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Weird is cute

Prompt #: 199
Title: Weird is cute
Word Counts: 8,770
Side Pairing(s): KaDi
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: confusing POVs, confusing plot, ugly story line and all the poop, too much crack
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Love is always confusing and people should always talk first before confirming something.
Author's Note: First of all, I’d like to thank J for choosing this prompt for me. This is for you! <3 A BIG THANKS TO MY AHJUMMA M FOR HELPING ME OUT FOR THIS WITHOUT YOU I WOULDN’T HAVE COME UP WITH A STORYLINE THANK YOU SO MUCH I OWE YOU MY LIFE. Also to my Unni I! <3 I have the bestest friends that I don’t deserve but ily so much guys! Second, I know I made this really weird and I don’t know, I enjoyed writing it when I began but I’m lazy so my progress is slow. I hope the prompter would like what I did to this prompt because I think I enjoyed it so much I forgot the actual plot. ☹ Also, I’m a pain in the ass. I hope the amount of fluff could make up for everything! Enjoy~ This fic is so…… I’M SORRY.

Out of all Baekhyun's plan, this is the ugliest, most embarrassing, most pathetic and most ew-y plan of all. This takes the crown. Hands down. Kyungsoo quits in life.

"But it'll be cool!"

"Ew. It will be not. Shut up."

"B-b-but kYUUUUNG!!!!" Baekhyun whines, holding onto his best friend's arm, trying to pull his cutest face (a.k.a pouting and batting his eyes and even though Kyungsoo’s not looking at him, he could imagine how ugly Baekhyun looks right now.)

"Go away while I'm still asking nicely." Kyungsoo glares at his best friend, silently telling him that his face right now is anything but cute, Kyungsoo actually wants to puke. (Oh, that rhymes.)

"Nice!? Which part of Do Kyungsoo is nice! Bitch wher-- aw!" Baekhyun didn't get to finish his mocking as a ball is thrown from somewhere and landed straight on his head. "What have I done!" He, again, whines and stomps his feet. "An uncooperative best friend and an uncooperative ball! Just just just what did I--" his dramatic speech is, again, cut off, as the owner of the ball halts in front of him.

"I'm sorry!" A deep, chocolate honey strawberry blueberry yummy delicious muchoso's voice is heard behind him and even before it registers to Baekhyun whose voice is that, (not that he won't recognize it because even if the said voice is just breathing, Baekhyun would probably recognize whose breath is that) the guy who owns the yummy voice runs back to where he's playing the ball.

Baekhyun also wants to play with his ball.


When Baekhyun is sure that the mystery guy is out of earshot, Kyungsoo covers his ears and runs even before Baekhyun has the chance to open his ugly mouth to probably scream.


"Baekhyun, I won't date you."

"Kyungsoo, I won't date you as well. I'm prettier than you, the world knows that.” Baekhyun flips his nonexistent long hair. “It's just pretend!!"



Kyungsoo closes his eyes and silently prays for a long and a torturing death for Baekhyun. "No."

"I really think Park Chanyeol likes me. I just need a push for him to make a move to me. And this is the most brilliant plan!" Baekhyun says, his eyes changing its shape, turning into that emoticon with hearts in its eyes. He even bats it for added effect, and if that isn’t torture enough for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun just have to clamp his hands on his face, like The Scream, with that disgusting heart-shaped eyes.

"Then push him! You don't have to drag a cute and innocent man on this. Like what you said, push him against a wall then kiss him or something." Kyungsoo shrugs and judges Baekhyun hard. He suppresses a smirk at the ugly man’s reaction.

Baekhyun blushes and even before he had a chance to retort, to maybe deny the push against the wall thing because he wants Chanyeol to do that pushing to him, the man that's on Baekhyun's mind 24/7, the man that's the subject of his wet dreams, the man whom he wants to have babies with, arrives. He's laughing with his friends, laughing so beautiful and his booming voice that is also the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world. (For Baekhyun, at least.)

"Park Chanyeol," he mumbles and a dreamy sigh comes next. He watches as the man on his wet dreams flexes his biceps as if he knows that some creepy but pretty stalker is watching him and Baekhyun tries very hard not to drool. "God, marry me." He doesn't actually want to say this out loud but since they're in a corridor, where students are walking, where Kyungsoo is looking at him like he just confessed he's not really gay, (because according to Kyungsoo, Baekhyun is the gayest gay you'll meet in your life. He has the crown. Hands down. He wins in life.) where the love of his life just passed by, his voice comes out loud. People stopped in their tracks to look at him weirdly and he doesn't care because they are all ugly but then---

Chanyeol's gaze suddenly is on him and Baekhyun feels awkward so he turns to his best friend whose side eyeing him and giving him the stink eye and he suddenly thought of an idea. "KYUNGSOO, MARRY ME." He screams, loud enough for everyone to hear. For Park Chanyeol to hear. Hoping that Chanyeol would think of that marry me thing he accidentally said out loud was for Kyungsoo. Okay, ew.

Baekhyun clings to Kyungsoo and he even looks at Kyungsoo with beautiful eyes. "Baekhyun," Kyungsoo says with gritted teeth and when the ugly people dissipate, that's when Baekhyun stop his act and he sighs again.

"Jesus. That was so close." Baekhyun stares at nothing in particular with a sad puppy face when he feels something hard poking on his head and even before he had the chance to reply, Kyungsoo's stare is scary so Baekhyun opts to live his pathetic life.

"If you weren't so dUMB!!!" Kyungsoo’s holding a chair from somewhere (Baekhyun didn’t even know there are chairs right there) and Baekhyun silently prays for his parents' health and for Chanyeol to before closing his eyes, readying himself for his death.

But it never came.

Kyungsoo’s just breathing heavily while still holding the chair and it's actually funny because Kyungsoo is so tiny, the chair looks heavier than him. "Fine, Baek, you win!"

Baekhyun didn't expect it at first.

When he does, his face breaks into a grin so wide the sun even had to cover its eyes.

