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I See You Driving ‘Round Town With the- Watch out!

Prompt #: 080
Title: I See You Driving ‘Round Town With the- Watch out!
Word Counts: 2829
Side Pairing(s): Kaisoo
Rating: Pg-15
Warning(s): Mild swearing and terrible driver Baekhyun
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: "Stop the car I think I'm having a heart attack." “Breathe Park, breathe. I’m not drunk, okay?” “Could’ve fooled me.” Adventures of bad driver Baekhyun and his ever so patient boyfriend who doubles as his mentor...Whether it be by choice is debatable.
Author's Note: I’m so sorry for how late this is OTL

“Baekhyun, do you see the light?”

“Yeah.” Baekhyun nods in affirmation.

“Do you see what colour it is?!”


“And what does that mean? You slow down-”

“-THEN YOU SPEED UP!” Baekhyun stomped down on the gas pedal to punctuate his sentence.

“Wait Baekhy- STOP, STOP THE CAR THE LIGHT IS RED!” Chanyeol yells and covers his eyes as he usually does every time Baekhyun decides that traffic lights are there for the whole street aesthetic.

“I’m already half over the white line though...?” Baekhyun replies as he proceeds to speed down the road.

Cringing as they ran yet another red light, Chanyeol thumps his head against the dashboard. At this rate they might as well get a license plate that gives drivers some warning as to who is driving. Maybe along the lines of WARNING: Adrenaline Junkie on Board. Ever since Baekhyun got his license (he’s confused as to how he even passed, honestly), every drive with him has been nothing short of an amusement park attraction.

Being the good, caring boyfriend he is, Chanyeol decided that for the safety of the general population in Seoul, the sacrifice of being the one to teach Baekhyun how to drive smoothly must be made. Originally, it was supposed to be Kyungsoo sitting in the passenger seat besides the speed demon, but Jongin claimed that Kyungsoo needs to be alive and well in order to tutor him, and being in a car being driven by Baekhyun would highly jeopardize that. Of course, Baekhyun refuted that statement but Chanyeol wholeheartedly agreed with Jongin.

Today was supposed to be a lesson about how to not drive as if you're attempting to leave skid marks everywhere you go, but so far it hasn’t been going that well.

“Calm down, I always get us home safely.” Baekhyun side eyed the man besides him who seemed to be having an asthma attack.

Chanyeol scoffed. “Yeah, while violating around twenty traffic regulations.”

“Hey it wasn’t red when I crossed it, I beat it at least by half a second. And its Sunday, school isn’t in session so there’s no need for me to slow down. Just admit it, you love it when I got hard and fast.” He threw a wink at Chanyeol as he turned a corner sharply and Chanyeol was crossed between being flustered and telling Baekhyun off for not using his blinker.

“Awww are you blushing? That’s adorable.”

“Baekhyun, eyes on the road!”


"Okay so today we're going to go with something easy. The supermarket's only 7 minutes away and we're going to take it nice and slow, okay?" There’s this small voice at the back of his head telling him that Baekhyun will attempt to cut that travel time in half, but he has faith that his boyfriend will listen.

"Yeah sure, whatever. Respect the speed limits, don't tailgate, drive on the right side of the road… You do realize I have my license right?" Rolling his eyes, he gave Chanyeol a quick kiss to make him feel better. Which turned into three more. Then five. Maybe just a few more…

Dazedly, Chanyeol muttered, "whether you earned it without bribery is a little questionable."


Two minutes into the drive, Baekhyun has already started weaving in between the cars. So much for taking it nice and slow, the only thing that has slowed down is Baekhyun’s common sense. Chanyeol is pretty sure they left it on the ground before they get into the car.

"I can get us there in 5 minutes!" He exclaims excitedly as he switches lanes again to get around an offensively slow SUV. He's not even using his indicator Chanyeol realizes with horror.

"Wait, wait stop, we're going to get pulled over oh my- BAEKHYUN!!!" This time Baekhyun seemed to completely avoid being a road hazard by driving onto the sidewalk instead. Alarmingly to Chanyeol, Baekhyun didn’t seem to be that concerned.

"What?" …Or it could be that he hasn’t noticed yet.

"You're driving on the sidewalk!" Groaning, he rubbed his eyes and tried to convince himself that this was a dream, in reality they were still sleeping and Chanyeol could double think letting Baekhyun drive today.

"Shit, that's a first." Baekhyun answered while continuing to drive down the sidewalk.

"Tree, there's a TREE!"

"You're overreacting, calm down I see it." Why are they still driving on the sidewalk then? Why is Chanyeol still in this car? Why haven’t they been pulled over yet? Chanyeol was starting to question how the only one who seemed to find this a big deal was him. And now there’s a fucking tree coming up and Baekhyun wasn’t slowing down.

"Then why aren't you tur-" Chanyeol's face smashed against the window before he could finish his sentence. Ouch.

"Stop the car I think I'm having a heart attack." Baekhyun laughed in reply but slowed down so that they could both catch their breaths.

“Breathe Park, breathe. I’m not drunk, okay?”

