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Ichariba Chode

Prompt #: 342
Title: Ichariba Chode
Word Counts: 9639
Side Pairing(s): platonic chenyeol
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Language, bullying, sex with a minor (it’s not detailed though)
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Chanyeol is running for school president. His only real competition is Byun Baekhyun, only because his popularity gets him votes. Chanyeol needs a quick plan on how to ruin Baek's popular vote. Like a scandal.
Author's Note: Thank you prompter-san for this wonderful prompt! I hope you liked the way your prompt turned out to be! I also hope you’d all like it~ I had fun writing this so I wish you’d also enjoy reading the story. About the title “Ichariba Chode”, according to what I have searched, it means “though we meet but once, even by chance, we are friends for life”. It’s up to you to find the connection of the title to the story lol. And, if you want to know what song I’ve listened to as I wrote this story, it’s mainly “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra (It’s practically on repeat as I wrote this one hahahahahaha) Chanbaek is love. Love is Chanbaek. Have a good day, minna-san!

The silence inside the room was deafening and it pierced his abnormally large ears to a great extent. The books neatly arranged on the shelves caused his head to spin and made him feel lightheaded. The pair of wrinkled eyes that looked through his very soul is slowly and carefully taking his sanity away. Chanyeol didn’t like it but he had to bear with it.

He glanced up from the book he used to hide his face almost half an hour ago and saw bright red hair, furrowed brows, narrowed eyes, cute button nose and soft-looking lips. He saw Byun Baekhyun, his opponent for the upcoming student council elections, eyes focused on the romance novel he has been reading ever since Chanyeol entered the library.

This was the assignment given to him by his political party’s chairman, Kyungsoo and his bestfriend, Chen. He was told to watch out for the petite male because he will be a tight competition for the elections. Chanyeol couldn’t help but scoff. This red head is a tough opponent?

The boy barely looks like a candidate for president. He is comparable to a child who is oblivious of reality and lives inside a book filled with fairytales. Chanyeol believes that Baekhyun, the small man a few tables away from him, is not anywhere near the word “threat”. Or atleast, that’s what he thought.

People bustled about, loud chatters and boisterous laughter occupied the almost crowded corridor. Chanyeol was thankful his height is advantageous in these types of situation but the two men accompanying him were nearly cursing their own heights and Chanyeol’s height as well.

“What is happening, Chanyeol?” Chen was the one to ask. It is the first day of campaign and the three of them are startled that the other party is already on the move. The first period is about to start in a couple of minutes and students are still loitering outside the classrooms, making a fuss over the said party’s possible smart strategy. Just what the hell is Byun Baekhyun doing?

It took a while before Chanyeol caught a glimpse of red across the hallway. He squinted to make a better view of what the red head was doing and he saw flyers. The boy was giving out artistically edited flyers of high quality to students with a sweet smile. It was a captivating image, so charming that Chanyeol had to stop moving if it wasn’t for Chen repeating his question that was left unanswered.

“What the hell is happening, Park Chanyeol?” Chanyeol stared at his bestfriend for seconds before blinking his eyes a handful of times, pushing the unwanted thoughts out of his mind. Chen lightly slapped Chanyeol’s cheek. “What the hell is happening to you?”

“Oh, sorry I---” Chanyeol was pulled out of his thoughts only to be hauled back in when a short, red haired boy appeared in front of him. Baekhyun’s smile was truly sincere that it reached his eyes that are formed into half crescents. He was looking up at Chanyeol and the latter had another round of constant blinking, perplexed, when the red head spoke.

“Hello! Good morning! Aren’t you that tall guy always reading at the library? Here’s a flyer! I edited that myself. Vote for me on the upcoming elections, okay?” The boy’s voice was as sweet as his smile and Chanyeol found it distasteful. He just asked his opponent for the elections, Park Chanyeol, to vote for him. How sick is that?

Chanyeol clenched his fist and was ready to punch Byun Baekhyun but before he could even utter a word, the boy was already dragged away from him until he was in a large distance with the other. He is now certain that the red head is his rival and he has to do something about the other’s increasing popularity.

Second day came and Baekhyun’s name was all over the campus. Some are still considering Chanyeol, being the student council’s current secretary but the red head is surely topping him in illegal and unofficial polls made by immature students on social media. The attention that the other is getting infuriated Chanyeol and he reminded himself he really has to do a stunt to win the upcoming elections. A stunt that would push Byun Baekhyun’s name off the list of candidates to vote.

The next day is similar to the first two days of campaign. Tomato, the codename Chanyeol invented for Baekhyun, is still taking all the attention that Chanyeol selfishly wanted for himself. He couldn’t afford to lose against the inexperienced male. Freshmen year and Chanyeol won for public relations officer, he was a sophomore when he won for secretary and now, he wanted to win for president. He knows he is born to lead and he doesn’t agree that the red head, who seems innocent and vulnerable, is capable to serve the way he planned to. What are his credentials and platforms anyway?

Chanyeol finally decided what stunt he had to do and it is to play dirty and sabotage Baekhyun. Unfortunately, he lost the game he made himself.

Part of the rules in campaigning is that there are assigned places on where to place the posters. The parties could only post it in classrooms, bulletin boards and outside the Principal’s office. Posting it in other places would lead to disqualification.

“Why the hell did you ask me to print these at 3 in the morning? Just why, Park Chanyeol? It’s a waste of ink! These are the other party’s posters!” Chen shoves the said posters to Chanyeol’s face and the said male smirks. “And why the hell are you also smirking?”

“I plotted against that Byun Bacon last night!” Chanyeol said in a hush tone, afraid that somebody else might hear him.

“It’s Baekhyun...” Chen corrects even though he knows Chanyeol was saying it wrong intentionally.

Chanyeol was already doing his plan and gave some posters to his bestfriend. “Come and help me, would you?”

“Why would I?” Chen asks in disbelief.

“This is a wicked plan!” The taller says as if it really was an amazing plan and starts pasting the posters of the other party on the walls near the cafeteria. “Surely, the committee would see this and disqualify them!”

“Chanyeol...” Chen stops and just sighs, deciding to just go with Chanyeol’s flow.