"I love you Kyungsoo!!!!!!" Baekhyun hugs Kyungsoo, forgetting the fact that Baekhyun's long time crush and future husband is still there. Gaping and shaking at the scene as if he witnessed a murder.


Chanyeol stares at Baekhyun hugging Kyungsoo.


His mood dampens because of this.

Like, how to be Kyungsoo. Senpai teach him.

He stayed there because he saw Kyungsoo got a chair from somewhere and he thought he could be the prince charming in a school uniform and actually save his princess but what surprises him is Baekhyun’s beautiful smile and the hug. The hug. It hurtch.


Baekhyun has liked Chanyeol ("since I was born," he had claimed, earning a slap from one of his friends.) for four years. When he was still 14, and now he's 18. It's kind of sad (pathetic) really, because Chanyeol never acknowledged his existence, didn't even make an effort to know him.

It's pathetic, because Baekhyun didn't want to be his friend.

He didn't even know if Chanyeol is gay. But Baekhyun's hopeful mind thinks so.

The thing is, Chanyeol is friends with his friends. He didn't get why Chanyeol had never acknowledged him, didn't even look at his way, which made Baekhyun decide to take the things to his own hands.

(But really, it was just Baekhyun who's running away whenever Chanyeol is close.)

And one of his friends whom Chanyeol knows and is single is the only person he could count to.


The thing with Byun Baekhyun is, he’s a kind of coward. No, he really is a coward. He’s dumb, impatient, dumb, dumb, and dumb. He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that whenever he’s in the close vicinity with Park Chanyeol, Chanyeol reacts the kind of same as him. Less embarrassment and more of an oppa-material kind of reaction to his crush. Unlike Baekhyun who goes on self-destruct, panic mode and abort mission mode whenever Chanyeol is near, Chanyeol just blushes hard and freezes, opting to close his mouth and tries to calm the frantic beating of his heart.

So look at them now. Pathetic.


"Kyungie, baby, honey, my loves so sweet, if you'll agree to this pretend dating thing, who knows? We might actually fall for each other. Maybe this is the way for you to realize that I'm actually the awesomest," Baekhyun tries to explain all the while doing weird hand gestures as if that'll help the situation.

It doesn't.

"Is this your way of asking me out?" Kyungsoo stares at him, disgust evident on his face.

"Ew. Okay, that's ew. Kyungsoo I was just kidding you shouldn't take my words seriously. Like never." Baekhyun huffs, staring at Kyungsoo with (what he hopes) a puppy face.

"You look like a bulldog don't pull that crap to me Baek you look like my grandmother's ass."

Baekhyun lets out an offended gasp. "WHY WOULD YOU COMPARE THIS," he motions to his face "TO AN ASS!?"

"Yes." Kyungsoo nods to affirm it. "But really, ugly man, what's your plan?"

"You're kinda close to my baby, right?" Baekhyun asks; all beautiful eyes and such.

Just then, Park Chanyeol appears out of nowhere (without Baekhyun noticing it and that's actually weird because even when Chanyeol is just breathing Baekhyun knows it will be Chanyeol) and stares at the unintended public display of cuteness. Chanyeol maybe even heard someone coo at this but he's bursting on the inside to actually notice. He stares at them for a second and blinks. And blinks. Somewhere in the deeper part of his black heart he hears a crack crack noises and because he feels so broken, he thinks it’s his heart breaking into pieces. He couldn't take more of the KYUNGxBAEK moment so he does the best. He leaves.

"Kinda." Kyungsoo answers while staring at anything that is not Byun Baekhyun because for Kyungsoo, everything about Baekhyun is ugly.

"So, I'm gonna be like, you know, ask help from him for you. And all that poop. Okay? You have to follow everything I say."

Kyungsoo raises a brow at this. "Excuse me bitch?"

"Kyungsoo~" Baekhyun whines and clings at Kyungsoo like a koala.

Kyungsoo sighs. "Fine."


Baekhyun wonders, now that he earns enough courage to actually talk to Chanyeol like a normal human being, his prince charming is nowhere to be found.

Prince Park Chanyeol, error 404, nowhere to be found.


Baekhyun sips on his shake and heaves a sigh.

"Realized you're ugly?" A voice interrupted his thoughts.


"What's the problem?" Jongin asks as he takes a seat across Baekhyun.

"I like someone but he doesn't like me. All the teenage cliches."

Jongin coos and Baekhyun glares at him. "It's okay, hyung. You could always seduce him. Whoever he might be. As long as it's not me then you'll have a chance with him."

Baekhyun, from being :(, became like :D because of Jongin.

"Has anyone ever told you that your smile is ugly?"

"Shut up. Everyone tells me my smile is beautiful and sunshine-y." As if to prove his point, he smiles his infamous rectangular smile and even does the other infamous beautiful eyes to Jongin.

Jongin stares in disgust, stares at his non-existent wristwatch and looks at Baekhyun again. "Then they're blind. I have class, hyung. Bye."

Baekhyun waves and blows him a kiss. Jongin shoots him a disgusted look and goes on his way.

Baekhyun didn’t see Jongin’s frown because his weird hyung is crushing on someone. Should Jongin tell it to that someone who really likes Baekhyun even if he’s ugly and weird?

“Nah. I don’t want to hurt Chanyeol,” he mumbles to himself.


"Kyungsoo, I'll seduce Chanyeol."

The silence stretched and Kyungsoo is still looking at him.

Baekhyun guesses Kyungsoo will ask him if he's out of his mind.

"Are you out of your mind?"

Baekhyun giggles.

"You're weird, Baekhyun. Did you eat dogfood again?"

"No! I didn't eat Wiwi's dogfood. I won't ever do that again."

Then suddenly Baekhyun's mind drifted back to that time when he's cramming on his project and he needs to wake up early to submit it. He's still sleeping when he takes a bath and when he goes down to eat breakfast, he grabs a spoon and a bowl to eat a cereal.

Or what he thought is a cereal.

When Baekhyun eats it, it tasted like shit. Like, seriously. When he looks at it, it awfully tasted like his dog's food.

He stares at the box where his breakfast came from.