“Could’ve fooled me.” Chanyeol ran his hands through his hair in an attempt to possibly shake out the fear. He trusted Baekhyun (sort of), but this was definitely more of a close call than it usually is.

“Well that was terrifying. Let’s switch seats, you’re probably going to smash us into a bush or something today.”


“Do you think Chanyeol has given up yet?” Jongin asked as he leaned against Kyungsoo who was currently reading a book.

“I hope not, if he gives up then who will protect the world from Baekhyun’s horrendous driving skills?” He sighed as he remembered the first time he was in a car with Baekhyun driving. He’s pretty sure that’s when his soul left his body and it has yet to come back. Getting into a car with Baekhyun required you to be first of all, be stupid enough to do it in the first place and secondly, like him enough to not strangle him the moment he slammed his foot down on the pedal. Fortunately, Chanyeol happened to be both of these things. If they stuck to the original plan and had Kyungsoo teach him how to drive smoothly, they would most likely be attending a funeral right now and whose funeral it would be can be left up to the imagination.

Strangely, whenever Chanyeol was in the car with them Baekhyun seemed to throw what little knowledge of road rules he has out the windows. Honestly, Kyungsoo doesn’t think that one can really be that bad at driving while having a license...Baekhyun is an exception he supposes.


“Can we take a break from driving today? Please? Let’s just go on a calm peaceful date with no cars involved.” Chanyeol pleaded with Baekhyun.

“But don’t you like the thrill of getting into a car with me?” Baekhyun pouted as if the prospect of not being able to drive was a pity.

“Oh, yeah I love those mini heart palpitations I get whenever you stomp on the gas pedal. I’m really into those moments, making my heart go crazy like that.” Chanyeol deadpanned. Before Baekhyun could react, Chanyeol grabbed the keys and tossed them to the other side of the room.

“Darn looks like we don’t have the car keys anymore! Let’s go!” Grabbing Baekhyun’s hand, he dragged him out of the house.

They ended up walking to the theatres because of Chanyeol’s request. Honestly, Baekhyun was glad that they decided to walk. All this reckless driving had been exhausting for him too, believe It or not. It’s hard enough trying to be reckless enough while still managing to convince Chanyeol to get in the car with him…

“What movie should we see?”
“I heard there’s this race movie out-”

“Break from driving Baekhyun, break from driving.”


“Tell me again why we all have to be in a car with this vigilante?” Sehun pondered out loud.

“Hey that’s not a nice way to talk about Kyungsoo, we can kick him out if you want.”

“Baekhyun your mouth is almost as big as your ignorance of road safety.” Kyungsoo stated.

“Well it’s also bigger than your-“

“GUYS!” Junmyeon exclaimed. His face slowly getting red. “Baekhyun is it even safe for you to be talking and driving at the same time? I don’t think you should be distracting yourself too much… Considering you seem to be partially blind when it comes to which lane you need to stay in.”

“Kyungsoo started it…”

“Just for the record, Kyungsoo is very well-“

“NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW JONGIN.” Kyungsoo slapped a hand over Jongin’s mouth before he could finish that sentence.

“Children please control yourselves, we haven’t even gotten to the beach yet.”

“Shut up Sehun, respect your elders. Except for Baekhyun. We’re not going to make it to the beach at all if he keeps on weaving through cars like that! Why is he even driving, there are three other people in this car who got their license legally?”

“Whyyyyy do you guys keep acting like I got mine off the black market or something.” Baekhyun whined.

“Um, maybe because there’s no way anyone who’s concerned for the wellbeing of the population would give it to you.” Sehun snickered as a truck blared its horn as Baekhyun cut in front of it, as if to prove his point.

“Chanyeol, they’re bullying me!” Baekhyun looked into the rear view mirror to see them all good naturedly rolling their eyes.

“Quick Chanyeol, say something that will tame the beast that is your boyfriend! Oh woe is us who have insulted his highness.”

“No they're not, they’re just telling the truth.” This earned Chanyeol a shove from a highly annoyed Baekhyun. Wait, if he was shoving him with both hands then…

“BAEKHYUN BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL!” Someone yelled from behind.

“Why is everyone so loud today. Chill, I’ve seen people drive without hands before.” To prove his point, Baekhyun continued to drive without hands. “Do I look cool?” He jokingly asked Chanyeol who’s face was scrunched up, either from trying not to laugh or cry. Baekhyun decided to just go with laugh.

“Yikes, it’s confirmed. Baekhyun’s picture should be put in a driving manual under the words Safety Hazard. First sub section should be about how it doesn’t matter if he crashes the car, it’s all good as long as he looks cool apparently.”

“See at least someone recognizes how good I look driving.” Baekhyun smirked as Chanyeol sputtered about how he too, also finds Baekhyun attractive. Maybe just not while he’s driving. Or anywhere near a vehicle to be frank.

“Aren’t we lucky to have someone as aesthetically pleasing as you to be driving us into tree or a ditch!”

“You can cross the tree part off the list, he’s nearly done it before.”

“I didn’t hit it though! And wow Jongdae, I didn’t know you found me aesthetically pleasing.”

“No I just like your ASS-“ he snorted before he could finish, “-thetic.”