The committee did see it, same to Chanyeol’s expectations, but they’re together with Jongin, the campaign managers of Baekhyun’s political party, and the whole slate as well (that includes Byun Baekhyun himself). Chanyeol’s watching from afar, waiting for the disqualification to happen.

But it doesn’t come.

“Why are there posters here?” Jongin asks one of the campaign managers.

“We don’t know, Jongin. We were together at the office of the committee. How would we know?” The campaign manager, Xiumin, answers.

“Oh, right. Sorry about that.” Jongin laughs and points at another one of the campaign managers. “Take these down, will you?”

Two of the campaign managers did and the others left together with the committee and went to the cafeteria, ignoring the fact that the posters were pasted at unassigned places.

And Chanyeol was one miserable oaf as he yell profanities from afar.

“That tomato sure is lucky!” Chanyeol bursted in anger and Chen didn’t know whether to pat his friend’s shoulder to help him calm down or leave him alone to cool off by himself.

On the fourth day, Chanyeol thought about infiltrating the school’s unofficial website and make himself lead the poll but then, he doesn’t know anything about hacking and all.

“Do you know anything about hacking?” He asks Chen who’s busy scrolling through his phone.

“Hey, Chen?” He calls his bestfriend’s attention but he remained ignored.

“Kim Jongdae!” He tries getting Chen’s attention by saying his real name but to no avail, his friend didn’t even spare a glance at him and even laughed. He didn’t know if it was him that Chen’s laughing at but maybe he saw something funny in tumblr or whatever, he doesn’t know.

He gets frustrated and slams his laptop shut, not even bothering to try searching how to hack in Google or other search engines. He leans back on his chair and sighs.

So, it’s a failure.

Next, he thought about anonymously posting memes of Baekhyun and he did. He opens his laptop again and started editing. He had a hard time overlapping pictures of the funny red head. He also had a hard time to stop himself from laughing at how hilarious and ugly (in his opinion) the other was.

But it turns out that the students liked it and the comments were ugly (again, in his opinion) because it talked about how cute the red head was and his votes at the poll of the unofficial website of the school only increased.

He started doubting the taste of the students. How did they even find Baekhyun’s ugly pictures cute?

Chen puts his phone down and started doubting Chanyeol’s tastes as well. He sits across the taller, judging him because he himself also thinks that Baekhyun’s memes are also cute.

So, it’s another failure.

The last thing he tried that day was giving out items under the name of Byun Baekhyun. It was illegal. No party was supposed to give out freebies like that and it could lead to disqualification.

But Baekhyun is one lucky guy.

And Chanyeol is a loser. A big loser who can’t handle defeat (in the process) well.

The freshmen liked the freebies and Baekhyun got their votes. The committee didn’t see any trace of the freebies since Chanyeol gave them away continuously and it’s probably in their stomachs right now or maybe it’s already defecated.

“Chen, why is luck not on my side?” He was gloomy as he asked and Chen could only shrug, feeling bad for his friend who seemed like he’s already losing self-confidence.

Why wouldn’t he? He tried many different stunts in the past four days to make everyone dislike Baekhyun or atleast make the committee disqualify him yet he always failed.

“I think I’m going to lose.” Chanyeol says sadly.

“Chanyeol, don’t lose hope. We still have the debate.” Chen says, giving his bestfriend a squeeze in the hand but the taller was still unsatisfied. He didn’t know if he’s unsatisfied of the results of his plans or he’s unsatisfied of himself all in all.

Another day, another set of votes for Byun Baekhyun.

Another day, another failure for Park Chanyeol.

Debate took place on the fifth day of campaign and it is an important day to convince the students on who to vote. Chanyeol decided to play dirty and sabotage Baekhyun... again. Unfortunately, he lost the game he made himself... again.

Laxative is the solution Chanyeol found to slow Baekhyun down from attending the debate. He even wished the drug on the tomato’s drink is enough to cease him from showing up at the said event. It’s not that he was scared to face the boy in debate, it was more like he wanted the audience to conclude that Baekhyun isn’t responsible and he isn’t fit for the position he’s running for.

Chanyeol bribed a random student to give the milkshake mixed with laxative to Baekhyun. He was confident that the red head wouldn’t appear but his eyes grew wide and he felt his jaw fall and mouth hang open when he entered the small hall for the debate. The tomato was there, a little too early than he is and he was smiling oh so sweetly, Chanyeol felt like the ants were eating his insides.

Baekhyun isn’t necessarily particular with his surroundings but he knew he prefers the tranquility of the library than the chaotic atmosphere of the cafeteria. He would rather pick the thick novels offered by the library than the overpriced food sold at the school’s cafeteria. He wanted to but Jongin, the young chairman of his partylist, asked him to always be in places where most students are around. And at break times like these, cafeteria is the number one spot of the students.

“The debate’s today, right?” Luhan asked before taking a bite of his sandwich filled with cheese and sugar, a weird combination for Baekhyun but the best for his close friend. He nodded in response as he munched on his cheeseburger. He was chewing rather quietly when Luhan gave him a jab and raised his clenched fist in the air. “Hwaiting, Baekhyun!”

“Thank you, Luhan.” Baekhyun imitated Luhan’s gesture and smiled, “Hwaiting!”

“You’re going to defeat that tall guy Chanyeol and defend the standing of the littles!” Luhan said with determination before resuming to eat his cheese and sugar sandwich.

Baekhyun only chuckles at his friend. “What’s the relation of height in the student elections?”

“I don’t know. It’s just that, I saw the hall of presidents and I’ve noticed they never go down 180 centimeters. Even the current president is 187 centimeters!” Luhan made a face before he continued, “I just want a smaller president, you know. To break the ‘unknown spell’ of tall presidents.”

“And you think I’m the one who’s gonna break that spell?” Baekhyun asked even if he already knows the answer.

“Ye---” Luhan was interrupted from responding.

“Baekhyun-sunbae?” A voice called the said male.

“---s...” Luhan finishes his response before looking at the person who called Baekhyun. “Hey, thanks for interrupting. What do you want, kid?”