He screams bloody murder.

"Thinking about that morning again?" Kyungsoo interrupts his thoughts and Baekhyun is silently thankful for that.

"Yeah. It was so weird."

"Because you're weird. Anyway, you're out of your mind. What's with this seduce thing again?"

"I don't know. Maybe I'll walk to him wearing nothing or I'll tie myself naked and you'll ask him to go to our dorm? Or send him my nudes..." Baekhyun drifts off, cringing at the image that floats in his head.

"Baekhyun, please tell me you're not considering any of those. Or I'll seriously walk out of your life right now and forget that we're friends."

"What am I going to dooooo." He whines and drops his head on his open palms.

"You? You should die."


Baekhyun is seriously considering those plans to Seduce Chanyeol. He cringed. Nope. That won't do.


They're back on the soccer field, with Baekhyun blabbering about his….. abs.

"I'm serious, Soo, when I touched it," he touches his tummy for added effect. "I felt it! Those six pack." Baekhyun licks his lips and flexes his biceps in front of Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo stares at him.

And stares.

Baekhyun tries again.

He slowly lifts his shirt to reveal what he calls the 'nutella abs'.

A ball is coming through their direction, again, and Baekhyun is unaware of it. Again.

Baekhyun howls in pain.

The ball landed on his crotch.


Baekhyun falls first face on the dirty floor and Kyungsoo, being Baekhyun's best friend, wolf whistles and laughs hard. The people around them didn't want to laugh but then Baekhyun looks like shit cupping his crotch and screaming profanities. Plus Kyungsoo’s laughing so they took it as a yes to also insult the poor guy.

"Fuck, I won't get pregnant now!"

"You're an idiot, Byun Baekhyun. Come here." Kyungsoo offers his hand and when Baekhyun reaches for it, Kyungsoo retracts his hand back and laughs again. Hooray for friendship goals.

Then, the owner of the ball comes to them. It's like a deja vu, but then Baekhyun would rather be hit on the head again than on his *beep beep censored*, thank you very much.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" Chanyeol kneels beside Baekhyun and Baekhyun, because he's in pain, hasn't acknowledged the fact that it was Chanyeol who had hurt him unintentionally.

“How about my dreams of birthing a child," Baekhyun whines and chokes on a sob because god, it hurts.

When Baekhyun is standing on his two feet, just then he realized that Park Chanyeol was the one who helped him.

.....and almost killed the family jewels as well.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it do you-- do you," Chanyeol looks at Baekhyun's eyes then to his *beep beep censored* back and forth, contemplating on voicing his thoughts out.
Kyungsoo just stands there, amused.

"Do you want me to, uhm, help you with that?"

Baekhyun is still cupping his hurting *beep beep* and his hands fall on his sides together with his jaw.

He blushes at what had just Chanyeol said.

The coach calls out on Chanyeol and Chanyeol gets the ball. No, not Baekhyun's balls. Just the ball that landed Baekhyun's balls. Shut up gais.

"I'm sorry!" Then Chanyeol runs to his group.


"He offered a blowjob. Fuck, I should've said yes. I SHOULD'VE SAID YES!"

"Baek, he didn't offer a blowjob. Shut up."

"Did you see how he lusted over touching my dick, Kyungsoo, his mouth is watering!"

"Are you going to shut up yourself or I'm gonna make you?"

Baekhyun wiggles his eyebrows. "You're going to kiss me?"

Kyungsoo lifts his arm.

Baekhyun's face is swollen the next day.


Baekhyun is alone in the benches the next day, nursing his abused 'handsome and cute as hell' face when someone's shadow looms over him.

Baekhyun shrieks and covers his face.

"Don't come near me!!!!!!!"

"Uhm, hi, I know you're really mad at me for what happened yesterday but I want to make up for it." If his voice alone doesn't make Baekhyun want to spread his legs for Chanyeol to be in between, he just have to smile that beautiful and sunshine smile of his that made Baekhyun want to shed off his clothing just to heed to whatever Chanyeol wants.

Chanyeol is still talking and Baekhyun is staring at his luscious lips, the way every word is forming at that thick, kissable and oh so yummy lips. Baekhyun is unconsciously closing his eyes and puckering his lips as if Chanyeol will kiss him.

"--and I'm really sorry b- hey? Baekhyun?"

Chanyeol stopped talking and it took Baekhyun three seconds for him to realize that Chanyeol will never kiss him. Ever. Sadlife.

Chanyeol frowns and inches closer to stare at Baekhyun’s beautiful face because he’s closing his eyes. Is he sick or something?

When Baekhyun opens his eyes, he certainly didn't expect for Chanyeol to be this close and ohmygod, is he really going to kiss him?

"Baekhyun?" Chanyeol lightly slaps Baekhyun's soft cheeks just to see if he's still alive.

But to Baekhyun, it looks like Chanyeol's cupping his cheeks for the most awaited kiss.



A loud slap to Baekhyun’s ear ruined the moment.

"Bitch Chanyeol just want to know if you're still alive." Of course.

It was Kyungsoo.

*insert Baekhyun’s inner dramatic wailing*

Baekhyun glares at his best friend because how dare he ruin this precious moment!?

"How did you know I was here?" Baekhyun is still glaring at him and Kyungsoo just smirked at him.

Spawn of satan.

"Chanyeol, you better leave. This man here is crazy and only I could bring him back to reality. We have to talk." Kyungsoo waves for a goodbye. He's obviously happy that he had ruined Baekhyun's dreams. Baekhyun sniffs.

"Oh, okay. Baekhyun, I'll make it up to you next time. Get well soon." Chanyeol internally huffs. Kyungsoo, always Kyungsoo.

When Chanyeol is out of earshot, Baekhyun tugs the hem of Kyungsoo's shirt. "Why are you even my friend?!"

Kyungsoo laughs and it's evident that he's enjoying this. "Well." Kyungsoo flips his non-existent long hair and laughs again.

On the distance, Jongin stares, jealous at how Baekhyun could make Kyungsoo laugh like that.


