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Waiting Game

Author: littlelump
Recipient: denimandflowers
Title: Waiting Game
Word Counts: 3331
Side Pairing(s): ninja!kaisoo
Rating: PG
Warning(s): none
Disclaimer: The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: To finish the game, a transfer student had to step in and speed up the things.
Author's Note: This is my first time taking part of an exchange and I must say that this journey has been amazing, interesting, a pain in the ass, fun and different. My beta was superb and without her this would've been so so hard. She deserves at least one beer :3 YOU, my recipient, I have to say your prompts were great but a bit too detailed so it was difficult to choose and write it. I had written almost 4000 words of my first version of this prompt when I decided it was boring and I hated it so very much. This version took about two weeks to write and I'm so much more pleased with it. I had to change some things but I hope you'll like this -even if just slightly. :)

Baekhyun sits on his bed, which is still unmade and messy. He's always too lazy to make it before going out and about, and Chanyeol is always there to remind him. Chanyeol, his best friend, his roommate, the object of his feelings. It's funny how the state of their room perfectly fits their current state of friendship; messy but hopefully fixable.

He takes a deep breath and blows the air out before dramatically flopping down. Baekhyun grabs the nearest pillow and puts it onto his face. If he blocks his vision of the surrounding world, maybe he could forget everything and live in oblivion. But of course that could never be possible.

The pillow smells a bit like Chanyeol, and as soon as he realises it, Baekhyun throws the damned cushion away. It lands somewhere on the other side of their small room. He raises his head to see that the pillow is now on Chanyeol's untouched and well-made bed; a place where Baekhyun would also love to be, preferably with Chanyeol himself.

It's been a day since Baekhyun last saw Chanyeol. A day since they last talked - or more like shouted. A day since they said the things they have tried to suppress for a while now. How is it possible for one person to change things so quickly and so effortlessly?

The bright and sunny day is now turning into a dark and cold night. Their dorm room is getting dimmer every minute but Baekhyun doesn't bother to get up and turn the lights on. Why should he? He doesn't need light. He just needs Chanyeol to come back.

He has just closed his eyes when he hears a soft vibrating noise coming from the desk. The usually dark screen of his phone now illuminates the whole room.

A message.

Baekhyun gets up slowly; he doesn't want to get too excited. Running his hand through his golden hair, messing up the already tangled hair, he walks to the desk and takes the phone; he notices how clammy his hands are as he unlocks the screen. The notification makes his heart jump up to his throat.

Yeol: 5 minutes.

Baekhyun stares at the message, trying to fathom the fact that Chanyeol is coming back. Right now. And before he could even make himself look presentable, there's a hesitant knock on the door. The door opens, letting in some light from the hallway. Chanyeol lets himself in and closes the door as soon as he's inside.

"Guys, meet Kyungsoo. Do Kyungsoo. A transfer student and the latest addition to our bestest group of bestest people!" Jongdae declared as he pushed a wide eyed boy towards his friends. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were having lunch and a heated conversation over whose turn it was to buy dinner when Jongdae approached them, dragging a new face behind him.

"A new
bestfriend, huh?" Baekhyun asked as his eyes scanned the boy before him. He had short black hair, but long enough to almost cover his big eyes, and narrow shoulders. Cute but at the same time quite handsome, and standing around at the same height as Baekhyun and Jongdae.

"It's nice to meet you, Kyungsoo", Chanyeol said, "I'm Chanyeol and this pal here is Baekhyun." Baekhyun's eyes met Kyungsoo's, smiling. Perfect, Baekhyun thought as Kyungsoo sat down next to him, their knees slightly touching.

Unfortunately Baekhyun wasn't the only one to think so.

The room is dark again, and neither of them move. Baekhyun stands in the middle of the room which has seen better days; there are empty noodle cups on the floor and desk, cans here and there, used tissues scattered on the bed and floor. Baekhyun scratches his neck self-consciously as Chanyeol looks around but never lands his eyes on Baekhyun.

The silence becomes almost suffocating. It's unusual because the two of them are never silent when they’re together.
Chanyeol finally moves. He drags himself to sit on his bed, accidentally kicking an empty cup. The bed creaks awfully as he flops down. He's also the first one to open his mouth.

"So... how are you?" Baekhyun is so focused on watching Chanyeol that he didn't realise he was being talked to.
"What?" He asks dumbly.

"How are you?" Chanyeol repeats, louder this time. Baekhyun copies Chanyeol and goes to sit on his own bed before answering.

"Good. Fine. Been better, thanks." He clears his throat, "You?"

It's quiet again but now they openly watch each other, trying to gather courage and get their thoughts together. This is it; the moment they have to come clean with their feelings, the moment to face the inevitable situation. Chanyeol notices the random pillow on his bed. He takes it and lays it on his lap, studying it like it could give him the answers he needed.

