side pairing(s): slight!chanyeol/sulli, slight!sebaek
Summary: Chanyeol likes Baekhyun a lot. He doesn’t want anyone knowing that though.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): a little underage drinking, cuss words, mentions of former members
Disclaimer:The celebrities’ names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families, or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
A/N: I tried making this as un-cliche as possible but it’s very cliche. Thank you so much to the mods for being so patient and understanding!(and sorry for any grammar mistakes)

Cause I remember when I found you
Much younger than you are now
And once we started having friends round
You created a television of your mouth

Baekhyun walked into his first period class and sat in his usual seat at the back. He's still a bit early which gives him enough time to get a few minutes of sleep before class starts. High school makes it impossible to get sleep these days.He lays his head down on his desk and off to he goes to lucid dreams.

Chanyeol locks up his locker in the football team’s locker room and heads to class so he can finish a few questions off his Calculus homework. As he reaches his classroom, he sees a lone boy sitting at a desk in the back with his head down and his soft breath shown by the movements of his back. He smiles and stalks over to other and kneels in front of the desk.

“You’ll get a mark on your forehead if you sleep like that you dummy”, he whispers.

Chanyeol then takes off his hoodie and folds it up into a makeshift pillow. He gently raises the other boy’s head, puts the hoodie underneath, and lays his head back down. He gives the brown haired boy a small peck on the top of his head and goes to his seat two rows ahead.

Baekhyun smiles and snuggles into the hoodie with the scent he loves the most.


The first day of middle school was filled with over excited and nervous students in the early stages of pre adolescence. Byun Baekhyun woke up extra early to get ready for his big day. He took a warm shower and ate the breakfast his mom prepared for him. Once he was sure he has everything he needed, he set off to Dankook Middle School.

Park Chanyeol woke up groggily with dread filling his system. He suppressed the urge to throw his alarm clock to the wall and went to his bathroom to wash up. He leaves his house with a slice of toasted bread in his mouth while fixing his tie and off to Dankook Middle School he goes.

Two weeks into the school year and Baekhyun is in the school library early in the morning looking for books to binge read over the weekend. He checks out four books and leaves the library to head to his first period. On the way there, he goes to the restroom first to wash the dust from the bookshelves off his hands. While lathering his hands with soap someone else stands in front of the sink next to him. Baekhyun gives the other boy a small smile, something he does for almost everyone he sees, and is happy to see that the other returns a smile as well. He realizes that this boy was in class and wants to make small talk to gain a new friend but is at a loss in how to do so. Although it seems like the other boy is one step ahead of him.

It's the second week of the school year and Chanyeol is already yearning for the next school holiday. He arrives at school early because his mom thought it would be a good idea to wake him up at five o’clock in the morning but making him believe he only had five minutes to get ready for school or he'd be late so early in the school year.

“This is your wake up call to have better sleeping habits Park Chanyeol! You can't sleep at midnight every night then expect not to be dead the next morning!”

The half awake pre-teen steps into his classroom and heads to his seat in the middle row to get some shut eye. He sits down and tries to find a comfortable position for his head only to find himself touching a piece of gum see his desk. You've gotta be kidding me. He grimaces to himself and stomps off to the nearest restroom. He enters the boy’s restroom and walks to the first sink he sees. A boy that seems to be in his grade is next to it and even gives him a small smile when he stands next to him. He even gives one back then continues to rinse his hands from the soap. He looks down and notices the books next to the other boy’s feet. The book on top was Norweigan Wood written by Murakami Haruki. He remembers reading it when he was snooping around in his sister’s room a few months ago. Milky skinned nimble hands pick them up and he looks up to owner of the books.

“Hey that book you got there is really good.You'll love it.”

“Really? That's good then. I'm really excited to read it now!”

He's surprised by the softness of the voice with a pretty high pitch on the early stages of puberty. He deems the boy as nice enough to be friends with.

“Which class are you in?”

“I'm in class A. How ‘bout you?”

“Same! Wow how come I never noticed you?”

“Hehe I wouldn't know about that. Oh! I didn't catch your name.”

“It's Chanyeol. What's yours?”

“I'm Baekhyun.”

“Cool. Hey we should head to class now. I think the bell might ring soon.”


The two thirteen year olds then walked to class talking nonstop about anything they had in common.

Middle school passed by in a bliss for Baekhyun for he had the greatest best friend ever by his side. Surely he had other friends as well but no one could come close to the bond he felt with Chanyeol. Everyday they would meet up in front of the library then walk to class together all the while filling each other with anything that happened when they weren't together. On the weekends they would hang out during study sessions or short trips to the frozen yogurt shop. Even when they were with their own respective friends they would constantly text each other and share interesting things their friends do. Baekhyun felt content and nothing could be better than what he and Chanyeol had. Chanyeol, however, had other ideas.