"Bro." Jongin says after lots of contemplations if he should say something, if he should voice out his worries. He's in Chanyeol's room with Sehun, flipping channels out of boredom and Sehun is sleeping.

Chanyeol hums and glances at Jongin.

"Do you still like Baekhyun hyung, that weird guy?"

"You mean Byun Baekhyun?"

"Yeah." Jongin nods and stares at his wriggling toes. “Is there any other Baekhyuns that’s weird?”
Chanyeol lightly glares at Jongin because how dare you friend.

“Well, you see,” Jongin continues but he fidgets anyway, he already told himself before that he won’t share this detail to Chanyeol but the hell with it, he’s desperate. “He asked me something about… his crush… then he and Kyungsoo…”

At the mention of his one sided rival, Chanyeol quickly glances up and glares at Jongin. "Don't. That name isn't allowed in this room, Jongin." Chanyeol mutters and grabs the popcorn from the sleeping Sehun. Sehun glares at his hyung and throws a piece of popcorn at Chanyeol's face.

"Bull's eye!" Sehun whoops (he’s suddenly awake) and fist bumps with Jongin.


Baekhyun is still grumpy the next day, thanks to his best friend who's by the way, all happy and smiley. Baekhyun's grumpier.

"I hate you." He mutters and that made Kyungsoo's smile wider Baekhyun wonders if his face will break. Baekhyun snorts.


Baekhyun is walking at the school gym just because. He just wants to be alone for a moment without anyone. He's having a man problem when his wrist is suddenly held by someone. He's about to snap when he saw Chanyeol's stern face.

Baekhyun thinks he’s getting hard. Chanyeol's sososo handsome if he's like this.

"Y-yeah?" Baekhyun stammers and blushes hard when he realized Chanyeol's holding his wrist. SKINSHIP!!!!! ASSJSKSKJKSJKSJKJKS ABORT MISSION ABORT

"Are you and Kyungsoo..." Chanyeol trails off but his stare is still stern so instead of feeling happy because maybe that is a sign of jealousy, Baekhyun gulps.

"Uhm. Yes?" Baekhyun has no idea what Chanyeol is talking about so he asked further. Chanyeol’s face suddenly is solemn. Ohmygosh what have I done?!

"Seriously?" Chanyeol asks and his face looks crestfallen. What's this? Maybe Chanyeol thought that that yes is an affirmation. Chanyeol's showing signs of jealousy but is it really for him? What if it's really because he likes Kyungsoo? Baekhyun's nose flared at this.

"Well, no. Not yet. I guess." He answers with the same voice Chanyeol had used to him. "I think I need help."

"Help? For what?" Chanyeol may not look like it but he's dismayed, hurt, broken and disappointed. He should've left the moment Baekhyun said yes.

"For him to admit his feelings to me? I don't know. I don't want to do the confessing myself." Baekhyun shrugs.

"But I thought you're together.. I've seen you both being sweet and you even made him smile big time."

At this, Baekhyun thinks of a lie he could say to make it convincing.

"Well... we're best friends so I think it's kind of natural.." Insert internal cringing. "And you know those clichés of falling in love with your best friend.." Baekhyun hopes his voice doesn't show any signs of disgust or whatever he really feels right now because that would ruin the fun.

Call him delusional but he thinks he heard Chanyeol's heart shattering somewhere. Of course it's just his wishful thinking, it could also be his own heart but because of the loud pounding inside his chest because he's really having this conversation with the love of his life, he really couldn't determine which his dream is and which is not.

"Uhm... okay... I guess I'll congratulate Kyungsoo somewhere........ bye," and with that, Chanyeol jogs to somewhere, leaving Baekhyun to wonder why this all felt so wrong.


"Hey, Soo, congratulations." Chanyeol smiles, but it's not the kind of smile Chanyeol would do especially in front of him. They're kind of close friends and Kyungsoo thinks that the smile Chanyeol gave him is tight and.... fake.

"What's up?" He asks instead and looks at Chanyeol's eyes; maybe there he could find the answer he's looking for, why his friend is like this.

"Just... congratulations. You got something big from me." Hurt flashed in Chanyeol's eyes before he had the chance to hide it. "See you around, Kyungsoo... take care... of him." Chanyeol mumbles the last two words he had said and leaves. Also leaving Kyungsoo confused as ever.


It got Kyungsoo to think, what something important could it be that it made Chanyeol like that? He didn't remember borrowing anything from Chanyeol....

A light bulb popped from the side of Kyungsoo’s head.

Baekhyun? Could it be Baekhyun?

"Nah, Chanyeol didn't even know Baekhyun's existence until that day on the gym..." Kyungsoo trails off; he's not even sure himself. He's not sure about anything right now. But despite all the whirlwinds and chaos bubbling inside him, he gets his phone and decided that he'll do something ridiculous for once in his life.

"Hello, Soo baby?"

"Ugly man, I agree to be your boyfriend."

"What? EXCUSE ME I NEVER PROPOSED TO YOU WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GAY LEVEL KYUNGSOO WHAT THE FUCK," Baekhyun practically screams, which made Kyungsoo smile.

"Idiot. I mean that pretend thing. And, I have a plan."


Jongin sees it before his heart breaks.

Kyungsoo holding Baekhyun's hand as if it's a flower so delicate it would rattle if Kyungsoo didn’t take care of it.

Jongin runs away from the scene.


"Chanyeol, I need your help. I'm begging you." Jongin bursted into Chanyeol's room and he looks like he's about to cry, that made Chanyeol on alert.

"What is it?" Chanyeol asks, worried what happened or what the help could be.

"Please, Chanyeol, please. Flirt with Baekhyun. You- you like him, right? Please, Chanyeol don't be a coward you’ve been hiding your feelings for years. Let's both have our happy ending. I'm begging you." Jongin even kneeled in front of Chanyeol. "Make him fall in love with you. I know it would be easy. Chanyeol. P-please." And he's crying. Chanyeol has never seen him this broken.

"I-I'll do my best.." But Chanyeol himself is not even confident.


