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you're like a vacuum cleaner, because you suck

Author: latchedwindows
Recipient: unyoku
Title: you’re like a vacuum cleaner, because you suck
Word Count: 8571
Side Pairing(s): Jongin/Junmyeon
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): mild language, and Chanyeol being near a very sexy Byunbaek
Disclaimer:The celebrities' names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this fictional work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Chanyeol swears he loves Yuri the most, no questions asked. But a certain, obnoxious, (gorgeous) Taeyeon-stan runs a very close second.
Author's Note: This was written for you (unyoku)! Your prompts were adorable; thank you so much for them! As for the side pairing… I saw it in the prompts, and couldn’t help but do it. Now I have a new ship. XD In any case, I hope you enjoy! (btw hugs and kisses to my betas, whether or not they’re reading this.)

His neck is cramping, badly.

Chanyeol has been in the same position for the past three hours, awkwardly squashed between a sleeping grandmother and a breastfeeding mother. The train is barreling past gorgeous scenery, but as the grandmother leans even closer into Chanyeol’s personal space, he’s only worrying about how her head drifting much too close to his arm.

The train screeches to a stop, and Chanyeol yelps as he crashes forwards into the seat in front of him. The broadcasting crackles to life, announcing another stop.

The old lady jerks awake, muttering curses under her breath as she tries to get out of her seat. Chanyeol scrambles back up into his seat, tucking his lanky legs in so the grandmother could pass by.

The nursing mother hastily pulls her shirt back on, and also gets off the train.

Chanyeol breaths in relief, finally at peace. It had been hard to sleep with his neck bent backwards, away from a snoring lady and listening to the disturbing sounds of a breast-feeding mother. The entire three-seat row is Chanyeol’s now, and he stretches comfortably, groaning when his sore muscles finally relax. His back cracks, and Chanyeol is just about to swing his feet up onto the seat next to him--

“Hey, is this seat 7C?”

Startled, Chanyeol looks up.


A short, cute boy with a blue pen tucked behind his ear stares at him, and awkwardly, Chanyeol puts his feet back down from where they were hovering in the air, and lets the boy sit down next to him. The boy sits down a second before the train whirs to life, and Chanyeol chuckles when the boy gasps.

The boy flushes, and avoids Chanyeol’s stare, instead pulling out a DSLR camera, and beginning to fiddle with it.

Curious, Chanyeol cranes his neck easily over the shorter boy’s head, looking at the contents of the camera.

“Eh-! You’re going to the SNSD concert, too?”

The boy snaps his head up, unwittingly colliding his head with Chanyeol’s nose.

“Aish- I’m sorry!”

Chanyeol groans, rubbing his nose.

“Ouch, that really hurt.”

Uncomfortable, the boy shifts. “Why were you looking over my shoulder?”

“I was curious.”

“Uh-- okay. Well then, for a matter of fact, yes. I am going to the SNSD concert. Why?” the boy turns to look at Chanyeol, who had stopped rubbing his nose. The boy brings his hand to itch his eye.

Wow, Chanyeol dreamily thinks, that boy’s hand is gorgeous.

He resists the urge to grab it, instead choosing to crack his knuckles, loudly.

“Oh, that’s cool! I’m going to the concert too! Do you run a fansite?” Chanyeol speaks a little faster than before, but luckily, the boy doesn’t notice.

“N-no. I just help get photos.” The boy scrunches his nose suspiciously. “Why, do you?”

Chanyeol nods, standing up and pulling out his own DSLR camera. The boy ‘ahhs’ over the sleek camera, looking from Chanyeol’s newer model to his own older camera.

“I run I’m main mod, and since I live relatively close to Seoul, I decided to go myself to the concert.”

The boy nods, at a loss for words. “Well… what’s your name and who’s your bias?”

Chanyeol smiles. “Park Chanyeol, professional Yuri stan. What about you?”

The boy tilts his head up proudly. “Byun Baekhyun, happy owner of a hand that once touched Kim Taeyeon.”

Chanyeol snorts. “Did you see her airport fashion last week in Incheon? Those purple heels totally clashed with her green top. She looked like a grape.”

Offended, the brunet lifts his head to sniff indignantly at Chanyeol. “Well, Yuri looked half-drunk, with her make-up messed up like that! Who puts orange eyeshadow over blue eyeliner?!”

“Excuse you, Yuri looked gorgeous!”

Baekhyun rolls his eyes, and he turns his camera off.

“Anyway, what kind of tickets did you get for the concert?”

Chanyeol grins. “First-row, baby.”

Baekhyun’s jaw drops in amazement, and Chanyeol gloats. “First-row tickets?! How the hell did you get those?!”

Chanyeol’s expression turns smug. “I run a fansite. A very popular, very influential fansite. I have connections.”

He opens up his own camera to show Baekhyun flawless, 1080p photos of all nine girls. The other boy stares jealously at crystal clear snap-shots-- even when the girls were in motion, at brilliant lighting even at dark concerts.

“Wow… Those are some amazing photos…” Baekhyun’s voice is reverent, and slightly wobbly.

“I know, right? It’s so much fun taking photos of the girls.”

“Damn… Those photos are fabulous!”

Chanyeol nods proudly, flipping to a particularly gorgeous one of his queen, Yuri, smiling during Genie.

“So… what song do you like best from the new album?” Baekhyun looks up at Chanyeol, and the taller male freezes for a second when adorable brown eyes meet his own.

“Uh- Er, I liked Express 999.... You?” Chanyeol feels proud of himself for coming up with an understandable sentence under the gaze of Baekhyun’s wide eyes.

“Liked? As in you don’t like them anymore? As in, you’ll give me that kickass camera and your amazing photos?”

Chanyeol blinks.

“What-- wow, you cheeky little bastard-”

Baekhyun grins.