Baekhyun thought that his and Chanyeol’s bond couldn’t get any better. Later he found out that it definitely could. After their middle school graduation, Chanyeol invited Baekhyun over for dinner at his mother’s request for she had always wanted to meet the “super-awesome-bestest-friend” her son keeps blabbing about.

Baekhyun arrived at Chanyeol’s house at 7 pm sharp with a promise of “I’ll be good” to his mom before she drove off. Chanyeol led him to the living room where shyly greeted the Park family which consisted of his mom, dad, and his older sister. Albeit being nervous, he soon felt at ease with the family while laughing at Mr. Park’s jokes and answering questions about his life from Mrs. Park and Yoora. After the delicious dinner made by Mrs. Park, the family wanted to show Baekhyun some old photo albums to make him feel more welcomed, much to Chanyeol's delight. The boy giggled at photos of a toothless Chanyeol to Chanyeol kissing his late pet ferret(“A ferret Chanyeol?” “Tubby was a fun playmate okay?!? Even though I only had him for a year…”) As Baekhyun looked at more photos, he noticed the surroundings in the pictures to be slightly familiar.

“Um Mrs. Park? Did you and your family not live in this neighborhood before?”

“Oh no we used to live in Busan before we moved to Seoul when we had to take care of my mother-in-law.”

“Really? I used to live in Busan too! At least until my father’s job got transferred.”

“Where in Busan did you guys live?”

“Around Jimsan-ro.”

“Aha! I knew your name sounded familiar! Chanyeol-ah this is the little Baekhyunnie you used to play with. Aigoo you even used to push him high on the swings!”

Baekhyun turned around to face Chanyeol who had the same jaw dropped look on his face. Baekhyun then smiled as he realized that Chanyeol was going to be someone very special in his life. After all, he's always been there anyways.


High school is a scary yet exciting place for most kids. Baekhyun himself was nervous but looking forward to this new chapter in his life. He is currently freaking out though because he only has a month left of summer break to mentally prepare himself and have some fun before he drowns with school work. It’ll be okay though. Chanyeol’s going to be with him.

It’s the last week of summer and Baekhyun finds himself lying on his bed trying to figure out how to make what’s left of his vacation worth it. He fans himself with his old science notebook and takes his phone to check his instagram to see what his friends are doing. Jongin is in Japan with his cousin Junmyeon and Jongdae is dying at his summer job at an ice cream store. His phone rings and it has Chanyeol’s name as the caller i.d. He smiled at the thought of his best friend and immediately picked up.

“Hey Baek you busy today?”

“No I’ve been bored the whole day. What’s up?”

“Well I was playing basketball with my friends today I saw a poster for a town fair on the way home. I was thinking of going but I’ll only go if you’ll come with me.”

“Really? Well I got nothing to do so yeah why not. What time is it?”

“I’ll meet you at the ice cream shop Jongdae’s working at 5.”

“K sounds good. See you in three hours.”

“Later Baek.”

Baekhyun ends the call with a smile and wonders why he feels more excited than usual. He must be really looking forward to that fair.


Chanyeol arrives at the ice cream store at 4:30 with fidgety fingers and sinking feeling in his stomach.

Today is the day. Today, I’m going to do it. I have to. I can’t chicken out now.
He sees Jongdae at the counter on the verge of dozing off and decides to pay him a little surprise visit.


The said boy’s head went up so fast Chanyeol thought he heard a crack, making him chuckle.

“Not cool dude. So not cool.”

“That’s what you get for sleeping on the job, a job which I don’t even why you still have since this place is almost always deserted.”

“Why do you think I chose to work here? Barely anyone comes so I hardly need to do anything.”

“Of course.”

“So anyways are you getting anything ‘cause if you aren’t, I’ll be getting back to my nap.”

“I’ll get something when Baekhyun gets here. We’re going to the town fair.”

“Gotcha. Now go sit down. You’re annoying.”

Chanyeol snickers then sits down on one of the table near the window. He plays Angry Birds on his phone for a good ten minutes when he hears a tapping sound by the window and sees a grinning Baekhyun waving on the other side. His best friend enters the store and plops down on the seat in front of him.


“Hey Baek. Wanna get some ice cream before we go? My treat.”

“Really? You don’t have to. I brought money.”

“No it’s fine. I want to. So how ‘bout it? Chocolate with sprinkles?”

“...Fine, but I’m paying for our tickets.”

“I already bought ‘em.”

Chanyeol rushes to the counter, startling Jongdae once again, to avoid Baekhyun’s attempt of swatting his arm. He buys a cone with two scoops of chocolate ice cream with extra sprinkles on top for Baekhyun and a cup with two scoops of cookies n cream for himself. He comes back to the table with a pouting Baekhyun waiting for him eliciting a smile to form on his lips.
“Let’s go to the fair.”


The second they entered the fair, Baekhyun’s eyes widened with his mouth agape trying to absorb all the attractions the fair had to offer; Chanyeol couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than Baekhyun’s face slowly getting more and more excited at his surroundings. He feels his hand being pulled towards the bumper cars and they both run towards the ride.