Their next meeting, it's surely not unexpected. Chanyeol waited for Baekhyun at the gates and his heart fell when he saw Baekhyun and Kyungsoo together. He thinks it's not a good time and his conscience is telling him to stop but this is for Jongin and for himself. Plus, Baekhyun is centimeters taller than Kyungsoo, and Baekhyun looks like he'll bottom, what would happen to them? What if Kyungsoo's di-- Okay, Chanyeol, don't go there.

He smoothly approached the duo (because Chanyeol's sure they're stil not a couple, though the way Baekhyun's arm is on Kyungsoo's would clearly deny that not-couple thing, and they looked like a real couple, Chanyeol would like to support himself and what Baekhyun told him about the confessing thing. Self support.) and smiles at them both before directing his smile to Baekhyun. His smile turns into a smirk, the one he had used to their teachers back in high school and until now, for them to stop calling him at their recitations. It worked before, but now that Chanyeol really never used it again, he's not so sure.

The blush on Baekhyun's face made him confident.

"Hey, Kyungsoo," he cheerfully greets Kyungsoo and purposely drops his voice when he turned to Baekhyun. "hi, Baekhyun," Baekhyun's eyes widen and his ego boosted. Bam. Maybe Jongin is right. Maybe.

"Do you need anything?" Kyungsoo asks, irritated. Maybe Kyungsoo knows his effect on Baekhyun and he's just a jealous bitch.

"Hmm. I might need Baekhyun for a while." He, again, purposely dropped his voice when he said Baekhyun's name. Baekhyun is silent the whole time, just staring at him.

"Okay....... Baek, go to my place later, okay?" Kyungsoo says and leans to kiss Baekhyun on the cheek. Baekhyun's eyes widen and he almost curses out loud because what the fuck. Thankfully he caught himself before doing so. Instead, he smiles shyly at Kyungsoo before waving and directing his gaze to Chanyeol.

"What is it?" Baekhyun asks in a small voice.

"Remember when you wanted me to help you to.. you know, have Kyungsoo to confess to you?" Chanyeol offers his arms for Baekhyun to take and Baekhyun stares at it. Chanyeol chuckles and grabs Baekhyun's arm and puts it around his.

"Uhm, yes.." Baekhyun answers and drops his gaze to the ground. He hopes Chanyeol won't hear the fast beating of his heart. He didn't know how this all happened. One second he and Chanyeol are complete strangers and now, this. He has his arms around Chanyeol's like they're friends or possibly.... a couple. Baekhyun giggles.

"What's funny?" Chanyeol asks and Baekhyun then realized Chanyeol brought him to a park. Why Chanyeol brought him here, he doesn’t know but he won’t ask. It could ruin the mood.

"Nothing... just, Kyungsoo never brought me here before, and I'm sure that he won't. It's.. nice," Baekhyun giggles and Chanyeol turns to look at Baekhyun, and when he does, he regrets doing it. Baekhyun is looking at him, his face tinged with pink, his eyes almost crescents and his face is almost shining. A perfect row of white teeth added to the list of Baekhyun's perfections and Chanyeol figures he couldn't dare to look away. He's standing there, looking at Baekhyun's heart achingly beautiful smile like he hasn't done in ages. Baekhyun really is beautiful.

"Then, let's... let's play?"


"Chanyeol! Oh my god! Take-- take it slow!" Baekhyun wheezes but he's laughing hard while holding on the swing with both hands. Chanyeol's pushing him at the back. "Ch-Chanyeol!" He screams and he's so breathless. Finally, Chanyeol stopped for a while to probably let them both breathe. Chanyeol is breathless himself as well, as he's laughing at Baekhyun's squeals.

"You squeal like a girl." Chanyeol says and Baekhyun looks offended but his lips still has its quirk so Chanyeol didn't worry about it.

Baekhyun's grabs his phone while he's sitting on the swing and takes a cute picture of himself. He laughs because he said he looks stupid, to which Chanyeol wanted to deny because Baekhyun looks absolutely breathtaking.


Like where these cheesiness are are coming from?

Chanyeol shakes his head to dispel the thoughts but instead, it came back again with much more cheesiness because Baekhyun is looking at him.


"Let's hang out again, tomorrow. I know this coffeeshop that serves great coffee." Chanyeol says and braces himself for a rejection.



"Wow, Byun, okay, let me get this straight. He brought you to a park to talk about ways of, uhm, me, falling in love," Kyungsoo holds two quotation marks in the air, "with you? But you two were both engrossed in the park to even talk about it?"

A dreamy sigh and a disgusting smiling face is what Kyungsoo got as an answer.

"Yay for you then. I think I don't even have to do anything. Maybe we could just hang out like what we always do." Kyungsoo remembers something and almost roars when he does. "That kiss, I brushed my teeth almost five times, just so you know. But your cheeks are soft, no worries. It's just that I don't want to be infected with your weirdness and it's, ew." Kyungsoo finishes with a nod. It could be offending but Baekhyun is too happy to feel anything negative.

First date with his PCY. (Prince Charming Yeol.) success.


"Hey, Yeol," Baekhyun greets when they passed on the corridors.

"Coffee later, don't forget!" Chanyeol’s smile brightens Baekhyun’s day more.


It becomes a habit now, both of them hanging out after school, Chanyeol stealing Baekhyun from Kyungsoo.


"Yeol, I see that you're hanging out with Byun. You're close to your success. But what about me?" Jongin had asked, he had personally went to Chanyeol's and waited for his best friend.

"Oh..sorry. But man, I think Kyungsoo already noticed I’m stealing Baekhyun from him. Sometimes he'll decline for Baekhyun even if it's obvious that Baekhyun wanted to be with me."

Jongin raises an eyebrow at this. "Self support?"

"Excuse me!" Chanyeol defends himself weakly. "I could see that Baekhyun's happy when he's with me."

"Get your head out there. He's happier when he's with Kyungsoo." With that, Jongin leaves. Not without sparing Chanyeol a last glare.