“But you see...I’m almost positive I’m a legitimate child. At least, that’s what my mother tells me.”

Chanyeol sputters, wondering if someone had kidnapped the quiet, shy boy and changed him with an obnoxious (but still adorable) boy.

“You were so quiet and cute like ten minutes ago-”

Baekhyun coos. “Oh, you thought I was cute, that’s so nice of you-”

Chanyeol turns red, and he rifles a hand through his hair, messing it up.

“That’s not- that’s not… I didn’t-!”

Baekhyun laughs, and pats Chanyeol on the shoulder, causing the taller male to stiffen and cross his legs uncomfortably.

Baekhyun only laughs more.

The train’s broadcaster comes on again, announcing the train’s arrival at Seoul, and both Chanyeol and Baekhyun put their cameras away.

“I forgot to ask, where are you sitting?” Chanyeol’s blush has died down somewhat, enough for him to be able to speak again.

Baekhyun looks up from his camera bag.

“I’ll be in the first row, in the seat right next to you.” He says smoothly, packing quickly.

“Wait, then why were you so surprised that I had first row tickets too?!” Chanyeol asks, trying to grab Baekhyun’s arm before he slips off the train.

Baekhyun turns to stare at Chanyeol, eyes wide with false innocence.

“Oh, no, I was just shocked that you were telling the truth about running the fansite.” He looks Chanyeol up and down. “You know, I thought the owner of would be older, and fatter. You’re actually neither.”

Baekhyun winks at Chanyeol, and Chanyeol starts, mind suddenly fuzzing, blush coming back in full force. With Chanyeol distracted, the other boy slips out of his grip, and gets off the train.

Stunned, Chanyeol sits there, trying to comprehend what had just happened. That boy… His attitude…His hands...

The train doors begin to close, and snapping out of it, Chanyeol grabs his stuff and shoves through the door, barely making it through.


From his spot in the first row (well, it was the closest section that was available to the public) , Chanyeol pulls out his camera, and aims the focus right at his beloved Yuri. Even while sweating, singing, and dancing, she’s still the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and he hums along to I Got A Boy while he takes photos.

I Got A Boy finishes, and the girls go offstage to change and clean up. Chanyeol looks at his photos, smiling when each one comes out near perfect. There’s one where Sooyoung has a bit of a cross-eye, and Chanyeol immediately deletes it.

Chanyeol looks left, and spies an overweight man cheering and waving. Curling his lips at the way the man mispronounces “Sunny” as “Surhnny”, he wonders rudely if anyone around him even was a real fan.

Thinking of real fans, Chanyeol abruptly remembers the attractive boy he met on the train earlier. There’s no sign of him, and Chanyeol misses the first few seconds of Dancing Queen by looking for him.

“Shit.” Chanyeol swings his camera back into position, trying to get some good shots in return for the missed intro. He’s just got the camera focused beautifully on Seohyun, when someone knocks roughly into his arm. His shot is way off, and Chanyeol captures a photo of Tiffany’s foot instead.

Annoyed, Chanyeol puts his camera down. He turns to tell off the person that had knocked into him.

“What the hell, man?! I had a perfect shot- Oh, it’s you!” Chanyeol’s shouts die off as he recognizes the brunet. Baekhyun looks up, apologizing quickly.

“Aish, I’m so sorry! I just got pushed--, oh hey there, tall one.” he gasps out, trying to stabilize himself enough to get into his seat.

Chanyeol watches, amused rather than annoyed, as Baekhyun falls into his seat. The other male rummages through his bag, and pulls out his camera.

“Why are you so late? It’s been like two or three songs already, what happened?” Chanyeol asks, taking a photo of Hyoyeon’s perfect body roll.

Baekhyun squints through his camera lens.

“Outside… Some batshit insane sasaeng attacked the guards… Held up the whole line... “ Baekhyun frowns, and turns his camera around to wipe the lens.

Chanyeol raises his eyebrows, but says nothing else as Tiffany executes a flawless hair flip. He snaps a photo of it, vaguely aware of an arm brushing against his own.

Baekhyun hisses in satisfaction, and the hairs on Chanyeol’s arm stand straight up.

His hands are trembling a bit as Baekhyun pushes his leg into Chanyeol’s, trying to get a better view. The brunet cranes his camera around to try and focus on Seohyun, and accidentally, his elbow thumps Chanyeol’s forearm.

“Shoot, sorry-- I’m really clumsy--” Baekhyun apologizes, and Chanyeol tries to splutter something back, but his mind is racing much too fast for anything coherent to come out. Baekhyun shoots him a weird look, so Chanyeol snaps his camera up to hide his rapidly flushing face.

Chanyeol tries hard to focus on the girls, instead of the attractive male who was practically sitting on him at that point.

Something pokes his chest, and confused, Chanyeol looks down to see the blue pen behind Baekhyun’s ear jabbing his chest.

As Baekhyun leans back even more into Chanyeol as the he tries to take photos, Chanyeol is swallowing heavily, time after time. He’s on the border of hyperventilating because why does Baekhyun smell so freaking good.

The song ends, and Baekhyun gets off of Chanyeol.

He releases the breath he had been holding, feeling air rush through his lungs and letting him breath. Chanyeol’s disoriented, and seriously out of it.

“Wow, the girls look so amazing…” Baekhyun says in disbelief, but Chanyeol doesn’t have anything to say, except for furiously crossing and uncrossing his legs.

Needless to say, it’s the most distracted Chanyeol’s ever been at a concert, and he barely manages around twenty photos.

Somewhere in the middle of XYZ, Baekhyun tosses his head to get hair out of his eyes, (what, Chanyeol totally wasn’t watching him or anything…) and the blue pen behind his ear falls to the floor beneath his feet.