Baekhyun looks at the boy who looked like a freshman and apologizes. “I’m sorry, Luhan can get sassy sometimes. What do you want, Mr...?”

“Someone asked me to give this to you, sunbae.” The boy said straight to the point with a poker face before handing a cucumber milkshake to Baekhyun. The red head stares at it for a while before sighing.

“I don’t really like cucumber but it’s really thoughtful of that person to give me a milkshake. Can I ask who is the person who asked you to give this?” Baekhyun took the cucumber milkshake from the younger and Luhan was quick to take it from him.

“Baekhyun doesn’t like cucumber so I guess if I drink this, it’s fine right? I’ll drink it for Baekhyun!” Luhan nodded before taking a sip from the milkshake and the boy just nodded while keeping his face blank. “Whoever gave this, tell him Luhan said thank you!”

“Can you tell me who asked you to give this?” Baekhyun asked and the boy quietly shakes his head so the red head just smiles at the boy. “Tell that person we said thank you.”

The boy nodded and ran off. Baekhyun looks at Luhan who’s already drinking half of the milkshake. “Wow, this is good.” He commented and Baekhyun just laughs.

One question ran inside Chanyeol’s head as he looked at his opponent. “Why the fuck is that tomato here?” Chanyeol asked Chen as they walked inside the hall.

Chen tightened his arm clinging around Chanyeol’s when he replied in a quieter voice. “Shut up, loser. They might hear you.”

The noodle-haired boy was well informed of Chanyeol’s plans and he was against it. He couldn’t protest about it though because even the chairman agreed when the giant talked about another one of his “wicked plan” and it is to drug Baekhyun to prevent him from coming to the debate. Kyungsoo even managed to let out an evil laugh and they had to remind him that no, Baekhyun would not die like how Kyungsoo imagined him to. Chen just shrugged the weirdness of the chairman with “He watched too many movies.” To which Chanyeol nodded his head in agreement.

Thus, the moment Kyungsoo entered the hall a few minutes after Chanyeol had made himself comfortable on the stool onstage while Chen had also made himself comfortable on the chair at the audiences’ area, he almost shouts for everyone to hear. “Why the hell is that red head here? I thought Chanyeol did something?”

“Chanyeol also asked me that.” Chen looked at Chanyeol who was smiling wide but not wide enough to creep everyone out on the stage before he looked at Kyungsoo again. “I think it didn’t work?”

“What do you mean ‘it didn’t work?’” Kyungsoo asked as he took a seat beside Chen.

Just before Chen could answer Kyungsoo’s question, the front door of the hall slammed open and there entered Luhan, whom Chen and Kyungsoo recall to be Baekhyun’s friend. They saw Luhan about to walk inside when he suddenly clutched his stomach in pain and wailed. “Oh my god, it’s here again!” Luhan yells and turns around to run for the nearest restroom.

Kyungsoo and Chen looked at each other and automatically looked at Chanyeol who happens to be looking at them as well. They already have a gist of why Baekhyun was there, smiling and not showing any traces of pain. The three sighed and realized that their plans have failed.

“Mission failed.” Chen says and Kyungsoo nods in agreement. “Again.”

The debate ended with Baekhyun’s charms defeating Chanyeol’s impressive and practiced answers. It was very obvious that the audience really liked Baekhyun and Chanyeol wants to punch someone. The unlucky someone was Chen.

“What the hell, bro?!” Chen screamed. “Didn’t you know that my face is more expensive than your whole existence?”

Chanyeol glares at him and slumps himself on the sofa inside their political party’s favorite place to practice for their campaign or to simply hangout.

“I really don’t get why everybody likes him!” Chanyeol yelled and covered his face with his forearms.

“Maybe because he’s cute?” Chen asks hesitantly and flinches when Chanyeol sat straight to stare at him. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Chen suddenly crossed his arms to cover his chest. “Don’t tell me you have a thing for me?”

“Shut up Chen and... just because he’s cute, it doesn’t mean everybody needs to like him!” Chanyeol went back to laying on the couch and covering his face. “And did you see his smile? His smile was so beautiful, it’s obvious he’s just seducing everyone to vote for him!”

“Well atleast you admit he’s cute.” Chen pauses for a second. “And you also admit he has a beautiful smile. Woah, Park Chanyeol, do you like him?”

Chanyeol almost chokes and glares at his bestfriend. “Are you even asking me that?! Of course no! How could I like a tomato like him?”

“Geez, calm down soldier.” Chen shrugs. “I was just asking! It wasn’t like I said you really liked him.”

Chanyeol sighs. “What if I really lose? I can’t possibly lose to a newbie! I think I’m going to lose! What would I do if I lose?”

Kyungsoo lifted his gaze from the book he’s reading and glared at the tall boy. “No one is going to lose but that red head candidate for president and their political party’s whole slate. It’s going to be 6-0, understood?” He then looks around and frowns, “Speaking of slate, where is our slate?”

Chen shrugs and Chanyeol answers with an “I don’t know.”

Kyungsoo shakes his head and resumed reading. Chanyeol was about to sigh for the second time when the chairman spoke again, not looking at them, “But still, don’t lose hope and continue the sabotaging thing you’re doing. It’s going to work.” He pauses, “...eventually.”

“Eventually” is not going to come.

After all the sabotaging and after all the failure, Chanyeol finally stops. He just feels bad for himself everytime he fails, so what’s the point of continuing the stunts he’s pulling off for that Byun Baekhyun? He’s already admitted to himself that he’s going to lose. He’s going to lose to a softie. He already knows it. Damn that, tomato!

It was a Saturday night and Chanyeol grabs his bag beside his bed and took a red marker and a flyer inside and just then, a classmate of his called. He was quick to answer it. “Hello Chanyeol?”

“Yes, speaking.” The tall guy said, phone in between his ears and shoulders as he opens the flyer and put tons of red cross marks on Baekhyun’s face on the other party’s flyer.

“The other members have been assigned to do things during the last group meeting and you were assigned to do the researching.” His classmate says and Chanyeol sighs.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t get to attend the last meeting. But sure, I’ll do the researching.” He puts the flyer away and grabbed his laptop on his bedside table.