Chanyeol had been so selfish but he couldn't help it. Not when Baekhyun smiles at him like that. Not when Baekhyun laughs his melodious laugh, and he hadn't noticed that every single time he's spending with Baekhyun, the more he wanted him for himself.


Chanyeol started when Kyungsoo suddenly storms to him. His frown is scary.

"I see that you've been taking Baekhyun away from me." Kyungsoo bets his years of studying his acting skills for this. He practiced this lots of times in the mirror. "Chanyeol, Baekhyun is my best friend. I..." he pauses for dramatic effect. "he's important to me." Kyungsoo stil wants to say something but he forgot it, he has his script scribbled on a tore paper inside his pocket and he wants to peek but that is plain stupid and obvious. He takes a deep breath. He can't remember the next line. "Chanyeol." he stays instead, he pats himself internally. “Stay away from the man that I,” insert internal cringing, “l-love.” and leaves.


Meanwhile, Jongin is still shy to do anything. Boo for him.


After that, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo seem to be seen together always now. Chanyeol can't snatch away Baekhyun because Kyungsoo has been giving him that stare, which scares Chanyeol. Baekhyun had said the reason why they're still not together is because Baekhyun wants Kyungsoo to do the confessing. Chanyeol's mind whirred. What if he'll do the confession himself? Or worse, what If Kyungsoo already did the confession that’s why Kyungsoo did that the other day?

"That's stupid." He tells himself, over and over again.

Chanyeol's hope is still high; he's just looking for a perfect timing to snatch Baekhyun away again until he decided to do one thing. He grabs his phone.

"Jongin. Yeah. I need you tomorrow. I have a plan."


"Double date?!" Jongin shrieks and looks at Chanyeol. "Hyung, I can't date you."

"What the fuck. I'm not talking about us, Jongin." Chanyeol snorts and Jongin sighs in relief.

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?"


"Kyungsoo, hi," Chanyeol greets him when he saw the owl-eyed boy walking alone.

"What do you want." Kyungsoo is still scary.

"I'll ask you both Baekhyun out... double date?" Chanyeol smiles an easy smile and he hopes it's charming enough to make Kyungsoo say yes.

Kyungsoo eyes him up and down. They're still friends, so he guesses this won't hurt. And who knows? Maybe Chanyeol would bring a very sexy hot guy for him.

"Okay. When and where?"

"Tell Baekhyun to go to that coffeeshop I brought him during our da--ener, dinner. Dinner. I-! I mean breakfast. Or brunch? I don't know. But he knows where it is. So. Yeah. See you. 7pm. Tonight. Don't be late. Be there. Okay. Bye. See you around."


"Chanyeol invited us to a double date."

Baekhyun's heart shattered.

"W-what?" He said, almost sounding like a child. "Does that mean he has his own date?" His lips are trembling right know and Kyungsoo wants to coo, only if Baekhyun is cute.

"Yes. So we'll make you extra pretty tonight. Now, get your fat ass at the shower and I'll transform you, Baek. You're the queen tonight."


Baekhyun stares at the full mirror and gapes. "Kyungsoo! I look like a bitch!"

"You are a bitch, excuse me." Kyungsoo wolf whistles and he's impressed. He made Baekhyun look like a human for tonight.

"Look at these jeans! It's tighter than those I usually wear. What the fuck. And this top. My collarbones are visible and and-- are you at least going to give me a jacket?" Baekhyun walks around it makes Kyungsoo dizzy. But damn, Baekhyun is pretty tonight.

"No jacket. That's sleeveless as it is and come here I'm not done with you." Kyungsoo gets his swivel bag and opens it, revealing a set of different kinds of makeup Baekhyun didn't even know existed. He's the eyeliner guy but damn these are a lot.

"Now, your eyes are droopy but it's cute. We're going to make it mysterious and sultry."

And so Kyungsoo applies it to Baekhyun with relative ease. As sisters, since they were little, they both have a thing for make ups. Kyungsoo loves lipsticks and Baekhyun loves eyeliners. Kyungsoo loves the feel of lipstick on his plump lips, making it look softer than how it looked. As for Baekhyun, he has small eyes and eyeliner make it appear bigger and when he put a lot of it, he usually looks hot.

Kyungsoo then gets eye shadows with different colors and decides which color is okay for Baekhyun. Baekhyun has really pretty eyes so Kyungsoo guesses any of the combination is alright.

As for the lips, Kyungsoo put small amount of lip balm on his best friend's lips. As Baekhyun's lips is already pinkish and, as dreading as it is to admit, kissable. Now that Baekhyun's all set, he takes care of his own and they're ready to leave.


Leather jackets make Chanyeol more handsome. He knows this himself. Tonight, he's dressed to impress. His hair is pushed back and he's wearing black and white striped tshirt under the leather jacket, and an equally black pants and black shoes to match. He bathes himself in his cologne, a manly scent he rarely uses and he's set. Jongin is handsome himself, simple pants and long sleeved shirt but that alone made him hot and oppa material. They're all set.

Chanyeol had expected Baekhyun to look pretty but he certainly didn't expect this.

Baekhyun is so god damned beautiful and pretty and cute and hot because god damn it. Who allowed him to be like that?

"Wow..." he breathes out. Maybe he's even drooling, he didn't know. The duo greets him and Baekhyun smiles shyly at him. Chanyeol is suddenly woken up from his trance and went to where Baekhyun is, pushed the chair for Baekhyun to sit.

"Hi, I'm glad that you came." when Baekhyun is comfortably seated, he ignores Kyungsoo who's probably waiting for the chair to also be pushed for him and goes back to his seat across Baekhyun.
Kyungsoo glares at Chanyeol but the latter missed it as he's busy staring at Baekhyun to notice anything. Kyungsoo didn't expect for someone to do it for him. He also didn't expect it to be so handsome. What the fuck. This is Chanyeol's date?

"Have a seat." The guy mumbles and Kyungsoo shyly takes a seat. The guy moves to seat across Kyungsoo and they're all nothing but having a staring competition.

Kyungsoo is suddenly reminded of one thing. He turns to glare at Chanyeol. "You're openly eye-fucking my best friend. If you don't mind."