Both him and Chanyeol reach down to grab it, and their hands collide together.

Baekhyun, not realizing that he had hit Chanyeol’s hand rather than the pen, closes his hand around Chanyeol’s pointer finger.

Chanyeol nearly drops his camera in shock, a burning sensation working its way up from his neck up to his face.

“Ah, sorry!” Baekhyun lets go of Chanyeol’s hand, much to the latter’s disappointment.

Baekhyun fishes around for just a second more, before furrowing his eyebrows, and leaning farther in.

Chanyeol, face still hot, angles his flash down on the ground, illuminating the ground beneath their feet (while making it impossible for Baekhyun to see his red face.)

“Oh, thank you!” Baekhyun grabs the pen, sticks it behind his ear, and smiles at Chanyeol.The light from the stage swings by their section, and for just a second, it looks like Baekhyun was the one that was under the spotlight. His white teeth glint in the sudden illuminance, but the screaming of the fans around the snap Chanyeol out of his daze.

The concert is relatively uneventful for the rest of the time, because luckily (or unluckily, depending on the point of view,) Baekhyun doesn’t press up against Chanyeol anymore.

But it’s as they’re leaving the hall, that Baekhyun twists around to stare at Chanyeol. Chanyeol stares in confusion at the brunet.

Then, Baekhyun cocks his head, and slowly, deliberately, licks his lips.

The camera almost falls out of Chanyeol’s hands again.

That night in the hotel, as Chanyeol lies awake and alone at night, it’s hard for him not to think about Baekhyun.

Groaning, Chanyeol flips over, trying to push the peppy, obnoxious brunet out of his mind.



It’s the middle of summer, and Chanyeol’s in Seoul for yet another Girl’s Generation concert.

There’s about an hour before the concert hall even opens, and at least three before the girls even get there.

So, along with the five million fans there, Chanyeol decides to go out and walk the streets of Seoul, looking at the crazy expensive stores, and thousands of dollars worth of kpop merch.

On one of the streets, Chanyeol spots a store that didn’t seem like it was being overrun, and decides to go in.

SNSD merchandise decorates the store from the posters on the wall, to the keychains hanging from a displayer. There’s Girl’s Gen everything-- rugs, binders, and even SNSD-themed toilet paper.

Chanyeol’s not too sure what to think of that.

There’s a particularly cute keychain of Yuri doing aegyo, and smiling, Chanyeol grabs it and brings it to the counter.

“How much for this keychain?” Chanyeol asks, pulling out his wallet.

“5,000 won.” The cashier boredly takes the cash from Chanyeol, snapping her gum loudly.

The keychain is put into a small plastic bag, and Chanyeol slips it into his pocket. He puts his wallet back with it.

The sun’s a bit higher in the sky now, and after checking his watch, Chanyeol decides it’s time to go back to the concert area. There’s probably still around thirty minutes before the line even starts, but Chanyeol’s jittery to get back to the concert area.

He walks down the streets, staring at other SNSD fans, and searching for something.

Chanyeol’s not quite sure who or what he was looking for, but he’s distracted, and about a block from the concert area, a screaming fan slams into him. The hand in his pocket jerks out to try and stop the fall, and the wallet and keychain bag go flying.

It’s futile, though, and Chanyeol still hits the asphalt.

“I’m so so so so so sorry!” the fan rambles, hands fluttering uselessly as she wavers between helping Chanyeol up or getting his fallen items. Chanyeol groans from the ground, and rolls over to check on his camera.

Thankfully, the camera bag had landed on top of Chanyeol, and it was unharmed.

“No, it’s okay. I should have watched more carefully.” Chanyeol waves the girl off, and stoops over to grab his wallet. Upon closer inspection, he realizes that some scraps of paper had fluttered out. Looking closer, he realizes his ticket had flown out with them.

"Ahh-!" Chanyeol scrambles across the sidewalk to grab the pieces. His fingers close around the ticket to the concert, and relieved, he slips them back into his wallet.

He manages to get to the concert area without any other collisions, and finds a line beginning to form. Chanyeol shifts his camera bag so he can grab his ticket and joins the line.

Within minutes, the entire block is filled with people waiting to enter the SNSD concert, and Chanyeol looks behind him, realizing that if he had come even seconds later, he would have been much farther back.

The minutes tick by much too slowly, but finally, there's a sudden surge of screaming as a black limousine pulls up. Security guards push the fans back, so SNSD has a path. Chanyeol, not wanting trouble, complies easily.

The girls stalk out, looking every little bit as amazing as they always did. They don't wave at the fans, but Chanyeol sees Hyoyeon smile as SNSD breezes past.

The second after the girls have walked in, security guards close up the door again, and stare menacingly at the fans who dared to try to sneak in.

After what seemed like an eternity, the doors to the concert were finally opened, and Chanyeol grins as fans began to trickle into the concert hall.

"Ticket, please." The security guard's voice is gruff, and Chanyeol passes him the ticket, almost bouncing with excitement as the security guard acknowledges him, and lets him pass through.

It's a bit hard to find his seat, but luckily, Chanyeol didn't have many people to trip over. His seat is in the first row, like always, and Chanyeol sinks down into the cushy chair.

Slowly, the fans begin filling up the seats, and sure enough, a energetic teenage girl takes the right seat next to him. Chanyeol smiles at the handmade SOOYOUNG poster.

Hundreds of fans file in, but for some strange reason, the one directly to his left is left empty. The person on the opposite side of the seat seems to be also staring at it weirdly, but Chanyeol can't tell too well, as the lights are dimming

"Hey, wasn't this concert sold out?" Chanyeol whispers to the other person.

"Uh-? Oh yeah, it definitely was... Hey, if that chair's empty, can I take it?" The voice is smooth and silky, but it was clearly a guy.