Three more rides and dozens of games later, they sit at a table sharing a plate of funnel cake (courtesy of Baekhyun after persuading Chanyeol to let him pay for it). The sun is setting down and Chanyeol thinks it’s finally time for his perfect-yet cliche- confession. His perfect setting for the end of the day would be a ride in the ferris wheel and Baekhyun tearing up as Chanyeol tells him how he feels when Baekhyun laughs, smiles, hugs him, and the jealousy that wells up inside when that idiot Sehun drapes himself all over soon-to-be-his Baekhyun during lunch. The nervous boy bounces his leg continuously while watching the boy of his dreams eat happily with powder on the corner of his lips. A sudden rush of bravery comes over him and he delicately wipes the powder off of Baekhyun’s face then brings his thumb to his lips and licks it off. The boy in front of him stares at him blankly then shrugs it off deeming it as one of Chanyeol’s many caring actions. Chanyeol sighs and decides to bring up the ferris wheel instead. Baekhyun nods excitedly to the idea so they clean up their mess and head off to the ferris wheel.


“Sorry boys the ferris wheel broke down a few hours ago. The maintenance guy can’t come ‘till tomorrow.”

“Oh really? Well...okay then thanks anyways mister.”

“I’m really sorry kiddos. Enjoy the rest of the fair.”

The two teenagers are sitting on a bench looking at the sunset with a blissful Baekhyun and a sullen Chanyeol. Of course it doesn’t work the day I need it, thought Chanyeol as he looks over to his best friend who has his eyes set on the birds flying towards the sunset, at least he still looks happy. His best friend sighs with a smile and turns to Chanyeol.

“Thanks for today Chanyeol. Today was definitely the best way to end summer. I feel less stressed about high school now.”

“Really? That’s good then. I still feel bad that we couldn’t ride the ferris wheel though.”

“Geez why are you so hung up on that? We still had a ton of fun on the other rides, right? What’s so special about the ferris wheel anyways?”

“Um not much...I-it’s just that uh..well you see-”

“What is it? Come on tell me already!”

“I-It’s because I uh kinda wanted something in the ferris wheel…”

“Hm? What was it?”

“I...I wanted to tell you something.”

“Well you can tell me right now.”

Chanyeol was at a loss. Should he just take this chance to tell Baekhyun he liked him, stupid cliche plans be damned? He vowed to himself that he’ll tell Baekhyun by the end of the day anyways, right?

“I-uh...wait, after I tell you, you have to promise not to hate me and to still be my friend. Oh, and please don’t feel awkward after this.”

“Okay now you’re kinda scaring me. Just tell me.”

“Promise me first.”

“Yes yes I promise you. Now hurry up and tell me!”

“Baekhyun....I like you.”

The two stared at each other as their eyes spoke the words they weren’t able to speak. Baekhyun’s eyes widened as Chanyeol’s words start sinking in. He sees Chanyeol go through a range of emotions from being nervous to being scared and now he just looks downright depleted This pushes him to finally speak to the slightly blushing boy in front of him.

“ like me. Do you mean as in like-like?”

“I uh ‘like-like’ you. I really do.Sometimes I really wanna hug you so tight you’ll laugh and tell me to let go, and I say that because I really love your laugh. I want to hold your hand when I take you to class or while we’re watching a movie, wait no I just wanna hold your hand all the time and um I also wanna feed you some of my food while we’re at lunch. I wanna do a bunch of things with you but I don’t know if you want them too...But I really hope you do.”

“...Yes. I want to do those stuff too...and only with you.”

“R-really? you wanna be my boyfriend? I promise I’ll really treasure you.”

Baekhyun nods and tackles Chanyeol with the biggest hug he could ever give someone.


It’s finally the first day of school and Baekhyun tries to calm himself down before his boyfriend arrives at his house to pick him up. The new highschooler still can’t help but smile at that title. Boyfriend.

The last few days were surreal to Baekhyun. Everyday until this morning was spent with Chanyeol-having dates at the nearby ice cream place, walking in the park(Chanyeol making the first move to hold his hand), and anything else they could think of.

Chanyeol has been the perfect boyfriend to him- he wipes the ice cream on the side of his lips, holds onto him tightly when they ride the bus, and even kisses his forehead whenever he sends him home for the day.

He just knows the next three years are gonna be great with Chanyeol by his side.

What could go wrong?

Chanyeol and Baekhyun are in different classes but Chanyeol promises his pouting boyfriend that he’ll come visit every lunch break and will be right there after his class is dismissed to pick him up. He gets a shy kiss on the cheek in return and then they head to each other’s classrooms.

The first day starts off smoothly without much slip ups and soon it was time to go home. As promised, Baekhyun sees his boyfriend standing by the door of his classroom trying to find his head among the crowd of students rushing out. He smiles and walks over to the other boy and takes his hand. The two boys head out and start their walk to the buses.