Chanyeol is still staring at Baekhyun with that whipped stare and Baekhyun started to feel uncomfortable. Maybe wearing this revealing thing isn't appropriate.

"You look... pretty." Chanyeol says, Baekhyun's not so sure if it's for him but Chanyeol is staring at him earnestly. Baekhyun can't suppress the blush as it covered his soft cheeks.

Someone coughs from somewhere and they both ignored it.

"What are you eating for tonight?" Chanyeol asks Baekhyun, who's looking at the menu. Baekhyun's hands are pretty, prettier than a woman's, to be honest. It looks so soft and warm and smooth and if Chanyeol just had the chance-- (he didn't notice his hand getting closer to the said pretty hand, he only noticed it when Baekhyun flinched.) "I'm sorry." he apologized and put his hands back on his lap.

On the other hand, Baekhyun is shaking and he hopes it's not obvious. That's also the reason why he had flinched, afraid that Chanyeol might feel just how nervous he is because he didn't want to imagine but it looks like it was him and Chanyeol dating rather than their real dates. Baekhyun chanced a glance on Chanyeol's... date? He's handsome and mysterious.... and looking at Kyungsoo? What's happening?

"Excuse me. I'll use the male's room for a moment. Kyungsoo.." he trails off, and thankfully Kyungsoo understands it. Kyungsoo stands up as well and bows like a real gentleman.


"What do you want?" Kyungsoo asks the moment they're inside the comfort room. Baekhyun checks his reflection in the mirror first before facing Kyungsoo.

"Soo, I'm scared." Baekhyun confesses and Kyungsoo's about to snarl but he sees his sister's distraught face so he presses his lips in a thin line and waits for Baekhyun to talk. "He keeps on staring at me. He-- he's been showing signs that he likes me. Soo... I'm scared. What if all of these are just my wishful thinking? Soo, I've been in love with him for so long. What if-"

"Baekhyun. You're a great guy." Baekhyun wanted to make a face but he sees just how Kyungsoo meant it. Maybe for once Kyungsoo will be honest to him.

“I might actually regret this but Baekhyun, do you think I’ll still be your one and only sister if you’re that bad like what I always tell you?” Baekhyun shakes his head.

“Soo, I’m awesome. Please.” Baekhyun flips his non-existent long hair and smiles. It feels good to talk to his best friend like this.

“Chanyeol might actually like you. I don’t know. I’ve seen it before, thus me agreeing to your stupid plan. I won’t agree to your stupidity if I didn’t see anything. Baek, you spent your teenage life watching him grow up. Why don’t you give yourself a chance?” Kyungsoo sighs then. Being friends with Baekhyun for so long, he never thought they’d have a real conversation like this. A decade spent with bickering, borrowing clothes and eating each other’s food, Baekhyun pranking Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo trying to kill Baekhyun… what a beautiful friendship.

“Really?” Baekhyun asks him again and Kyungsoo nods. “I love you, Kyungsoo.”


“I love you, Kyungsoo.” Chanyeol’s heart breaks. It lands on the floor, it shatters, it collects germs and most of all, it hurt.

It hurt more when you thought everything’s okay, when it’s really not.

Chanyeol comes back to their table with Jongin looking at him like he already get why Chanyeol came back with that face.

Chanyeol calls for the waiter and asks for the bill. He split the bill with Jongin and they both left, their heart breaking more at witnessing each other’s crumbled world.


Baekhyun and Kyungsoo come back with the waiter clearing their table. They both look at each other and frown.

“Excuse me, we’re not done yet. Why are you clearing our table?” Kyungsoo asks and for a second, the waiter looks troubled.

“Uhm, the two guys here already paid the bill and there’s no one left so I thought..” the waiter trails off and the best friends shared another look.


“How come you don’t have your boyfriend’s number! I like his date!” Kyungsoo screams the moment they reached their apartment.

“He waits for me by the school gate! I don’t even know this would happen!” Baekhyun retorts and wipes a stray tear. Yes, he’s crying. He feels broken, hurt, fooled. He actually believed his gut and what Kyungsoo had said. It’s dumb of him to even think that a perfect guy like Park Chanyeol would fall to a trash like him.


Chanyeol thinks only a guy who’s so so manly would shed a tear for the person he loves. That’s what he’s doing right now. He sniffs and lets the manly tears fall. How come he even dared himself to think that a precious and a fluffball of happiness would fall for kinds like him?

Baekhyun is perfect. His smile is the light to the dark path. He’s the cure to world peace and humanity, and the cause of STD. Chanyeol should have known. Byun Baekhyun won’t like him. Ever.


Baekhyun and Kyungsoo being in a relationship spreads like a wildfire in their school. The news ‘the sisterhood is now gone, please welcome the new realationship that everyone’s betting for since forever. They totally have the hots for each other’ is what the talk of everyone. They crave for them together, even thinks if they should make a fanclub. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are cute together anyway. Always fighting and throwing insults at each other, maybe it’s really their way of saying their I love yous.

“Damn it,” Chanyeol mutters and drops his head in his hands. Do they really have to do this? Do they really have to torture him? Is hearing his love confessing to someone else not enough? “This is torture. This is the worst. I hate this.” Chanyeol dejectedly says, tries to ease his broken heart when he knows it can’t be fixed. The only person that could fix his broken heart is in love with another man.


Baekhyun and Kyungsoo couldn’t get why people are looking at them with that pedophiliac face and a much more pedophiliac smile. Is there something at their face? They checked their reflections before walking out in the open so both of them can’t get why.

Then they heard it.

“They’re so cute” “I think Baekhyun bottoms. He’s pretty” “Kyungsoo’s smaller!” “Kyungsoo is manly. I like him. Baek is feminine but he’s also handsome.”
Baekhyun froze. Kyungsoo’s shaking.


Baekhyun’s mind is still reeling the moment they get back to their dorms. He doesn’t get it, why would people think that?

“Kyungsoo, how did that thing happen?” He asks, an obvious resignation etched to his face. For once, Kyungsoo thinks Baekhyun is small, so weak.