“Don’t worry too much about not attending, okay? We understand you’re busy for the campaign.”

“Thank you for understanding.” Chanyeol opens his laptop. “So, what am I going to research about?”

“Just the cyberbullying rates in the past years since the topic of our group report is the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.” His classmate informs.

“Oh, good. I’ll do it right away and send it to you immediately.”

“Thanks, Chanyeol.” He heard his classmate pause from the other line. “And goodluck. We’re rooting for you.”

“Thanks.” Chanyeol smiles. “By the way, I gotta go and do some researching!”

His classmate laughs and he did too before he ended the call. Chanyeol’s smile remains in his face. Atleast I know someone would still vote for me and still trusts me.

Chanyeol really did his task immediately and is currently scrolling through Google. He is clicking on every link the engine would provide. He was researching thoroughly and was already on the 61st page of the search results when something had caught his attention.

It was a simple article from a website from the countryside. It seemed irrelevant but still, Chanyeol believed he should check every link to prevent missing any details so he still clicks it open.

[NETIZENS: Dongsaeng doing the do with hyung caught on cam?!]

A middle school student of some school in the countryside had sexual intercourse with a high school student from the same school and their “moment” was caught on camera and even had a video circulating in the internet. Apparently, the younger said lots of lewd things that maybe they had been doing it for a while now? To add, they are both of the same sex. What can you say about it? We had compiled comments from netizens about the incident.

[+614, -4] Wow, kids these days. Already doing it when they’re still a minor. They even have the audacity to take a video of it.

[+520, -12] They’re both boys? Oh my god, where are their parents?


If you want to see more of the comments and the actual video, click this LINK.

Out of curiosity, Chanyeol clicks the link. And he was led to another website where more comments were posted and the actual video was really there.

Chanyeol doesn’t really watch things like these. So he scrolls down only to read the comments of the netizens who may or may have not watch it. He was sure that some of them did while the others were only joining the bandwagon.

He was reading one comment when a moaning was heard. He was quick to scroll back up to lower the volume (his parents might hear it). Then, that’s when he heard it.

“Byun Baekhyun, you’re so hot.”

His eyes widen and he heard another moan.

“Hyung, please... faster.”

His hand flew to his mouth when he heard that familiar voice. “What the fuck, it really is Byun Baekhyun!”

The video was dark and he could barely see anything but he was sure, Baekhyun and whoever the other guy was were doing something because of the sound and all the moaning Baekhyun was doing.

That is when a bright idea flashes in his mind and he immediately calls Chen.

“Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up.” He says repeatedly as he waited for his bestfriend to answer. When Chen did, he immediately bombarded him with questions. “Do you know how to send anonymous videos at the school’s unofficial website? Do you know how to contact their admins? Will you help me with whatever I want to do? Hey, Chen are you still there?”

“Yes, I’m still here. And I would help you but what do you want to do anyway? And I don’t know how to send anonymous videos there but I do know they have, if you want to be anonymous or something. Lastly, I don’t know someone who manages it.” Chen answered it all and Chanyeol nods.

“Okay, great. Thanks Chen! I love you, bro.” And he ends the call even before his bestfriend could answer.

It was the first hour of Sunday when Chanyeol copies the link of the page that contains Byun Baekhyun’s video, pastes it on the “ask me a question” section of their school’s unofficial website’s, captions it with “this is the real Byun Baekhyun ☺” and sends it to the admins.

Sunday morning and the drizzle outside makes Chanyeol want to sleep more yet a big slap across his face wakes him up from his slumber.


Chanyeol opens his eyes and receives another slap from Chen.

“You freaking sent the video of Baekhyun to the school’s unofficial website, didn’t you?”

Chanyeol sits down and furrowed his brows. “Yes. Yes I did. What the hell are you slapping me for?”

“Did you know it freaking got posted the hour after you called me? And God, Chanyeol did you see the comments? Each one of them contained of how much a slut Baekhyun is!”

“What’s wrong with that? That’s what I wanted! For him to either be disqualified or be hated by everyone!” Chanyeol yells and Chen was about to slap him again but he pushes his bestfriend away. “What’s wrong with you? Isn’t this what we want? To defeat him?”

“No, Chanyeol! You sabotaging him is already below the belt and now this? This is way too harsh to do to him!” Chen shouts back. “Can’t you see how fragile he looks like? He’s probably going to break after seeing those comments! Not to mention, it’s already bullying! You could get expelled for this if they discover you’re the one who sent it!”

“It’s happened before! I saw those people’s comments about him! What’s wrong if it happens again? He could do what he did before! And they’re not going to discover it’s me, okay? If that’s what you’re worried about.” Chanyeol rolls his eyes. “What are you getting so worked up for?”

“Baekhyun’s my neighbor.” Chen says quietly. “You know that.”

“And so? Is it going to affect you if he cries every night if he really did break? Because if yes, you’re welcome to stay here with us.” Chanyeol pauses. “What are you even so mad about? You barely talked to that Baekhyun anyway even though you’re neighbors.”

“It’s not that Chanyeol.” Chen looks down. “But lately, I heard so much about Baekhyun from my mom because my mom and his mom became friends already. I know he’s really a tough kid. But there’s only one thing that could make him break.”

“You know that much about him and you didn’t tell me? I could practically hold it against him and that’s all I ever wanted and you know that!”

“I don’t think it’s right to tell you private things about another person’s life.”

“I’m your bestfriend!” Chanyeol is now standing. “Are you seriously picking that Byun Baekhyun, aka your new neighbor, than me, your bestfriend ever since?”

“If you’re in the wrong, I’d definitely pick him.” Chen says.

“Aren’t you disgusted by him?” Chanyeol asks. “He practically hooked up with an older man at the age of twelve, thirteen? Who knows?”

“I was at first. That’s the reason why I never made friends with him.” Chen admits. “But then I heard his story from my mom. I got her words stuck in my head because she kept on repeating it. I almost wanted to be friends with him but I was thinking about how hurt you’d feel if I became friends with your opponent.”