“So how the first day?”, asked Chanyeol.

“Better than I thought it would be. I feel like it’ll get worse throughout the year though…”

“I know right. Don’t worry though it’ll be okay. Trust me.”
Baekhyun just smiles and holds his boyfriend’s hand tighter.


It’s the second month of school and Baekhyun was proven right when he thought that the good times can’t last forever. A test every week, boring lessons, and crappy school lunches were already taking a toll on him. As much as his boyfriend tries to make things better every day, it still won’t lessen his distaste for high school life. Actually, his boyfriend seems to be enjoying high school more than him. He’s been gaining more friends each day and somehow almost every student has the need to say hi to him when they see him in the halls. Although Baekhyun has his own set of friends(mostly from chorus and art club), Chanyeol seems to know everyone. He’s even more excited for school nowadays because of the basketball team tryouts next week. He’s been practicing every day to make it in the team, but not without his precious boyfriend’s permission to do so. Baekhyun being the supportive boyfriend he is, encourages him to go everyday since the day Chanyeol told him about trying out.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were eating lunch in the cafeteria when suddenly, Chanyeol stopped feeding Baekhyun his pudding and had a serious look on his face.



“I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“So um. I was thinking of trying out for the basketball team.”

“That’s it? Geez I thought you were gonna break up with me or something. That’s great Chanyeollie! You’ll do great I just know you will!”

“So you’re not upset?”

“Why would I be?”

“Well if i get into the team I might not be able to spend as much time with you ‘cause I’m gonna be practicing a lot and we just started dating and we should be together all the time. Right?”

Baekhyun giggled. “Don’t worry Chanyeollie we’ll be fine. Besides maybe this could also be a way for us to spend more time with each other! I’ll wait for you after school and I’ll go to every single one of your games and I’ll be the loudest one there cheering you on! This could be fun!”

Chanyeol grins. “Byun Baekhyun you are the best boyfriend I ever had.”

“I’m the only boyfriend you ever had.”

“Exactly” and Chanyeol kisses his nose.


It’s been a month since Chanyeol got into the school’s basketball team and he’s been busier than he thought he would be-that doesn’t make Baekhyun any less proud though. Whenever he sees Chanyeol get praised by his coach or have a big grin on his face when his ball makes it into the basket, his heart swells. He alway sits diligently by the bleachers every Monday-Wednesday-and Friday after school with a hand towel and a bottle of cold water ready for his giant jock. Chanyeol always comes rushing to him with a big smile and open arms that scoop him up into a big hug after practice. There’s also the mandatory kiss on the cheek that Chanyeol always insists on as a thank you for being the “dopest boyfriend ever.” Baekhyun thinks he’s falling in love.


One day after practice, one of Chanyeol’s teammates comes up behind Chanyeol to pat his back after a hard day’s work but stops when he sees Baekhyun.

“Yo Chanyeol!”

“Hey Yifan! What’s up?”

Baekhyun stops wiping Chanyeol’s sweat from his forehead to turn and look at the commotion. He sees a boy as tall as Chanyeol with a buzz cut come jogging to where they are. This stranger pauses to glance and give a small smile tot Baekhyun then turns to give Chanyeol a pretty hard slap to the back.

“Yo you did great today. I think if we keep this up we can go to state champs.”

“Bro seriously? I really fucking hope so man.”

Baekhyun flinches. His Channie never used bad words before. He must have picked it up from his teammates. It’s fine. It’s still Channie.

The two basketball players converse some more until Yifan heads off to the showers. Chanyeol then gives back all his attention to his now pouting boyfriend.

“Aw babe what’s wrong?”

“You didn’t introduce me to your friend.”

“Oh right. Well I just forgot..? I’ll introduce you to my teammates next time okay?”


I wonder when next time will be, Baekhyun thinks as he opens Chanyeol’s bottle of gatorade.


Two weeks later Baekhyun is on his way to Chanyeol’s classroom to pick him up for lunch. He waits by the door as students walk out one by one. He says hi to a few people who walk by, including his friend Yixing.

“Hey Baekhyun.”

“Oh hey!”

“Whatcha doing out here?”

“I’m waiting for Chanyeol.”

“Wait holy shit you know Park Chanyeol?”



“Well I’m-oh wait there he is! Talk to you later Yixing.”

Baekhyun leaves Yixing and jogs to where his boyfriend is. Chanyeol’s talking and laughing with his circle of friends(from the basketball team most likely) so Baekhyun waits for him to notice his presence. He keeps waiting and waiting until he sees Chanyeol start to leave with his friends. He gets startled and calls out for Chanyeol’s name. Chanyeol turns around and his eyes widens. His friends also noticed Baekhyun and ask him who he is. Chanyeol whispers something to them then runs over to where Baekhyun is. Baekhyun smiles as Chanyeol comes closer but what he says leaves him frowning.

Chanyeol pulls him into a corner and says, “Hey uh Baek I can’t go to lunch with you today. My team and I have to discuss some stuff.”