Slightly confused, Chanyeol nodded.

"Um, sure... But what's wrong with your seat?" He squints at the man, trying to identify any features. The only thing he can focus on is the fact that there looks like a thin pole is sticking out of his head.

The man leans in, and Chanyeol stares all the more intently at the piece of... er... whatever that was protruding out of the side of his ear.

"The girl on the other side of me... Has been trying to secretly put her hand down my pants for the past five minutes. Please, let me move!" The man whispers, and laughing, Chanyeol pats the seat next to him.

Gratefully, the man shakes his head, shifts over, and sits down in the chair. He's also carrying a camera bag, Chanyeol notices.

He tries to make out what the guy looks like, but then the lights flash on, and a cannon announces SNSD's arrival onstage.

The stadium erupts in screaming, and Chanyeol turns his camera, as to not miss the beginning poses of the girls.

The concert is half over, when the girls call a break, and go offstage. The lights are left on, and Chanyeol turns to talk to the man next to him.

"Say, wasn't that wonderful-" Chanyeol promptly chokes. "Bae-Baekhyun?!"

The man looks up, startled.

"What-?! How'd you know my... Wait, you're tall guy, right? Yuri stan?" Baekhyun stares at Chanyeol for a second, before breaking out into a smile. "I remember you!"

Chanyeol opens and closes his mouth, gaping like a fish.

"You- you're..." He breaks off as his brain finally registers the thin stick-like thing coming from the other male's head. As Baekhyun tilts his head, the plastic blue pen catches the glow from the lights onstage.

"Outrageously hot? Yes, I knew that. If you haven't forgotten, I was just nearly raped because I was too good-looking. Girls love me." Baekhyun sniffs haughtily in the general direction of the girl.

"Not what I was going for, but okay," Chanyeol mumbles, slightly bitter at being reminded that Baekhyun was still way too pretty, way too out of his league, and way too straight for him.

"Oh, so you agree? I'm outrageously hot?" The smile in Baekhyun's voice is imminent, and Chanyeol looks at it directly.

Big mistake.

The brunet looks like a literal angel, hair brushed up and off his forehead, eyes slightly colored with eyeliner, and tight t-shirt clinging to his chest. Chanyeol swallows the lump in his throat, trying hard not to stare too long.


"Admit it!" Baekhyun sing-songs, before bringing his flawless hands and sweeping them down his body. "I bring all boys to the yard."

And all the air goes out of Chanyeol's lungs. His head's spinning, he's floating.

"You're- you're gay?" Chanyeol wheezes.

Baekhyun brings his arms down, raising an eyebrow.

"Why, you got a problem? I kind of assumed you were too, but okay..." Baekhyun bites his lip, suddenly looking a bit deflated.

"No- No! I'm gay too, and you're really gorgeous-!" Chanyeol blurts out before he can stop himself. Baekhyun springs back to life.

"Oh, you had me worried for a second! I thought I was flirting with someone who played for the other team." A gleam of wickedness shines in Baekhyun's eyes. "Told you I was gorgeous, but thanks for admitting it anyways."

"I- I didn't-- no, no-!" Chanyeol's face burns, and the other male laughs.

Before Chanyeol can retort, spotlights burst up again, and SNSD comes back on stage.

Baekhyun pulls his camera up, and so does Chanyeol. The two take photos in silence, even though the concert hall is full of screaming.

During the time in between the songs, the members each do aegyo. When it comes to Yuri, Chanyeol grins widely to take the photo. While looking at it, Chanyeol remembers the keychain still lying on the ground outside.

"Shit!" he curses, rifling through his pockets and of course, not finding it.

"What's wrong?" Baekhyun puts his camera down, and looks at Chanyeol.

"Aish... I bought a keychain with Yuri doing aegyo... And lost it." Chanyeol slaps his forehead. After he had fallen, he'd grabbed his wallet, but had forgotten the keychain on the ground after rushing to get back to the concert.

Baekhyun's mouth drops open in astonishment.

Chanyeol retorts quickly before the other could say anything.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm an idiot, I know."

But Baekhyun isn't looking at Chanyeol, rather, he's furiously digging through his camera bag. He doesn't find it, and puts his camera down to look through it with two hands.

"No, I found it- I slipped on it!" Proudly, Baekhyun pulls out the yellow bag that held the keychain.

Chanyeol sits in shock, gingerly holding the bag.

"...How did you slip on that?"

Baekhyun scowls, before slapping Chanyeol's arm.

Grinning creepily, Chanyeol looks up.

"That legitimately did not hurt at all." He gives a sarcastic smile to Baekhyun, who responds with an extraordinarily gorgeous middle finger.

Nevertheless, Chanyeol takes the bag and opens it, seeing the keychain. He opens his mouth to thank Baekhyun, but the male is smiling again, and Chanyeol's moment of sarcasm is replaced with speechlessness because what the fuck why was Baekhyun so pretty.

Baekhyun's grin is infectious, though, and Chanyeol finds himself smiling.

"I'll accept credit only-- no cash. Around fifty thousand won is enough, but hey--" Baekhyun breaks off into laughter as Chanyeol turns a glare onto him.

"Hey, earlier when we were talking..." Chanyeol cracks his neck. "You said you had been flirting with me?"

Baekhyun shrugs lopsidedly.

"Well, yeah. You're pretty hot yourself-- why wouldn't I flirt with you?"


"Honey, there's lots of dirt in the air, you don't want that in your stomach. Close your mouth."


Third time's the charm, Chanyeol tells himself. Third time is definitely going to be the charm.

Third time’s not the charm.

The winter concert is over, and the fans were spilling out the concert stadium into the chilly outside weather.