“What did she even say that made you change your opinion about Baekhyun?”

“He’s got love all wrong.” Chen says and walks out of Chanyeol’s room.

The whole school knows, Baekhyun thinks – everybody knows what had happened to him in middle school and they are surely laughing at him at the moment and they surely are judging him and are calling him names and all the worst things that could happen and are currently happening just pop inside his little red head.

The universe was cruel to him. Just when he thought that he left the past behind him and that everything was all settled, it comes back running after him.

Just when he was comfortable in this new environment, his past goes around, haunting him. He didn't know how it happened. One moment, he was checking the unofficial school website like how Jongin asked him to (he asked him to check the unofficial polls) and the next, he saw a video that was posted six hours ago.

The thumbnail of the video was dark and he was curious. Thus, he watched the video.

What happened next shocked him. A lewd moaning was heard. It was a familiar voice. And that's what surprised him most. It was his voice. It was his video. It was happening all over again.

Monday and Baekhyun comes to school. Everyone was looking at him – they were always looking at him but this time, it's different. They're eyeing him differently. The once admiring stares turned into judging ones and the red head was sure, it really is happening all over again.

People were whispering about him, he was certain. As he walked through the hallway, he occasionally hears his name being mentioned by the students who were whispering and all he could do was dip his head in humiliation. It was the same humiliation he felt back then the morning he went to school after the video was posted.

He was already close to his locker when he saw Luhan. Their eyes met and he smiled at his closest friend but no smile was returned to him. The other boy just stared at him with disgust and immediately turned his back on him.

Baekhyun fought the tears from falling as one memory of his past started to play in his head in vivid colors.


“Get away, Byun! I don’t want to become friends with a slut!”

Baekhyun bit his lip and continued walking to his locker. It was crowded except for his locker. Nobody dared to be near his locker as if it had a virus that could infect them.

The moment he opened his locker, notes came flying down one by one. He picked them up and saw many harsh things written on the pieces of paper. He didn’t bother reading them all. He already knew what was written. Instead, he threw them in the trash can. When he came back to his locker, all his things were gone.

The red head sighed, closed his locker and continued on with his life as if nothing happened, then he went to his classroom.

As soon as he arrived, he saw his desk outside the room. It was filled with words like “bitch”, “slut”, “whore”, “needy” and other words that Baekhyun already saw from the comment section of the posted video of him.

He decided that staring won’t help him so he pushed his chair inside the room and the moment he opened the door, he felt something cold pour over him. It was water.

He heard his classmate laughing. “We thought you’d need a bath since you’re very dirty!”

“Very very very dirty!” And all of them laughed.

Baekhyun ignored them and pushed his chair to its rightful place.

He silently thanked them for pouring water over him; Atleast they wouldn’t determine whether the water falling from his eyes were tears or not.

Chanyeol happened to walk past by Baekhyun’s classroom when he saw the water pour over the red head.

He frowns. He also heard about the locker incident from Kyungsoo. And to add, he read though the comments of the students and their words were the things he wanted them to say to Baekhyun but he never knew they’d say it anyway. He saw their hatred.

This is not what he wants. Maybe he did wanted it. But not now.

He didn’t know what’s this feeling inside him. He feels a tugging in his heart as he watched Baekhyun push his chair inside. He feels a wringing in his stomach as he watched them laugh at him. He feels all sorts of weird things as he watched the scene unravel infront of his eyes.

Is this what they call guilt?

Because if yes, then Chanyeol was guilty.

It wasn’t helping that he kept hearing Chen’s words in his head.

“He’s got love all wrong.”

Chanyeol then realized how much of an asshole he was. How much of a jerk he was. Now, everybody was bullying Baekhyun and he’s the cause of it.

Tuesday came and the committee together with both parties decided to disqualify Byun Baekhyun from being a candidate for the position of president.

It wasn’t like the two parties were against each other. It was like the two parties were against Baekhyun, given how far they were from the red head.

“Now, it’s either the students would vote Park Chanyeol or they’ll abstain.” The head of the committee said and both parties agreed.

Election came and Park Chanyeol won President.

Baekhyun walked alone to the cafeteria, bracing himself for another wave of cliched bullying from his schoolmates. It’s been weeks since election ended. It’s also been weeks since Chanyeol started talking to him. He’s the only one who ever talked to him. He didn’t know why but he thinks the taller pitied him.

It was after the election when it happened. He was at the library, reading when Chanyeol entered and talked to him about practically everything under the sun.

He knew things from when Chanyeol was young. He knew things about Chanyeol’s parents. He even got to know things about Chanyeol’s older sister. Chanyeol told every episodes of his life to Baekhyun and he was also ready to hear Baekhyun’s story.

The librarian got used to their chitchat that she doesn’t bother to ask them to keep quiet.

Baekhyun thought that Chanyeol was the type to make people forget about bad memories and make people happy by just being there.

Baekhyun liked the companionship.

“Hey Baekhyun, wait up!” Chanyeol called and caught up with him. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much.” Baekhyun flashed a small smile and they entered the cafeteria together. The moment they entered, butter flew across the cafeteria and landed on Chanyeol’s cheek.

Chanyeol searched for the culprit and saw that all of them were holding foods and are ready to throw them anytime.

“What the hell is this?” Chanyeol knew they were bullying Baekhyun but he still had to ask. They all placed what they’re holding down.

He heard Baekhyun whisper, “I’m sorry, I think that was for me.”

And Chanyeol felt guiltier. He felt guiltier as each day passed by. He wanted to tell Baekhyun that he’s the root of it all. But he wanted Baekhyun to open up more to him. He discovered more and more beautiful things about Baekhyun the more they talked and he wanted them to be closer.

Because Chanyeol loved the companionship.

The oath-taking was today. Baekhyun had no plans of going but Chanyeol forced him to. Baekhyun couldn’t actually say no to his friend. But now, he’s running late.

He couldn’t find his bag and he know’s it’s another one of those pranks by his classmates. They barely do stunts on him because he’s friends with the future president of the student council but when they do, they make sure it’s big and they make sure Chanyeol’s not there to stop them.