“Oh. Okay. Um. Have fun!”

“Thanks and uh try not to pick me up anymore ‘cause uh I don't want you to trouble yourself walk-”

“It's no trouble.”

“Yea but still-just I’ll sit with you when I can, okay?”

Baekhyun didn't get to respond because Chanyeol was already running off to catch up to his friends.

I guess he doesn't want me to get tired waiting for him after class. My Chanyeollie is too nice sometimes.


Baekhyun goes to lunch and sees his friend Kyungsoo and asks if he could sit with him. He smiles as he sits down when Kyungsoo nods yes. He takes his lunch out of bag and starts a casual conversation with his friend. He spills some juice on his shirt and stands up to get a napkin. As he goes in line, he overhears some girls in front of him.

“I think Chanyeol was flirting with me during class.”

Baekhyun goes rigid.

“Seriously? What happened?”

“He tapped my shoulder and asked me if he could borrow a pencil. I was like ‘sure’ and then he smiled at me and said ‘thanks’ but theeeen after class he gave back the pencil to me and said thanks again. Then I giggled and he called me cute!”


Baekhyun’s heart drops. Surely Chanyeol was just being nice right? It should just be a coincidence that this girl happens to be a cheerleader for their school right? Right?


A week later and Chanyeol is still not sitting with him during lunch-they still walk to the together though. Although Baekhyun is noticing that Chanyeol seems to be hesitant to hold his hand until after they reach their buses. Baekhyun thinks he's just overthinking it. It's his first relationship and he's a teenager so it's probably just his insecurities creeping in-at least that's what he tells himself.

Today Baekhyun is determined to spend more time with his boyfriend. Although Chanyeol told him not to, he marches straight to his class before lunch to pick him up. When he gets there, he immediately spots Chanyeol and runs over to hug him from behind-but he didn't notice that Chanyeol was currently talking to his basketball teammates.

Chanyeol stumbles a bit and before he realizes who’s behind him. His eyes widens and he panics as he looks at his friend’s faces who were currently looking at Baekhyun like he’s some kind of freak. His heart hurts because of it but he chooses to say nothing, instead he looks at his friend Yesung who asks him “who the hell is this guy?”

“Oh just a friend from middle school.” He feels Baekhyun stiffen behind him.

“Ohh man he seems close to you huh?”

“Not really he’s just really clingy I guess.” He feels Baekhyun loosen his hold.

Dammit Chanyeol stop talking!

“Yeah so anyways we have to talk about our project to see ya later guys.”

He doesn't wait for his friends to respond as he drags Baekhyun to the end of the hallway, away from fellow students’ ears.

“Baekhyun! What did I tell you about coming to my classroom?!?”

The said boy scowls at him while trying to hold back the tears forming in his eyes. “Oh I’m sorry that your annoying little middle school friend just had to go and bother you because he misses you!”

Chanyeol immediately regrets what he said and feels horrible for making his precious boyfriend cry. “B-Baek...I-I’m sorry please don’t cry. I’m not mad at all! Baek please look at me.”

Baekhyun slowly looks up at him. “I just want to spend more time with you Chanyeollie. You’re always with your new friends, you won’t talk to me in school, you don’t let me come to your practices anymore, and you don’t even tell your friends that I’m your boyfriend! Do you even like me?”

Chanyeol was speechless. He didn't know Baekhyun has been feeling this way all along-and he’s the reason why. Chanyeol made Baekhyun feel like this just because he wanted to impress his friends. At that moment, he swears to treat his boyfriend better because seeing him in pain like this was what he promised to protect Baekhyun from when he confessed to him during the summer. He pulls him to his chest and rests his chin on Baekhyun’s head.

I’m sorry Baek. I’ll treasure you even more now. I promise.


It’s just you and I tonight
Why don’t you figure my
Heart Out

Freshman year ends and Sophomore year comes quicker than they could imagine. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are still together and things were looking up for the both of them. Chanyeol tries his hardest to spend more time with Baekhyun-on the weekends. Baekhyun still doesn’t understand why Chanyeol insists on only being together when they’re not in school-Chanyeol says it’s because his teammates are “different from other kids” and he” wants to protect” Baekhyun from them-but the little 10th grader will take what he can get.

Fast forward to the middle of the year and the couple finds themselves at a date at that old ice cream parlor they both love. They were chatting happily but then Chanyeol freezes when he sees one of his teammates come in through the door. He ducks his head and tries not to look behind Baekhyun’s head. Baekhyun, however notices Yifan walking by and mentions it Chanyeol.

“Chanyeollie look! It's a guy from your basketball team! Let's go say hi!”

“Uh why don’t we just stay here Baek.”

“Aw but won't that be rude? You can finally introduce me to one of your friends!”

Chanyeol didn't have time to stall any longer because Yifan himself noticed him. The tall junior walked to Chanyeol’s table to say hi but then realized he wasn't alone.

“Hey Chanyeol!”