“Jongdae please stop hitting on my boyfriend.”


“Chanyeol, have any of these driving lessons managed to show you something?” Baekhyun asked out of the blue.

Startled with the sudden question, Chanyeol looked up from his book to give Baekhyun a questioning glance. To increase his surprise, Baekhyun had a dead serious look about him.

“That you’re kind of crazy and so am I for still giving you these lessons?” Chanyeol answered as an attempt to joke his way out of the awkward tension that was starting to rise with the cross between a glare and a questioning look Baekhyun was giving him. Mentally running through all the things that he could’ve done to make Baekhyun mad during their car rides seems like a good idea right now.

“Anything else?” Chanyeol wracked his brain for something else to say. Is Baekhyun insinuating that he needs a new car? His Toyota was fairly new and hasn’t really been displaying any issues lately...Is it the radio fight they had lately? Chanyeol doubts that Baekhyun could be truly upset about whether they should listen to SNSD or 2ne1. Honestly he’s not really sure what answer Baekhyun is looking for. Oh! Maybe it’s an honest critic of his driving skills.

“Other than you drive like you’re well past you tenth drink at a bar? Baekhyun if you’re trying to tell me that you want to give up driving, I won't mind. It’s not something that is shameful to do, trust me. Sometimes accepting your faults is more of a manly thing to do rather than continue doing something that-”

“What? No. That’s seriously it?”

“Yes? I mean, I’m partially joking you’ve improved a bit but everyone else says you drive like you have a death wish with me and I’m a little offended, but maybe it’s just my looks that are distracting you.” Chanyeol winked at Baekhyun who tried to maintain his straight face, but failed and cracked a smile back at Chanyeol.

Good enough for now, he supposes. He doesn’t know how much longer he can continue faking his driving without making it blatantly obvious that he was ignoring Chanyeol’s advice.


Chanyeol flopped across the couch once Baekhyun left, and pondered what Baekhyun was trying to tell him. Maybe he wanted Chanyeol to notice that he was a lost cause? Wait, no that can’t be it, otherwise why would he constantly be asking to take the car out for a ride? The way Baekhyun kept on asking Chanyeol if he had any sudden realizations was bugging him. Was he supposed to notice something about Baekhyun himself? His appearance? Maybe he got a haircut and was hurt that he didn’t notice? What was he supposed to see…

Wait a second. He’s not 100% sure that this is what Baekhyun has been trying to tell him but he might have a hunch. Despite all the stolen license joke/ bribing the instructor/ buying his license off the black market jokes, Chanyeol realized that there was no way Baekhyun could possess a license with his type of defensive driving.

Sitting up, he quickly called Baekhyun.

“Baekhyun, do you want to go for a drive? I’m driving this time.”

“Yeah sure.” Baekhyun responded curtly.


“Sooooo… Was there anything you wanted to tell me? You sounded pretty urgent over the phone. Is everything okay?” Baekhyun side eyed Chanyeol who has been suspiciously glancing from time to time at Baekhyun for about fifteen minutes.

“You’re actually not that bad of a driver are you, well you're not a bad driver anymore at least.”

Baekhyun froze as Chanyeol pressed on.

“Sure, you were bad at first, but I think I can say that my instructions are being spoken to deaf ears… Or ears that you have deliberately decided to disassociate from your brain...” Chanyeol trailed off and took a glance at Baekhyun's expression. “I’m willing to bet that you’ve been pretending to be a shit driver for a reason, there’s a reason right? If there’s not then you’re batshit crazy but time to fess up Baek. Why have you been doing this?”

Baekhyun nervously fiddled with the seatbelt. He’s been wanting Chanyeol to notice that he’s been faking it for awhile, but now that he’s actually being questioned about it there’s a feeling of unease. What if this makes Chanyeol angry?




Taking a deep breathe, Baekhyun started again. “I just wanted to spend more time with you. Before you started teaching me how to drive, we didn't really spend much time together. But once I got my license, I was worried that would end so I continued pretending that I was still learning.”

Thumping his head against the steering wheel, Chanyeol pulled over. He didn’t expect Baekhyun to say something like this but he can’t say that he’s fully surprised. But…

“Baekhyun if you just wanted to spend more time together, you could have just said so. Back then, we were just starting to date and I didn’t want to burden you with always asking to go out. But now that we’ve been dating for awhile, I’d be spending more time with you, regardless of having to teach you to drive or not. But from now on, I promise to spend more time with you outside of this car. There’s a small condition though.”

“Which is?” Baekhyun cocked his head to the side and looked at Chanyeol imploringly. Now that he didn’t have to worry about his boyfriend being mad, he’s happy that he doesn’t have to fake near death experiences anymore.

“Promise me you’ll never drive like this again. Ever. I don’t think I particularly enjoyed running all those stop lights…” Chanyeol cringed at the thought to emphasize his statement.
“Okay okay, I promise. Do you want me to drive us back to prove that I’ll honour it?”


“Baekhyun the stop light! Stop! Stop! It’s red oh god not aga-”

“Is it too late to admit that some of my driving skill wasn’t an act!” Baekhyun yelled as they skidded past yet another traffic light.

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