Now that Chanyeol’s busy with his oath-taking, they found the chance.

Baekhyun was still searching when he heard someone call him. He looks out from the window and two of his classmate throwing his bag at the big trashcan of their school.

He was quick to run down and get his bag from the trashcan.

But as he looks for his bag, someone pushed him inside the trashcan and closed the lid that he couldn’t get out.

The moment he stepped into the auditorium, everyone turned back to look at him. Even the person speaking on stage – the election adviser, introducing the new
president. Park Chanyeol was sitting onstage, waiting for his name to be called before standing up and making a speech for everyone inside the venue.

Someone laughed, “Look at Byun! What a dirty person! I mean, literally!”

“Figuratively too!” Another student shouts.

“Talk about being a slut!” And that's when the name-calling starts again. A bunch of slut's, whore's, bitch's mixed in his head and he couldn't understand anything anymore. He had a hard time getting out of the trashcan and now, this.

Tears start falling from his eyes and someone yelled, “Oh gosh, he's acting like he's the victim when he actually wanted it!”

He was trying to shut down their voices but he still heard the teacher asking him to leave like he's not really the victim here. His vision was blurry but he saw Luhan looking at him with pity but still not approaching him. Luhan never really talked to him anymore. He saw everyone looking at him with disgust. Everyone but Chanyeol. The guy was already standing from his seat when Baekhyun decides to run.

He gets away from it all and hides.

He stays at the library. The same library that the students barely went to. The same library where he first talked to Chanyeol normally, like they were old close friends. The same library he considered as his safe haven, even before all this had happened.

He buried his face in between his folded knees and chest. Then, he cried. Baekhyun was tough. He really was. But the past that wounded him made him weak. It always did. It was actually okay that they pulled pranks on him. What’s not okay was how they throw words at him and how those words remind him of the past. The past he couldn’t get away from.

Minutes passed and he was still crying but he know he wasn't alone. A hand started patting his back, comforting him. He heard a deep voice, “Everything is going to be okay, Baekhyun.”

“It’s not going to be okay.” Baekhyun raised his head and looked at the guy beside him. “Everything is not going to be okay, Chanyeol.”

“How did you know it wouldn't? We're not even there yet.” Chanyeol says.

Baekhyun snaps at him. “How did you know it would? We're not even there yet?!”

“Baekhyun...” Chanyeol flashes a comforting smile and Baekhyun hides his face again.

“I've already been there. I don't want to be there anymore. Not again.”

“What did you say?” Chanyeol leans closer to hear him.

Baekhyun continues “You just don't understand what I'm feeling.”

“Then make me understand.” Chanyeol said softly.

The red head peeks one eye to look at him. “I don't want to tell you anything.”

“Why? Don't you trust me?” Chanyeol sighs.

Baekhyun hides again. “It's not that, Chanyeol. I trust you, a lot. To be very honest.”

“Then what is it?”

“It just hurts. It really hurts, Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol courageously kissed the crown of Baekhyun's head. “It would hurt less if you share your pain to another person.”

Baekhyun looks up at him with a confused face. “What did you just do?”

Chanyeol moves away quickly. “Uh... kissed your head?”

“Why?” Baekhyun asks.

“Isn't that what mothers do when their child is not okay?” Chanyeol reasoned.

“But you're not my mother.”

Chanyeol suddenly regrets doing it. He didn't even know why he did it. It's normal, right? Chen does that sometimes. His mother too.

“You're changing the topic.” Chanyeol tries to turn it back to Baekhyun. “It's not about me not being your mother. It's about you.”

Baekhyun laughs slightly and Chanyeol didn't know why but he felt happy seeing the red head smile.

The smaller hesitates but then asked softly. “What do you want to know?”


“It's a long story.”

“I have all the time.”

“You don't.”

“I do.”

Baekhyun breathes deep, “Okay.”

It was still fresh in Baekhyun's memory. How his first love, his first boyfriend, his everything made him fall madly and deeply inlove.

He should have listened but his love blinded him to do something stupid.

He regrets it all.

His ex-boyfriend was charming– tall, sunkissed, beautiful. He talked to Baekhyun like he was the most important person in the world. Baekhyun felt loved. Baekhyun drowned in the flowery words his ex-boyfriend whispered to his ears. He fell deeper and deeper until there was no way out. Until he couldn't say no to the man he loved more each day.

People told him Hoojun, his ex-boyfriend, was just using him for entertainment.

Why not? Baekhyun was young– he was still naive about things while Hoojun, he was years older and he hooked up with girls often before Baekhyun appeared one day at school, wearing his new uniform and his new blue bag and new school shoes. Baekhyun was the epitome of innocence and purity. He was an angel. Everything was white when you see him.
He wasn't tainted with black. The only black in him was his raven black hair and his fierce black eyes. The rest, it was white. All white. He's pure like that.

But Baekhyun believed he was special. Hoojun only dated girls and he was the first boy he ever dated. He was also the first person he ever treated right.

He has heard from others that Hoojun always hurt his girlfriends.

But Hoojun treated him like a prince. He was like the master and Hoojun was his servant, a slave that he thought he got at the palm of his hands. But he was wrong. He was all wrong because he was actually the one wrapped in between Hoojun's fingers.

It was their 8th month together when Hoojun asked him to do it.

He knows he should've said no. But his mouth said yes.

And Baekhyun didn't know it was his biggest mistake.

“I... I thought he loved me.” Baekhyun says and lets his tears fall. “He said he did. And we did it and I think it was embarrassing at first but he said everything is okay. He said it will be okay because he was there and he'll be gentle.”

“Was he?”

“Yes he was. But I begged. I asked for more and he gave it the way I wanted and it felt good. It was really, really good. And I felt like I fell even harder for him.” Baekhyun looks away. “I was screaming things I never knew I could say. I was making sounds I never knew I could make... it was like a different me. And I was humiliated at myself. I felt dirty as we both reached our climax but all those were gone like the wind when he kissed me softly.”

“Then?” Chanyeol didn't say it like he wanted the answer to come immediately. He said it carefully. “What happened?”