“Oh uh h-hey Yifan…”

“What’s up?”

“Oh uh just...hanging out with my classmate.”

Baekhyun’s smile drops.

It’s been two weeks since Baekhyun last talked to Chanyeol. After their last ice cream date, they had a silent walk home and Baekhyun went into his house without saying goodbye.

Chanyeol’s about to go crazy. He can't focus in class nor can he have the urge to do his homework(but he still does it or his mom will kill him). Baekhyun keeps avoiding him in school so they haven't been walking to the buses together and they haven't been eating together either(not they have been doing that much prior to two weeks ago). Chanyeol misses his boyfriend and is saddened by the fact that this was how Baekhyun felt for a long time.

Chanyeol can't take it anymore. He promised to treat Baekhyun better and that's what he's gonna do. He might be failing already but it's not too late yet. He knows it isn't. Right?

Baekhyun’s birthday is next week and he's gonna make his boyfriend the happiest birthday boy in the whole world. He couldn't spend his birthday with him last year because he had a game that day but this year will be different.

Everything is all planned out. He’ll decorate Baekhyun’s locker with balloons and streamers, give him a cake from his favorite bakery, then have a movie marathon at his place for the whole weekend. It's going to be perfect.

It's Thursday and Baekhyun’s birthday is tomorrow. Baekhyun still isn't talking to Chanyeol but the basketball jock knows it's about to change tomorrow. After school, he goes straight to the party store to buy decorations for Baekhyun’s locker and then goes to the nearby bakery to buy Baekhyun’s favorite chocolate cake. When he goes home, he makes sure everything he needs for his plan tomorrow is safe and ready. He goes to watch some tv right after when his phone lights up with a text from Yifan.

From: Yifan
Yo Jongin’s throwing a party tonight.Get ready I'm picking you up.

He supposes a night of fun won't be too bad. He is pretty stressed lately with sort-of-fight with Baekhyun, tests, rigorous basketball practice, and more tests.

He put on the rather jacket Baekhyun got him for his birthday last year and waits for Yifan to come.

Chanyeol is hungover. He's very very hungover. He feels like dying but he has to pretend like it's a simple migraine so his parents won't notice. He's too busy internally sobbing that he leaves his house forgetting the decorations and birthday cake at home.


Back at the park residence, Chanyeol’s sister Yura comes down and looks inside the fridge for her lunch. She sees a box and knows it's cake. She assumes her mom bought it for her because her mom’s sweet like that. She thinks it's definitely not Chanyeol because “that dumbo doesn't deserve cake.” She takes the box out and brings the cake to her university.


Chanyeol’s sitting in class cradling his head when he suddenly remembers the surprise he was gonna prepare for Baekhyun. He panics and decides to go to the bathroom to come up with Plan B. After his teacher lets him leave and he goes inside the stall, he calls his mother to ask if she can bring the stuff he bought yesterday to school. His heart drops when his mom tells him that Yura ate the cake and that she can’t bring the decorations to school because she’s about to get a pedicure. Chanyeol is tempted to bang his head against the wall but decides against it because his head still feels like it’s being cracked open. Realizing that he’s probably staying in the bathroom longer than he needs to be, he leaves to go back to class and hopes that his movie marathon plan will still make Baekhyun happy.

Baekhyun feels dejected on the day of his birthday. It’s his special day but it means nothing if Chanyeol’s not spending it with him. It’s been too long since he heard his Chanyeollie’s voice and decides to take matters into his own hands. His parents gave him money for his birthday and he thinks it would be a good idea to use it to eat at a nice restaurant with Chanyeol. He knows Chanyeol will say yes for sure, as long as he uses his special puppy dog eyes.


There’s a few more minutes before lunch and Chanyeol’s bouncing his feet due to impatience. He can’t wait to talk to his Baekhyunnie and he knows today’s lunch will be full of smiles and laughter because he’s gonna do everything he can to make it up to Baekhyun.

His class is in the library to do research on their project for the semester. He start to roam along the aisles of bookshelves trying to find an interesting topic. He feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around to see Jinri, a girl in his class and a frequently present figure in all of the basketball team’s parties. He smiles for common courtesy and she smiles back.


Baekhyun and his friend Luhan are in the library doing some errands for their teacher. They decide to take a break and sit on one of the couches. Luhan goes on his phone to pass the time while Baekhyun tries to take a nap while laying his head on his lap. Baekhyun is about to nod off when suddenly his friend says, “Holy fucking shit.” The sleepy boy stares at wide eyed at his friend asking for an explanation. “Okay so the school’s basketball team had a party last night and apparently Choi Jinri and Park Chanyeol kissed! Like full blown makeout session with tongue and everything! Fucking hell it’s all over Twitter!” Baekhyun’s heart starts pounding faster than it needs to and he shakingly stands, making Luhan extremely worried.

“You okay there Baek?”

“Y-y-yeah I uh just need to go look for something. Be right back.”