Yet again, Baekhyun had come to the concert that Chanyeol was at. Chanyeol had made it his goal to ask the shorter brunet out-- but Santa had screwed up his list or something, because Baekhyun wasn't in the seat next to him.

Quite the opposite, really.

Chanyeol kicks at the rocks, hands jammed deep in his pockets. He'd seen Baekhyun in the line ahead of him, walking into the concert hall.

He'd called out, but Baekhyun had already slipped inside. Chanyeol's heart had sunk when he had seen the brunet walking to the left side.

The red letters on his own ticket had clearly read: "45A, right lower wing."

Now, the concert's over, and Chanyeol's rather sad, which was uncharacteristic of him, especially right after a SNSD concert.

Still, Chanyeol foolishly holds on to the hope that the third time will be the charm. It will.

Chanyeol strolls up and down the streets having quite a few spare hours to burn. It was the last day of a two-day concert, and Chanyeol isn't quite ready to go back to the hotel yet.

He walks by stores of all kinds, advertising all sorts of different things. There's a nice hat store that he spies, and smiling at the colorful bomber hats, Chanyeol goes in.

The lady at the front counter waves at him when he goes in, and Chanyeol waves back.

He tries on a couple hats, each awesomer than the last. As he puts a particularly fluffy red one back on the shelf, he sees the perfect black and white checkered bomber in the corner.

Chanyeol laughs a bit as he tries it on, staring at himself in front of the mirror. The hat covers his ears, and the fur is soft on his cheeks.

"You look nice." A voice says from behind, and with wide eyes, Chanyeol moves his head to the side so he could see the person talking in the mirror.

When he recognizes the brunet, Chanyeol nearly gets on his knees and thanks to Santa for not screwing up his list.

Despite the temptation, Chanyeol resists the urge to start proclaiming Jolly Nick's greatness. If he did it, the chance of Baekhyun sending him to an asylum would grow larger than his ears.

"Hey, still got a brain?" Baekhyun waves his hand in front of Chanyeol's face, and the tall male jerks.

"Uh- What's a brain-- I mean, yes!" Chanyeol wants to bury his face into a hole and never come out.

Baekhyun giggles. "Okay then, Einstein. How'd you like the concert?"

"I want to bury my face into a hole and never come out," Chanyeol declares loudly. The grin on Baekhyun's face is immediately replaced with worry, and he steps back.

"Um. Alright. We all have dreams, right...? Even if yours is to be an ostrich." Baekhyun gives a nervous smile, and studies Chanyeol's face. "Are you sick?"

Baekhyun pulls his glove off, and presses his warm hand against Chanyeol's forehead.

“NO, I’M NOT SICK-- NOT SICK AT ALL,” Chanyeol squawks, and Baekhyun puts his hand down. Breathing in, and regaining his thoughts, Chanyeol manages to stabilize himself.

“Do- Do you want to go and get some coffee with me?”

Baekhyun looks up at him, slipping his gloves back on and smiling sweetly at Chanyeol.

“Sure, there’s a delicious shop just down the street!”

When they get there, they order two drinks-- cafe latte for Chanyeol, mocha chai for Baekhyun.

“So, wanna play a game?” Baekhyun chirps, pulling out a napkin, and untucking the ever-present blue pen from behind his ear.

“Sure. Twenty questions?” Chanyeol takes a cautious sip from his drink. Baekhyun’s right, the coffee tastes amazing.

“Twenty questions it is! But with a twist…” Baekhyun grins, and begins writing on the napkin.

He divvies it up into two columns, one labeled “TALL GUY WITH BIG EARS”, and the other labeled “BAEKHYUN :3”.

Catching the look that Chanyeol shoots him, Baekhyun shrugs, and rubs his nose innocuously.

“What, I’m just stating the facts, alright?”

Sniffing, Chanyeol takes the pen from Baekhyun, and crosses “BAEKHYUN :3” out, opting to write “ANNOYING SHORT BRUNET” in its place.

Baekhyun scrunches his nose at Chanyeol.

“What, I’m just stating the facts, alright?” Chanyeol parrots, and annoyed, Baekhyun bops him on the nose with the pen. “Okay, okay. What’s this for?”

The brunet brightens.

“So basically, we ask each other questions. If you can’t answer one, I get a point, and vice versa! Only rule is, you can’t repeat a question that someone’s already asked.” Baekhyun chirps, grinning cheekily. “You can go first.”

Chanyeol nods. “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Well, I’m known among my friends as the one who has no shame…” Smiling, Baekhyun takes a small sip from his drink. “Try a practice question.”

“Favorite flower?”

Baekhyun rolls his eyes.

“Come on, you can do better than that! That’s easy. Dahlias. Okay, that was your trial. Give me an interesting question.”

“Uh-- Who did you date last?” As soon as the words leave Chanyeol’s mouth, he wants to cram them back in. What if that seems too rude? What if-

“A bit better. Last boyfriend was Yifan, gorgeous man.” Thoughtfully, Baekhyun taps his fingers on his chin.

Okay, so he’s not offended at all, Chanyeol thinks, breathing a sigh of relief to himself.

“My turn! Are you a virgin?”

“Gah- What?” Chanyeol chokes on his own spit, trying to comprehend what Baekhyun had just asked.

The pen raises in the air, about to make a mark in the column that read “ANNOYING SHORT BRUNET”, and Chanyeol gargles out his answer.

“N-mwugfff- No! I’m not a virgin!” Unfortunately, Chanyeol’s voice carries a bit better than he expected it to, and many pairs of eyes turn to gaze questioningly at him.

The pen goes back onto the table.

“Ooh, I thought I had an easy point there! Your turn.” The chair squeaks as Baekhyun leans back confidently in it.

A spark of competition sets alight in Chanyeol’s chest, and he doesn’t hesitate with the next question.