"I'm sorry", Chanyeol whispers quietly to the pillow, but Baekhyun still hears it. He doesn't say anything because he wants Chanyeol to continue, even if it might take some time.

"You and Kyungsoo, huh?" Chanyeol asked as soon as he got back to the dorms, slamming the door behind him. Baekhyun lifted his head from his homework and met Chanyeol's angry face, making him puzzled.

"Got a problem with it?" Baekhyun decided to challenge the other. Putting the homework aside, he turned properly towards Chanyeol and gave him his full attention.

"I noticed him first", Chanyeol answered, still standing by the door.


"You heard me. I saw him first, but of course you had to make things complicated and have him before me." Chanyeol was seething with anger and frustration. He took two long strides towards Baekhyun and stopped. "Why do you make things so difficult all the time?" Chanyeol asked and it only made Baekhyun even more confused.

"I make things difficult? Me seeing Kyungsoo makes your life difficult how?"

"Because I saw him first! I had plans and you ruined it. I feel like your whole existence is ruining my life right now!"
Chanyeol's answer made Baekhyun stand up. "You're being ridiculous, Chanyeol."

"Why? Why did you do it? Why do you always have to take people away from me before I can approach them?"

Baekhyun has had enough of this. He was so tired and frustrated, his feelings growing and nearly suffocating him. He had to let it out before he exploded.

"Because I wanted you to notice me like you always notice the others! Like you noticed Kyungsoo", Baekhyun sighed, trying to calm down."Can't you see? You're the one making things 'difficult and complicated'. You're the one making me do these things. You're the one I'm in love with."

Baekhyun expected to be punched or something equally terrible, but what happened was Chanyeol turning away as soon as Baekhyun had finished, and fleeing.

"I'm sorry I exploded like that. It was not because of anger", Chanyeol explains, now absentmindedly petting the pillow on his lap. "It was more like... confusion, I think. I couldn't think straight. When I heard the rumors about you and Kyungsoo I tried to ignore them and just push them away from my mind." Chanyeol laughs dryly. Baekhyun only stares ahead, mildly shocked.

"You thought I didn't notice anything? I'm not as stupid as you think I am." Chanyeol lifts his head up and meets Baekhyun's gaze. They are both exhausted and the events of the past month have affected them both. It has been mentally and physically draining, but the current situation - the two of them talking like adults - is sparking something within them.

Hope, perhaps?

"I'm not sure but am I right when I say that Kyungsoo caught your eyes on day one?"
Baekhyun only nods.

"I see." Chanyeol stops to think and Baekhyun finally finds the will to move his lips.

"How did you find out? About me and Kyungsoo?"

"Oh. Right. Of course." Inhale and exhale. "But I need to say this now and not later... We never really dated. Yes, we went out but not out out, you know." Baekhyun shifted a bit on his bed, to get more comfortable as the story couldn’t be told that briefly.

"You see, Kyungsoo is the most perceptive one of us all. He saw right through me from the very beginning. He knows I'm into you.” Baekhyun smiles bashfully at Chanyeol, who can't bring himself to look away from Baekhyun; he doesn't want to miss even the slightest movement on Baekhyun's face, he needs to remember this moment and everything it holds.

"Why did you ask me out?" Kyungsoo asked as soon as Baekhyun had sat down and placed their piping hot americanos on the table between them. They were sitting in Minseok's cozy cafe around the corner of their campus. Baekhyun had approached Kyungsoo earlier that day, asking if he wanted to spend some quality time together - just the two of them.

"Because I like you", Baekhyun replied a tad too quickly, but the way he said it sounded more like a question than a statement. Baekhyun knew instantly that he was caught.

"Yes, I know, but not the way you like Chanyeol", Kyungsoo spoke gently, smiling. Baekhyun could see pity in Kyungsoo's eyes.

"Busted", Baekhyun joked and threw his hands up, and the situation turned more sad than funny. Kyungsoo reached over to pat Baekhyun's head, which he had lowered all the way down to the table. Baekhyun groaned. "I'm sorry", he muttered against the cool surface. Kyungsoo hummed and continued to pat Baekhyun's hair.

"But why did you say yes if you already knew?"

"Because we're friends and I thought we should have a chat. I haven't been completely honest either..."

"I promised I wouldn't tell anyone about this but I'm sure Kyungsoo will forgive me. But, yeah, Kyungsoo already has a boyfriend." Baekhyun says, lips involuntarily twitching up. His mind is filled with images of slightly blushing Kyungsoo being all shy, saying how he really shouldn't tell anyone about them because his boyfriend is still in the closet.