Baekhyun quickly walks to the nearest bookshelf aisle he saw. As he sat down, he tried to control his tears by telling himself that Chanyeol would never betray him like that; he knows there must be some kind of misunderstanding going on. As he tries to calm himself down, he couldn’t help but overhear the conversation going on from the next aisle.


“Great party last night wasn’t it Chanyeol?”

“Yeah I guess I got a massive hangover though.”

“I know what you mean. At least we didn’t get caught though.”

“The team’s been doing this for years I doubt that’ll happen to be honest.”

“True. you remember anything from last night?”

“Not much to be honest. Why?”

“ I guess you don’t remember the kiss?”


“Last night...we kissed. I almost forgot too but i saw some of the guys from the team post some pics of it on Twitter.”


Baekhyun’s frozen on the floor. He wants to move; he wants to get up and march over to the aisle behind him and get some answers straight to his face-but he can’t. His legs feel like jelly and there’s already a waterfall of tears on his face. He hears some more whispering behind him but he doesn’t care enough to listen. Chanyeol kissed another girl and he found out about it on his fucking birthday.

He hears footsteps so he turns his head to the right and the reason for bis tears was standing right in front him with his eyes wide and mouth agape. The boy comes running over to the other boy on the floor but Baekhyun moves away from him. Chanyeol doesn’t know if he should be confused as to why Baekhyun was crying or why he’s moving away from him. He didn’t need to contemplate because Baekhyun answered for him.

“So how was the party last night?”

Chanyeol’ heart drops. Baekhyun heard his and Jinri’s whole conversation. “Baek please you- don’t under-”

“You’re right Chanyeol I don’t understand! I don’t understand why you had to keep our so-called relationship some kind of forbidden secret; I don’t understand why you’re so ashamed me in public but treat me like a piece of fine china when we’re alone; and I definitely don’t understand why you had to make me like you so much just so you can play with me in the end!”

“No Baekhyun please it’s not like that all. I didn’t even want to kiss her. I was drunk Baek-so drunk that I did something I will always regret. I like you Baekhyun. Only you. I like you so much”

“Then why Chanyeol? Why are you so ashamed of me? Why do you want to hide me so much that you had to go and kiss a someone else just so your teammates won’t know that you supposedly like me?”

“Because...because’s like we’re two different people in this school. I’ve alway wanted to join this school’s basketball team and you know that-but it’s harder than just practicing everyday Baek. I have to impress these people. If they find out that I’m dating someone like you-wait no, fuck that’s not what I meant.”

Baekhyun finally gets the strength to stand up and as he speaks his voice cracks at every other word, “I see. Well I’m sorry that you had to keep dating someone like me who was making it sooo hard for you to impress a bunch of jocks who don’t give a shit about you like I do. I am soo sorry for being a burden to your temporary popularity.”

“Baekhyun no I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Oh I don’t even know anymore Chanyeol. You’re not the same person I liked in middle school. I mean underage drinking?!? Really Chanyeol, who are you?”

“It’s me Baek. It’s just me. I’m your boyfriend.”

“Not anymore. Goodbye Chanyeol. Have fun impressing those lovely friends of yours and sucking face with the one of the prettiest girls in the school while I go home and cry about how stupid I was to think someone could ever like me.”

Chanyeol was speechless. He didn't know what else to do but to watch Baekhyun walk away.

“Happy birthday Baek.”


Junior year comes and so much yet so little has changed. Chanyeol still goes to basketball practice. He still hangs out with the same jocks. They still go to the same parties whenever they win a game. The only thing is, he doesn’t have Baekhyun.

Ever since their breakup, Baekhyun avoided Chanyeol like he was a disease. Whenever they would lock eyes(Chanyeol would keep staring at Baekhyun until Baekhyun glances his way), Baekhyun would look away immediately. When they would pass by each other in the hallways(or when Chanyeol would purposely follow Baekhyun) Baekhyun would walk as quickly as possible or change directions. As much as Chanyeol wanted to pursue Baekhyun some more, his peers from the team were egging him on to date Jinri. They said he’d be “the dopest guy ever.” Stupid ol’ Chanyeol believed them and while he’s not officially dating Jinri, he doesn occasionally “flirt” with her to gain the approval of his teammates, much to the dismay of Baekhyun who thought he should've expected it to happen anyways.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol haven’t spoken to each other in ten months and it’s killing them both.

One day during lunch, Chanyeol’s friend Yesung asks for his help to assist the art teacher after school. Chanyeol says yes as soon as Yesung promised free food. So after school, the two boys head to the art classroom and sees Ms.Oh mixing some paint colors together.

“Yesung! Glad you could make it! Brought some extra help with you?”

“Yup! Chanyeol here can lift any heavy paint racks or whatever it is you need!”

“Great! So I actually have art club starting in a few minutes so we’re getting some supplies ready. Why don’t you go help Baekhyun over here get the paints out.”