“Do you top or bottom?” He shoots, pleased with the slight shock on Baekhyun’s face. But seconds later, Baekhyun’s recovered, and has an answer.

“I switch, depending on the person.” Baekhyun tilts his head, smiling. “You’re not that bad at this… Do you shampoo your pubic hair?”

Confused, Chanyeol draws his eyebrows close together.

“Who showers their pubic hair? I don’t. That’s pretty weird.”

“Okay, okay! Your turn.”

"Ever peed in a pool?" Chanyeol raises an eyebrow at Baekhyun.

Outside, the massive waves of fans have began to die down, and Chanyeol finishes the last of his drink, ready and yet not ready at all to leave. Leaving meant getting to back to his hotel, but it also meant leaving Baekhyun.

"Yup! I was five, and I didn't want to leave." Shamelessly, Baekhyun laughs at Chanyeol's disgusted face.

"Ugh, gross." Chanyeol gets up out of his chair to throw away his empty cup.

"Am I prettier than Yuri?" Baekhyun says, out of the blue, grabbing Chanyeol's arm before he could walk away to the trashcan.

"Ah- Er--! That's not... I can't answer that!" Chanyeol warbles, trying to shake off the iron grip on his arm.

A moment of silence, as both stare at each other.

"One point for me!" Baekhyun abruptly crows, triumphantly putting down a mark underneath his column. "Since we're both done with our drinks, I declare this round over! Let's tally the score, eh?"

Walking back from the trash can, Chanyeol rolls his eyes dramatically at Baekhyun.

"Between the two of us, we only got one point--" Chanyeol stops when Baekhyun's smile gets larger.

"Oh, no, Chanyeol. That's your mistake. It's my one point. One is larger than zero. I win."

The cafe is practically empty, and Chanyeol puts on his coat and hat, preparing to head for home.

"Come on, that was no fair."

"You're just jealous!" Baekhyun maturely sticks out his tongue at Chanyeol, who's just slightly bitter at being beaten, even if the game itself was nonsensical. Still, he puts on his coat, and goes out the door with Chanyeol.

It's not until Chanyeol's alone in the hotel, when he realizes that he technically, he went on a date with Baekhyun.

Third time was the fucking charm.


First day of an amazing two-day concert-- Chanyeol and Baekhyun don’t need to even think about if they’re going to meet up at all. Without a single text or call confirmation, Chanyeol knows to wait outside after the concert until Baekhyun comes out.

They haven’t had the best luck with always buying seats right next to each other, but the blue pen behind Baekhyun’s ear has gotten recognizable.

“Baek!” Chanyeol shouts, using his height to his advantage. He waves frantically at the brunet, who spots him back almost immediately.

“Hey, Chanyeol!” Baekhyun runs over, stashing his camera away and pulling Chanyeol into a hug.

“Forecast says it’s going to rain-- want to go back to my place before we get caught in the storm?”

They walk back to the hotel that Chanyeol was staying, comparing photos from the first day. When they're strolling down the road right before Chanyeol's hotel, Baekhyun trips on a crack in the sidewalk.

“Shoot, you okay?” Chanyeol worriedly bends down to help Baekhyun up.

“Yeah, I’m- ouch,- I’m fine.” Baekhyun pushes himself up off of the sidewalk, smiling thinly and dusting off his pants.

Chanyeol grabs his arm, pulling him up, but there’s a sudden scream from in front of him to move.

Before he can even react, a blur zooms across Chanyeol’s line of vision and collides directly into Baekhyun. The brunet flies sideways, hitting a telephone pole, and sliding downwards.

Chanyeol’s brain doesn’t even register the sound of shattering glass, he’s too preoccupied with the bleeding that’s coming from the side of Baekhyun’s head. The bike rider stops his bike, pulls off the key, (That was no bike, Chanyeol seethes, Baekhyun got hit by a motorcycle-!) and comes back to inspect the damage.

The girl who had screamed for Chanyeol to move earlier has knelt down by Baekhyun, pulled him onto the safety of the sidewalk, and is now calling the paramedics.

“You should have been looking where you were going!” The motorcycle driver snaps at Chanyeol, who stands completely frozen. The driver’s words break Chanyeol out of his trance, and spitting mad, Chanyeol turns to face the driver.

We should have been looking where we were going?! How, by growing eyes out of our necks?! It was completely our fault, wasn’t it?” Chanyeol steps forward, glaring downwards at the shorter driver.

“It’s not my fucking problem that your whore decided to take a nap in the middle of the road-”

The driver slams into the same telephone pole Baekhyun had hit, Chanyeol’s hand tight around his collar.

“Take that back. Baekhyun is not a whore. Take that back.

The driver starts at Chanyeol’s deadly calm voice, eyes wide from being so easily overpowered.

“Okay- Okay! Sheesh, I take that back, I take that back!”

Chanyeol lets go of him, and rubbing his neck, the driver staggers off.

“You fucking psycho-- What’s your problem?” He spits at Chanyeol, but the latter has already gone off to kneel by Baekhyun.

The paramedics come in, and they delicately put Baekhyun on a stretcher.

Chanyeol bites his lip as he stares at Baekhyun’s pale form; watching as he’s put in the ambulance, and as the ambulance drives off to a hospital.

It begins to drizzle, the forecast coming true.

He walks back to where Baekhyun had tripped, and spies Baekhyun’s camera bag lying right next to the telephone pole. Curiously, Chanyeol leans over and picks it up, lightly jostling it-

The sound of broken glass echoes in his ear.

Heart sinking, Chanyeol opens the bag with slightly shaking hands.

Baekhyun’s camera is in twenty different pieces.


The second day of the concerts goes off amazingly, with SNSD being as beautiful and flawless as usual, but Chanyeol can’t focus, not when Baekhyun is lying in a hospital bed somewhere in Seoul.