"Apparently Kyungsoo's boyfriend is a student in our university - a popular one." Baekhyun feels a tad proud of his friend, and he's more than happy of how things came to be between them.

"So his boyfriend must have heard the rumors, too?"

"Oh. Yeah, I think so", Baekhyun almost facepalms, thinking of how stupid he has been for not realizing that earlier. Chanyeol has always been the more considerate one of them, whilst Baekhyun usually doesn't see a thing of what’s happening around them unless it concerns Chanyeol, in which case Baekhyun is more than alert. Now that Baekhyun thinks about Kyungsoo, he realizes Kyungsoo's behavior during the past few days has indeed been weird. He has been abnormally quiet and moody. "And I thought he was just having his period...", Baekhyun mutters, frowning while staring at the dirty floor. Chanyeol hears it and can't help but laugh out loud, the sudden noise startling Baekhyun.

"Okay, let me ask you few things now", Chanyeol says after calming down. "Why did you do it? Why Kyungsoo? And why didn't you stop after your first 'date'?"

Baekhyun brings his knees up and under his chin, hugging his legs while trying to form a proper answer. It feels strange to say the reasons out loud and to Chanyeol of all people, but Baekhyun is weirdly calm considering their situation. The darkness in the room and the familiar smell of Chanyeol helps Baekhyun gather his thoughts. His cheeks are already starting to burn from embarrassment.

"Well. Kyungsoo just happened to be there, so-"

"So was Jongdae", Chanyeol interrupts, smirking as he sees Baekhyun shudder.

"Hell no! Are you insane? Jongdae? Please Chanyeol, I'm trying to be an adult here and you just had to make an awful joke like that", Baekhyun shakes his head, pretending to gag.

"No, but really, Kyungsoo's arrival was perfectly timed. I mean, I was starting to have major problems with my feelings and I thought a cute guy like Kyungsoo would be the perfect distraction. But as you already know, he wasn't, even though he agreed to help me in the end."

"Help you?"

"Yeah. Help me with the biggest reason I did it for..."

"Which is?" Chanyeol urges, leaning his elbows on his legs and observing Baekhyun intently.

"To make you jealous, obviously."

"How long have you been in love with Chanyeol?" Kyungsoo asked when they were studying at Minseok's, by their favorite spot beside the window. Baekhyun had long forgotten his books filled with musical notes and chosen to study the people on the streets instead.

"I'm not too sure. I just know that I realized it during the summer vacation."

"Did something happen?" Kyungsoo inquired while sending a text to his boyfriend.

"Not really. We were just lying around our house and suddenly I wanted to tackle him to the ground and kiss him senseless", Baekhyun explained with his face straight, head still turned towards the window. Kyungsoo almost choked on his coffee.

"Oh please, like you've never wanted to do that to your boyfriend."

"I have but we can't. So..."

"Oh, right. I'm sorry. Geez, now I ruined the pleasant atmosphere we had", Baekhyun apologized, reaching over to take a hold of Kyungsoo's hand, still wrapped around his cell phone.

"Let me treat you to a muffin or something, okay?"

"Sure", Kyungsoo laughed at his friend, squeezing his hand back.

Baekhyun's phone buzzes on his bed. He takes a quick look at it, noticing a message from Kyungsoo.

"Is it Kyungsoo?"

"Yeah. Just asking what's up. Anyway, are you satisfied with my answer?"

"Yeah, thanks. And I must say, you were being super effective because, man, I became so jealous of him. The funny part was that I didn't even know why I felt like that."

Oh, Baekhyun thinks. Could he even ask if Chanyeol knows now? After all this talking, Baekhyun still isn’t sure how Chanyeol truly feels. But Baekhyun is a coward so he asks something else.

"Are we good? No more fighting?" He looks at Chanyeol, anxious but hopeful.

"We're good. Now, drag your heavy ass here so I can hug you", Chanyeol grins and opens his arms wide, waiting for his best friend to run to him.

And Baekhyun does just that, but not before slowing down right in front of Chanyeol, still unsure. Chanyeol takes a hold of Baekhyun's hand and almost forcefully drags him down for a hug.

Only a day of not seeing each other made Baekhyun miss this, the warmth of his room mate, his best friend, the object of his love. He clings to him like a koala, not wanting to let go. Chanyeol hugs him back with the same force, laughing quietly against Baekhyun's shoulder.

Eventually Chanyeol pushes Baekhyun away but not too far. They sit side by side on Chanyeol's bed, thighs pressed together.

"So where do we go now?" Chanyeol asks, sounding unsure. Baekhyun can't seem to read Chanyeol so he really doesn’t know how to answer. Chanyeol still hasn't told him how he feels. Do they stay friends or what? What does Chanyeol want?