Chanyeol whips his head so fast he thinks he probably pulled a muscle. Baekhyun was standing right in front of him still as handsome as he always is. His ex-boyfriend is asked to show him where the supply closet is and to set up every table in the room. Baekhyun motions him with his head to go to the corner of the room. He opens the supply closet and starts handing various bottle of paint. Chanyeol couldn’t let this chance go to waste so he he starts to initiate a conversation.

“So when did you start going to art club?”

“Freshman year.”

“Oh. How come you never told me?”
“I was going to. You said you were busy and that was that.” Chanyeol didn’t know what else to say so they worked in silence until every table was neatly prepared.

Ms.Oh convinced Chanyeol and Yesung to stay during the duration of the club. Yesung, although reluctantly, agreed while Chanyeol just wanted to stare at Baekhyun. Ms. Oh then tells Baekhyun to show the two boys how to start. Chanyeol just kept staring at every single thing on Baekhyun’s face, memorizing every detail because it’s been so long since he got to be this close to him. Yesung notices that and chooses to comment on it.

“Yo what the hell is there going on between you guys? Chanyeol you’ve been staring at him since we got here.”

Before Chanyeol could reply, Baekhyun beats him to it, “No. We barely know each other.”

Baekhyun leaves to help the other students and Chanyeol is left to watch his retreating back. Again.

As Chanyeol keeps watching Baekhyun, with Yesung earnestly painting an anime style version of a dick next to him, he sees a tall boy come into the room and hug Baekhyun from behind. The said boy yelps and turns around to give the tall black haired boy a hug too, Chanyeol clenches his fist. He sees the pair laugh and smile at each other-Baekhyun even pokes the guy’s nose. The club eventually ends and Chanyeol is left with green fury inside of him and an aching heart. He tells Yesung to leave without him and he goes to sit by the bench outside the classroom. After a few minutes have passed, Baekhyun come out and he jogs to catch up to him.

“Baek wait up!”

Baekhyun rolls his eyes and turns around, “What.”

“Why don’t I drive you home? I got my license a few months ago and I'd be more than happy to drive you home safely. Come on, it’s much faster than the after school bus.”

After much consideration, Baekhyun eventually agrees. Not letting this chance go again, Chanyeol starts up a new conversation as they they drive away from the school parking lot.

“Soo...who was the guy?”

“Which guy?”

“Uh. Tall, black hair, had a green jacket on?”

“Sehun? He’s Ms.Oh’s son.”

“Ohhhh. You guys seem close.”

“I guess.”

“How did you guys become friends?”

“He comes by before soccer practice to help me fix the classroom.”

“He’s in the soccer team? Guess you have a thing for jocks huh?”

“Why do you care?”

“Do you want me to be honest?”


“I’m jealous.”

“...Good. Now you know how it feels.”

The whole car ride was silent after that.


You got something to say
Why don’t you speak your heart out
Instead of living in your head

That night, Chanyeol thinks about Baekhyun and how he feels about him. It’s pretty obvious to him that he still very much likes the boy but what was he thinking acting like Baekhyun was some huge secret that he needed to hide. Baekhyun’s perfect. He should've showing him off when he had the chance-but he thinks he might not be too late.

The next week, Chanyeol finds himself sitting outside the art classroom waiting for baekhyun. He’s been thinking of what to say but once Baekhyun comes out, all of his rehearsed lines leaves his mind and he does the first thing he could think of. He kisses Baekhyun.

Baekhyun’s frozen at first but soon reciprocates the kiss and moves his lips within Chanyeol’s rhythm. Soon, tears start flowing as well.

“I’m so stupid Baek. So so so stupid.”

Baekhyun sobs and clings onto him. “I know. I know you are.”

Chanyeol kisses his forehead and the couple just stand in the middle of te hallway hugging each other with no intent to let go(or at least until Ms.Oh neede to pass through them).

The next day, Chanyeol is the one picking Baekhyun up for lunch. He stands outside Baekhyun’s classroom and waits for his now on-again boyfriend to come out. He waves to him when he sees him and Baekhyun runs up to him with a surprised expression on his face.

“Chanyeol what are you doing here?!? Some of your teammates are in my class. They’ll see you.”

“I don’t care. I don’t need them to like me. Just you.”

“Oh you know I do.” They give each other eskimo kisses not even noticing the act that students are looking at them and whispering behind their backs. They walk hand-in-hand to the cafeteria and fall in line to get their lunch. Yifan comes up behind them to say hello.

“Yo Chanyeol you coming to Junmyeon’s party tonight?”

“Only if I can bring my boyfriend with me.” Chanyeol then kisses Baekhyun’s hand to show who his boyfriend is.

“Of course. You know I always wondered why you never brought him to our parties before. You guys have been dating since like what three years ago?”

Baekhyun and Chanyeol look at each other then laugh. Chanyeol was never really hiding Baekhyun after all-and he never will.

Tags: [round 2] posting day 9, rating: pg-13, word count: +5000
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