The minute Chanyeol gets out of the concert, he goes to the Seoul General Hospital. On his way, Chanyeol stops by a small flower shop.

The door chimes pleasantly when he steps in, and Chanyeol breathes in deeply when the scent of fresh-cut flowers greets him.

“Hello! How may I help you, today?” The shop owner leans over the counter, smiling hugely at Chanyeol.

“Uh- Do you have dahlias? Could you give me a bouquet of twelve dahlias?”

The shop clerk frowns.

“I do hope that you know… Dahlias are rather large flowers. A bouquet of them would probably pretty big. Most girls would be annoyed.” He rubs the back of his neck, and Chanyeol squints at his crooked name tag.

It reads Kim Jongin in neatly printed letters, but before Chanyeol can respond, a door from behind the counter, and another man steps out.

“Hi, I’m Junmyeon!” The man says sunnily, waving at Chanyeol. “Can I help you?”

“I had it under control, ‘Myeon.” Jongin grumbles, scuffing his shoe against the floor.

“No, you didn’t. The poor man looked like he was going to die.” Junmyeon looks at Chanyeol who immediately shakes his head.

“I had it all under control, I swear! He just wanted a bouquet of dahlias, and I told him that dahlias were too big to be put in a standard bouquet--”

“Jongin, that’s rude!”

While they argue, Chanyeol takes the chance to look around, raising his eyebrows at the strange decorations.

Half of the store has adorable flower garlands woven across the windows, and brightly patterned pots. There’s fake bees stuck in the pots, with pretty streamers coming off of them.

The flowers are light pink roses, yellow tulips, and assortment of other bright, lively flowers. “Rise and Shine” is labelled on a piece of wood, and hung above the wall on the side of the shop. It’s in the same neat print that labels the flowers, and Jongin’s nametag.

The other half is totally different.

Instead of flower garlands, the windows are completely bare, not a single decoration on them. The pots are the basic terracotta ones that can be found anywhere, and have absolutely no additional details.

In a stark contrast, dark orchids and black petunias curl upwards in the plain pots, giving a gloomy aura to the half of the shop. Above it, in rather scratchy letters, a piece of wood reads obviously: “Flowers”.

Chanyeol tears his eyes away from a particularly depressing flower -- almost pitch black, with sharp petals. He stares at the arguing men at the counter.

At that exact second, Junmyeon says something, and Jongin freezes, before running off and leaving Junmyeon with Chanyeol.

“Alrighty then, now that we’ve cleared that up! What can I help you with?” Junmyeon chirps, lacing his fingers together.

“Um, do you have any dahlias?”

“Oh, yeah!” Junmyeon flits out from behind the counter, and moves over to the “Rise and Shine” side.

“Is this your side?” Chanyeol asks, following Junmyeon.

The man scrunches his nose.

“Actually, it’s Jongin’s.” Junmyeon laughs at Chanyeol’s dropped jaw. “Yeah, as a challenge, we decorated each other’s sides. So, I made his happy, because he’s way too boring and dark.”

From the other side, Jongin calls out while trimming a bonsa. “Am not!”

“Are too!” Junmyeon maturely yells back, before turning back to Chanyeol. “So, I made his all happy, and if you look over there, you can see his pathetic attempt at making my side.”

“Basically, he made your side all boring and depressing, and you made his not-boring and not-depressing? But neither of you guys liked it, so you tend to the other’s side?” Chanyeol looks back and forth between Jongin and Junmyeon, who are glaring at each other.

Jongin pipes up.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You should see our apartment-- it’s the most confused apartment ever.” He rolls his eyes, before going back to snipping at his bonsai.

Junmyeon ignores Jongin, instead choosing to pull a few fresh flowers from a pink bucket. Then, he expertly wraps the flowers in a clear, plastic sheet, and snaps a rubber band on the short stems to keep the flowers together.

“All done! Four fresh, pretty dahlias. That’d be nine ninety-nine, please.” He makes his way back to the counter, and Chanyeol follows him.

“You know--” Jongin begins slowly.

“I don’t care, Jongin,” Junmyeon says sweetly, ringing up Chanyeol’s order on the cashier.

Chanyeol stifles a laugh at Jongin’s kicked-puppy face.

“Well, I was saying, you could buy three pink dahlias from Junmyeon, but instead of the fourth being also pink, you could put a purple dahlia in there for contrast.” Jongin sniffs.

Junmyeon pauses, finger hovering the cashier.

“You know, that’s a decent idea! Jongin dear, bring me a purple dahlia for Chanyeol?”

Grumbling, Jongin slinks off into the “Flowers” side to find one.

Chanyeol shifts his weight, watching as Junmyeon unrolls the flower stems, and delicately takes one out.

“Um, forgive me for asking, but what’s your relationship with Jongin? You guys seem like you hate each other, how can you stand living together?”

Junmyeon blinks, before breaking into peals of laughter.

“Ah, it seems like we hate each other, eh?” Junmyeon takes the flower from Jongin, who was staring distrustingly at Chanyeol. “Nah, Jonginnie here and I have been dating for two years, ever since he got out of high school.”

He finishes wrapping the flowers together, and loops an arm around Jongin, despite being a full head shorter than the other male.

Chanyeol gapes as Jongin reflexively puts his own arm around Junmyeon, and rests his chin in the shorter’s hair, shaking around on purpose just to mess it up.

“Jongin, you’re make my hair a mess! Get off!” Junmyeon squawks, swatting at Jongin. The man chuckles (“Kim Jongin, stop laughing!”) and darts into the door behind the counter.

Chanyeol swipes his card, and back to focus, Junmyeon hands him the flowers.