"Well I don't know about you but I'm going to get wasted."
"Umm. What?" Chanyeol is clearly puzzled.

"Broken heart, you know?

"I. Don't understand?"

"You see, Chanyeol, I confessed and then we fought and made up, but I’m still rejected."


"No? What 'no', Chanyeol? I'm many things but a mind reader is not one of them."

"Ha ha. Very funny."

Baekhyun shifts a bit and turns to face Chanyeol. "Then say it, Chanyeol. Please."

Chanyeol is quiet for few seconds and then takes a hold of Baekhyun's delicate hands, bringing them to his lap. His hold is firm and warm, and the gesture makes Baekhyun's mind go crazy.

"Byun Baekhyun", he starts, his gaze moving from their clasped hands to Baekhyun's small and twinkling eyes. "I love you."

Baekhyun beams hard, lips stretching so wide it almost hurts.

"Thank you", Baekhyun says, sounding happy and breathless, before tugging Chanyeol's hands and bringing him closer. Their faces are merely a breath away. Baekhyun shifts his chin up and Chanyeol takes the final step.

The kiss is a soft and innocent touch of the lips, but it's enough to make them both dizzy and flushed. Their first kiss was not what they thought it would be but it's good for now. Actually, it's only enough for a second until Chanyeol takes a proper hold of Baekhyun's face, bringing their lips back together and then they're kissing again, tongues wrapping around each other flirtatiously. Breaths quicken as the kiss becomes more urgent, more passionate, and Baekhyun has to wrap his arms around Chanyeol's body and take a firm hold of him so he wouldn't melt down to the floor.

A cell phone ringing makes the boys stop the heated kiss. Chanyeol groans as he realized it's his phone. He grabs the device from the floor where it had dropped and he has to squint his eyes to see the caller ID. It's Kyungsoo.

"Should I take it?" Chanyeol asks, clearing his throat as Baekhyun nuzzles his throat, planting feather-like kisses on it.

"Answer it and say you're busy with your boyfriend."


The alarm rings its annoyingly loud sound, deafening Baekhyun momentarily. He groans as he turns to his side, hitting the snooze button a bit too violently. He groans again -exaggerating it- trying to inform Chanyeol that he's awake and the other should be too. Baekhyun can hear Chanyeol's breathing, and he knows the latter is already up.

Baekhyun rubs his eyes, wiping away the sleep. He looks at Chanyeol's bare back across the other side of their room.
"Yo", he croaks. Chanyeol turns to face him, and Baekhyun notices how awake the other looks.

"Yeol, it's too early to look so alive..."

Chanyeol sneers as Baekhyun yawns, stretching his numb limbs.

"I just happened to sleep well", Chanyeol answers while sitting up on the edge of his bed, blanket falling onto his lap.

"That's a foreign concept to me", Baekhyun murmurs and tries to haul his uncooperative body up; he barely manages to do it.

They both sit on their beds, staring and then grinning at each other as the events from yesterday fills their minds.

Chanyeol then gets up and walks to their small bathroom and takes a piss, not bothering to close the door.

"Gross, Chanyeol, gross." Baekhyun sighs, but can't help smiling.

The toilet flushes and Chanyeol walks out. "Should I take a shower?" He asks.

Baekhyun shrugs. "Why bother? You'll stink anyway."

Chanyeol huffs and storms over to Baekhyun, throwing himself on him and making them fall backwards on the bed. Chanyeol pulls the struggling boy closer and plants his head against Baekhyun's neck, wiping his face against it.

"Yah! Chanyeol! What are you doing?" Baekhyun screams, but laughs nevertheless.

Chanyeol stops after a while, gives a sloppy kiss on Baekhyun’s cheek and frees him before getting up. He looks at the breathless boy on the bed wiping tears from his eyes from laughing too much.

Chanyeol smiles down at his boyfriend. "Now you smell like me", he says and turns his back to Baekhyun's flushing face. Stinking like Chanyeol doesn't sound as bad as it should.

They both get dressed and get ready to hit the new day together. Chanyeol has just opened the door when he notices that Baekhyun has finally made his bed without Chanyeol reminding him. Baekhyun looks puzzled when Chanyeol pulls him close, laughing.


"I am so going to treat you your disgustingly sweet caramel latte later."

"Oh yeah? Why?"

Chanyeol just smiles gently at the smaller boy next to his side as they walk through the door.

"Just because."

"You spoil me too much, Chanyeol", Baekhyun says, still a little confused but grinning nevertheless.

"That's because I love you."

Baekhyun pinches Chanyeol’s stomach, earning a surprised yelp from him. "Ugh. So cheesy. But I love you too, idiot."

Tags: [round 1] posting day 1, rating: pg, word count: -5000
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