“I don’t know. I also don’t know how we’re going to deal with this. Baekhyun, let’s not take this seriously.” Suddenly, Kyungsoo’s mind drifted off to their double date with Chanyeol. “Fuck, Baekhyun! You have to see Chanyeol!”

“He hates me…. they left us, right? Probably they went to somewhere together because he realized I wasn’t pretty like what he said. He made me feel beautiful for once, but look at what he did. I think he only said it because he wanted to be polite. I don’t know what to do anymore, Soo. I just don’t want to see him yet. Let that news spread. I don’t care if they think we’re dating.” Baekhyun plops at his bed, grabs his blanket and covers his face with it.

“Baekhyun, listen to me--” Kyungsoo wants to say something more but Baekhyun looked at him and Baekhyun looks…. tired. “…Rest well.”


“Everything’s confusing and I actually don’t know what to say. But I like Kyungsoo and I’d win him back.” Jongin says it with so much finality as if he’d been doing the moves for a long time but really, Chanyeol doubts it. Chanyeol doubts Jongin could win Kyungsoo back, he doubts if Jongin could even wink at Kyungsoo for fuck’s sake because Baekhyun is awesome and perfect and ethereal and no one would want to be away from that perfect creature. Chanyeol’s amazed at Jongin because, hey, the kid’s trying. Chanyeol hopes for the best.


The next day, Jongin comes back to Chanyeol and somehow Chanyeol feels smug.

“Hyung help me.”

“Oh, what happened to that you’d win him back thing?” Chanyeol asks with no bite, he just wanted to tease the kid.



“Do you really want to go to school without clearing this issue?” Kyungsoo asks Baekhyun while the latter is busy doing his eye.

Baekhyun stares at him for a moment, returns to his eye liner but from the looks of it, he stopped concentrating on what he’s doing. He focused for the matter at hand for a while. Baekhyun sighs and hangs his head low. “Of course, Soo. I want to. We’re the best of friends, after all. Sistership is forever. I don’t want them getting the wrong idea. But I’m just so broken right now I don’t even know what to do.”

Kyungsoo goes to where Baekhyun is, in front of the mirror and forces the latter to look at the mirror. “Look, Baek, we’re both pretty. We should not waste this face to someone who doesn’t deserve it, okay? You’re my precious Twin; I wouldn’t let you suffer through this alone.” Kyungsoo gives his best to smile at Baekhyun for assurance. The smile he got in return is worth it.


When they come to school, they’re surely not anticipating any of this.
Park Chanyeol, Baekhyun’s baby and one and only, holding a huge banner with the words:


While holding a bouquet of flowers and walking to their direction to give the flowers to—

What the hell?

Chanyeol smiles at them both and breaks out in his goofy smile that Baekhyun loves so much when he sees Baekhyun’s reaction.

“Kyungsoo, please give this to the beautiful man beside you. I’m too shy to give it to him.” Kyungsoo smiles at this and hands the bouquet to Baekhyun. Chanyeol follows a stage-whispered: “Thanks for the text; anyway, I didn’t know how you got my number but thanks,”

When Kyungsoo hands the bouquet to Baekhyun, Baekhyun can’t help but sniff. “…What’s this,” he asks weakly, throwing a punch to Chanyeol without force.

“Me confessing to the most beautiful man in the whole wide world,” Chanyeol starts. Baekhyun feels the tears coming. “Byun Baekhyun, my senpai, bubble pie, apple pie, pizza pie,” Kyungsoo snorts with a smile and starts to move away from the scene. As if the scenario’s not embarrassing (romantic) enough, Chanyeol just had to kneel down and hold Baekhyun’s hand as if it’s the most precious thing in the whole wide world. “I’ll just… keep this short, just like you,” Chanyeol smiles and Baekhyun didn’t even mind the insult. Okay, he’ll let that comment pass. Chanyeol suddenly turns to Jongin and Jongin grabs something from the side. It’s a guitar. Omg. Omgomgomgomgogmogmgofgjdjsiuduisidsjiaoa

“Please notice me senpai and listen to this song.” Chanyeol sits down, in the middle of the quadrangle, in front of everyone and smiles sweetly at Baekhyun.

Suddenly he breathes deep and sings in a high pitched voice.

‘cause when I’m with him I am thinking of Byun
Thinking of Byun
What Hyun would do if Hyuuun are the one who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes
Baekhyun laughs, he laughs hard he almost fall on his knees if it weren’t for Chanyeol getting in the way.


“And here I thought you’re doing nothing.” Baekhyun complains while theyre seated on the school’s bench, with Chanyeol still holding the guitar and Baekhyun holding a bouquet.

“Well, surprise.” Chanyeol says, and reaches for something inside his pocket.

It’s a ring. A black ring. The same design as what he has and Baekhyun knows he’s had that ring long time ago.

“I bought this ring three years ago. When I saw this beautiful guy come out from the men’s room. He’s sweaty and he’s really hot. I’m not the type to… do this. I mean, love at first sight thing and stuff. But I really like him. He’s beautiful. And then I thought, why would someone like him notice me? Then I saw him look at me and he broke into a fit. He ran away, looking scared. I mean, Am I that ugly?” Chanyeol looks hurt and Baekhyun wants to kill himself for causing this to him.

“No, Chanyeol—”

“Let me finish first,” Baekhyun nods. “And then I see him every day. It kind of just happened. Me, liking him, and accepting that he’ll never like me back. But then I guess it’s because of my hormones that I finally decided to grow a pair and ask you out. Like I said, I bought this years ago. You can’t say no.”

“Silly, I won’t say no.”

And Baekhyun laughs, because he didn’t have to explain why he avoided Chanyeol all these years.

“Can I kiss you?”

“If you want.”

As Chanyeol leans in, Baekhyun can’t help but think, he’s so dumb for not even trying to make this guy his all these years. They’re both dumb to think of the negatives first thing before trying.

But at least, Baekhyun now has Chanyeol, who’s licking his way inside his mouth and laps at it as if this is not their first kiss.

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