“He whispered sweet nothings into my ears and I fell asleep in his arms.” Baekhyun then smiled sadly. “I woke up the next day and he was gone. No note. No anything. Just me, naked on the bed and my clothes still scattered on the floor.”

“Where was he? That Hoojun guy?” Chanyeol's eyebrows furrow.

“He was gone. He left me.” Baekhyun looked down. “He left me and took both my heart and dignity.”

“What do you mean?”

“That Monday, a video of us doing it was sent to everyone's mobile phones.” The red head wiped his tears and looked straight into Chanyeol's eyes. “I talked to him and did you know what he said?”

“What did he say?”

“He said he was the one who took it and he was also the one who sent it to everyone.” Baekhyun breathes. “Then everyone started to pull pranks on me and call me names, calling me their bitch.”

Chanyeol looks down. “Just like what's happening now.” Guilt filled Chanyeol's guts because he knows he was the reason why it's happening again. I'm a jerk, he thinks.

“Even my closest friends... left me.” Baekhyun whispers. “It's happening again and I know how it's going to end... with me leaving.”

Chanyeol immediately shoots a look at Baekhyun. “What leaving? You're not going to leave, Baekhyun.”

The red head sighs, “Why not? I don't have anyone here anymore. I think Luhan doesn't want to be my friend anymore and my other friends too.”

“You have me!” Chanyeol says. “I can be you friend! Your bestfriend even!”

“I don't want them to think the president is friends with the slut. We both know they don’t bully me when you’re around because they’re scared but one day, they’re going to think that since you’re friends with me, maybe you’re like me and they’re going to hurt you too!”

“You're not a slut. You just picked the wrong person. You just got love all wrong.”

“I don't want you to look bad. You've helped me enough already. By staying beside me even though they’re all disgusted by me. I think it's time to leave again before they start doing horrible things to you also.” Baekhyun said it like he's made his decision.

“I can protect myself. I'll protect you too, if that would keep you from leaving.” Chanyeol paused, “Stay, Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun laughs and Chanyeol was confused. “What?”

“You sound like you're making a dog stay.” Baekhyun smiles though the tears were still there.

“You look like a puppy anyway.” Chanyeol laughs as well. “But really, Byun Baekhyun. Stay. You can change your hair to green or whatever you want to do with it, just... stay.”

“What does my hair got to do with this?”

“I figured you changed your hair to red after the incident to forget your past...?” Chanyeol concludes.

“Nice try but it's because I think red fits me. And it's also like I have some fire powers or something.” Baekhyun explains and Chanyeol chuckles.

“I think the books from the library are getting to you.”

“I like them. They take me away from reality. It makes me forget.”

Chanyeol nods and leans close to Baekhyun. “So... you're staying, okay?”

“What makes you want me to stay anyway?” Baekhyun wonders.

“You're a friend. And well, I...” Chanyeol blurts it out unintentionally, “I love you.”

Baekhyun's face hinted a light pink while Chanyeol's face was akin to the former's hair.

“I mean you're an amazing person and...” Chanyeol elaborates with his hands in a weird way and then coughs, “And I could also use some help at the student council. You know the drill, right? Since you ran for it too?”

“You can't love me, Chanyeol.” Baekhyun ignored his last sentence and frowns. “You know what they're saying about me and you know I don't want you to look bad...”

Chanyeol frowns too. He takes another ounce of courage. He said it already anyway. What’s there to hide. “I love you, Baekhyun. I don’t know when I did. I didn’t even know it myself until I unconsciously admitted it to myself and suddenly admitted it to you. Maybe when we kept talking to each other at the library, maybe I loved you then. Maybe even way before that. I don’t know but I want you to stay. If you don't want me to say I love you, then I won't. Just... please stay. I want you by my side.”

“I... I don't know Chanyeol.” Baekhyun stands up and runs.

I'm not good at anything but running, he thinks.

Baekhyun already talked to his mother about changing schools.

He was avoiding Chanyeol. Thus, the bullying became frequent again.

Their subject is computer and they’re at the computer laboratory. Baekhyun sat at his place, away from everyone.

They were doing their work quietly when the computers started to play videos one by one and they’re not just ordinary videos, it was his video.

It was edited and it looped on the part where he was begging Hoojun.

The teacher didn’t care about it at all and continued with whatever she was doing.

And at that moment, Chanyeol entered the laboratory with folders in his arms but quickly came to a stop the moment he saw the videos on everyone’s screen, including Baekhyun.

“What the fuck is happening here?” Chanyeol’s voice boomed inside the room. “Fucking take it down! Immediately.”

Everyone groans and takes it down but Baekhyun was only staring at the video. Chanyeol was quick to close it and pull Baekhyun up.

“This is bullying! Everyone inside this classroom is going to write a narrative report about this incident!”

Then he pulled Baekhyun out of the room.

“Why do you let them do this to you?” Chanyeol asked as he pulled Baekhyun to the library.

Baekhyun wasn’t speaking.

“Hey, have you gone mute?” Chanyeol asked again.

Baekhyun still wasn’t speaking.

“Byun Baekhyun, talk to me.” Chanyeol ordered, his voice stern.

And that’s when Baekhyun started crying.

“Don’t cry, Baekhyun...” His voice turned soft. “I am here.”

Baekhyun buried his head on Chanyeol’s chest and hugged the taller tight.

“It hurts... so much.”

And Chanyeol felt guiltier than ever.

Chanyeol kissed Baekhyun’s forehead and held his face with both his hands, wiping his tears away with his thumb. “Baekhyun, I’m sorry.”

“No... I’m sorry.” Baekhyun sniffs. “I’m a burden, aren’t I?”

“You’re not a burden.” Chanyeol then kissed his nose. “You’re anything but a burden.”

“You’re so nice to me.” Baekhyun looks up to stare at Chanyeol’s eyes. “You always stay with me even though I left you and ran away before.”

“It’s because I love you.” Chanyeol bravely said and hugged Baekhyun, tighter than before.

And Baekhyun realizes, he loves this companionship.

And maybe, just maybe, he also loves his companion.

Weeks later and Chanyeol takes a deep breath, “This is it.” He whispered to himself. Chanyeol felt scared. He was afraid because this could make our break his relationship with Baekhyun. He didn’t want to break it; he loved the red head and he didn’t want the same boy to leave him. But he also didn’t want to keep his wrongdoings from Baekhyun. His conscience was killing him and if he wanted Baekhyun to trust him, he had to be honest with him. He just wishes things would go like he planned. He wished Baekhyun would understand. But Baekhyun would surely not understand. Why would Chanyeol even have to dig Baekhyun’s painful past and share it to everyone? To humiliate him? Why would he do that if he said he loved Baekhyun? Chanyeol didn’t know how to answer that. He didn’t know if Baekhyun would still accept him, even if it’s just a friend. He didn’t know what to do if Baekhyun didn’t.

But he still tries.

Baekhyun takes a deep breath, “This is it.” He whispered to himself. Baekhyun felt scared. He was afraid because he never thought he’d love another guy after his first heartbreak. He’s frightened because it could happen again. His scars are still not fully healer and he couldn’t afford getting himself another one. His past is still haunting him no matter how far he went and he didn’t want it to happen again in the future. He didn’t want Chanyeol to be just his past. Not Chanyeol. Not the one who stayed by his side after all the harsh accusations from strangers and people he considered as friends. He wouldn’t be able to bear the pain thinking that Chanyeol would leave him – hurt him even. He would break.

But why is he even thinking of this?

Chanyeol is different – he would never leave him. Let alone, hurt him.

Chanyeol loves him... right?

Baekhyun walks to the library and Chanyeol was already standing there, waiting for him.

The red head notices that the other looks anxious. He looks worried. Baekhyun shrugged it off by thinking that he was just imagining things. He runs to the boy and yells, “I have to tell you something!”

He laughs because Chanyeol also spoke. They even said the exact same words.

“What?” Baekhyun giggles. “You can go first!” Chanyeol nods then gulps a few more times before opening his mouth, as if finding the right words to say, then closing them. It took a few moments before Chanyeol decides to speak.

“I did it.” Chanyeol said it in a form of a whisper.

It was Baekhyun’s turn to be anxious.

“What did you do?” The smaller slowly asked, confused.

“I sent your video to the website.”

And just like that, Baekhyun’s world shatters. His heart breaks, and a tear rolls down his cheek. He turns around and walks away.

“Baek, wait!” Chanyeol calls him. “Just... please let me explain!”

Baekhyun doesn’t look back. Instead, he bolts into a run.

Is this all he’s going to do in this lifetime? Run away?

Well yes, if that would help him from preventing his heart to break.

But it already did.

The moment Chanyeol admitted that it was him – that it was him who brought all the pain back to Baekhyun. That he was the bridge to why it’s all coming back to Baekhyun.

Why would he do that? Baekhyun asks himself, I thought he loved me?

And just then, all his insecurities and fears came back to him.

And he was sure.

He’s going to leave. He’s going to leave Chanyeol and everything else. He’s going to begin again... for the second time.

“Are you sure you’re leaving, Baekhyun?” His mother asked him and the red haired male looked at her, begging.

“Mom, it’s happening all over again.” He then looked down and played with his fingers. “I... I don’t want it to happen all over again.”

“What about your friends?” His mother lifted his chin. “Son, I know the past is painful but you have your friends.”

Baekhyun remembers Chanyeol. He remembered the way Chanyeol lied to him. And he was hurt. “I don’t have any friends.”

His mother sighed. “Okay. If that’s what you want.”

“I’m sorry mom...” Baekhyun wiped the tears that threatened to fall. “For everything.”

She knows what he meant and held his hands tight. “You were young. You didn’t know what you were doing.”

And they both went out of the car to go to the office of the principal.

After settling it all, Baekhyun walks to the library and saw Chanyeol, sitting there as if he was waiting for him.

The moment their eyes met, Chanyeol stood up from his seat and walked to Baekhyun holding his hand immediately as if not doing it fast enough would make the red head disappear infront of his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Baekhyun.” Chanyeol says. He says it a few more times as if saying it would make Baekhyun forgive him.

“Chanyeol, I’m leaving.” Baekhyun informs.

The taller’s hands fell. Suddenly, Baekhyun felt empty.

“So this is goodbye?” Chanyeol asks, bewildered.

“Yes, it is.”

“Please don’t leave.” Chanyeol whispers. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was stupid.”

“I was also stupid for trusting you too.” Baekhyun says and he was quick to turn around, not letting Chanyeol see the tears that trickle down his cheeks.

Chanyeol just watches him walk away.

His tears fell when Baekhyun was out of his vision. And will probably be never in his sight anymore.

3 Years Later;

If there was anything that he regrets in his life, it was telling the truth to Baekhyun. Have Chanyeol not been honest with the red head, both would be happy together right now. But he shook the idea off. If he lied to Baekhyun, he might’ve died out of guilt now. He can’t possibly lie to the person he has grown to love and still loves up until now.

So, if Chanyeol has anything he regrets, it was letting Baekhyun go that easily. It was letting him slip away with him even holding tighter to prevent him from going away.

Chanyeol sighs. There has never been a day that he forgets to think about his first love. He wishes for the millionth time for the universe to give him another chance because he wouldn’t waste it. Not anymore.

He walks out of the medicine building and heads to the library, a few walks away from where he is.

He never went to the library ever since he started college.

One, he never had the time.

Two, the medicine building has its own library.

Three, libraries remind him of Baekhyun so he barely goes to the library, even in their building’s library.

He was about to enter the main library when a familiar boy caught his attention – he saw light brown hair, furrowed brows, narrowed eyes, cute button nose and soft-looking lips.

The boy was already walking out of the library.

Chanyeol doubts if he was seeing things right but the figure is so familiar. Only the hair color was different. It wasn’t red. (But then, many things can change in years)

As fast as he entered, he immediately exited.

He quickly grabbed the boy’s forearm and mentioned the name that flashed repeatedly in his head the moment he saw the same boy walking out of the library.

The brunette looked back, surprised.

Chanyeol smirks, relieved and mentioned the name again.


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