“Come again!” he sing-songs, and Chanyeol can’t help but smile as he sees Jongin sneak up behind the optimistic shop owner and ruffle his hair again.

The walk to the hospital isn’t too long, but to Chanyeol, it felt like an eternity before he could see Baekhyun again.

Passersby stare at Chanyeol, looking confusedly at the two camera bags and the small bouquet of flowers in his hands.

There’s one woman who screeches at him when he passes by, going off about “illuminati member” and “he’ll kill us all, quick, someone get him!”

When he finally gets to the hospital, the sun’s starting to fade a bit, and Chanyeol is impatient.

“Hi, what room is Byun Baekhyun in?” He shifts nervously, staring down at the short woman rifling through papers.

“Hmm? Uh… Why do you…?” The woman looks up.

“I have his camera.”

“Uh…Let me check…” The receptionist furiously taps away on her computer, before shaking her head. “Apologies, but Mr. Byun has already been treated, and has been released from the hospital.”



No no no no.

Chanyeol wilts, and sadly crams the dahlias into his own camera bag.

The receptionist spies his defeated expression and the flowers, and adds softly, “I have his hotel address for the time being, if you’d like to know.”


He practically bursts through the hotel door, despite it being almost ten o’clock, and long past the proper visiting hours.

“Excuse me, madam!” Chanyeol shouts to the second receptionist of the day. “Where is room 45C?!”

“It’s over there,” the woman gestures to the left, before taking off her glasses and squinting up distrustingly at Chanyeol. “May I ask, what do you want?”

“I have Baekhyun’s camera, just let me go, please!”

The woman squints at Chanyeol, and his two camera bags. ”Just be aware, our hotel does not tolerate any kind of sexual harass-”

Chanyeol turns red, yelping. “That’s not- I’m not- He-!”

The woman sniffs haughtily. “That’s what they all say. Hurry along, before I label you a danger to Mr. Byun , and send you out.”

Still furiously blushing, Chanyeol walks with as much dignity as he can to the west wing. Spying a golden plaque that read 45C, Chanyeol gulps down his insecurities, and knocks on the door.

“Um… Hi, there.” It opens, revealing Baekhyun standing awkwardly in the doorframe. Baekhyun’s hair is slightly ruffled, and Chanyeol tries not to focus on it.


“Did you get my camera?” Baekhyun turns around, and walks into his hotel room, allowing Chanyeol to come in.

Chanyeol’s rendered speechless again, feeling more guilty as he spies the thick bandages on Baekhyun’s cheek.

“Wh-what happened to you?”

Baekhyun laughs bitterly.

“You know, you were there. The biker just kind of ran me over. He wasn’t watching the road, I didn’t grow eyeballs out of my neck fast enough.”

Chanyeol swallows.

“So… How long have you been here?”

Baekhyun absent-mindedly rubs at the bandages on his cheek, itching slightly at soft gauze.

“I was released from the hospital this morning…Why, did you go to the hospital looking for me or something?”

Chanyeol nods, and Baekhyun makes a sad sound.

“You said you had my camera?”

Slowly, Chanyeol opens his bag, and pulls out the destroyed remains of Baekhyun’s camera.

He doesn’t look at the other male’s face, but he still hears the sharp intake of breath.

“Can- can anything be retrieved?”

Chanyeol shakes his head, reaching into the side of the bag and pulling out a snapped SD card.

“I tried taking apart the camera after cleaning up the broken glass… but the SD card’s beyond ruined and nothing will sync.”

Baekhyun sighs, flopping on to the bed. His voice is thick with tears when he finally speaks up again.

“All my photos were on there… I’ve used that same camera for three years now… Damn…”

Chanyeol ducks his head, and mumbles an apology.

“That’s my lifeline right there, smashed in half.” The brunet whispers, staring mournfully up at the ceiling.

Baekhyun wipes swiftly at a tear, before flipping over and burying himself into the pillows.

“I’m really- I don’t know why I didn’t- I just... “ Chanyeol stops as Baekhyun waves him off.

“It’s okay, you didn’t actually do anything. You weren’t the asshole who ran me over. How do I explain this to the mods, though? I’ll… I’ll never be able to take photos again…”

Chanyeol stares at his feet, listening to the quiet sniffles and sobs of the heartbroken boy.

“I have… I have more than enough photos. You could take some of mine… I have a brand-new camera at home, and I could transfer them on there for you…?” he starts awkwardly, trying to soothe the brunet.

Baekhyun lifts his head out of the pillows, voice slightly wobbly and raspy.

“You’d… you’d do that for me? Why?”

Chanyeol shifts nervously. “It’s the right thing to do…Somehow, you’re one of my closest friends.”

“Would you actually do it, though?”

Chanyeol thinks it over. He’s been wanting to use that camera for quite some while, but as Baekhyun looks up at him with wide, innocent eyes, Chanyeol can only smile and nod.

Baekhyun’s eyes shine, but not with tears of sadness. “A brand-new camera…You know how much that can cost, right?!”

“It’s already been bought. I’ll just transport some photos onto it and mail it to you.”

Suddenly, all the air goes out of Baekhyun.

“But… That’s asking way too much of you. We’re practically complete strangers, but you’re giving me the best gift of my life.”

Chanyeol sits down on the hotel bed.

“I’d like to think that we know each other a little better than ‘complete strangers’. ”

Baekhyun smiles, and Chanyeol just about melts, even if he was giving away one of his best cameras.

“Oh my god.” Baekhyun beams. “A brand-new camera…With the kind of high-quality photos that you have…”

Chanyeol smiles wryly, pulling out his camera and showing Baekhyun some of the photos he got from the second day of the concert.

Baekhyun’s completely engrossed in the photos, but Chanyeol is watching Baekhyun instead, as the smaller male coos over perfectly-shot photos of SNSD.

It’s a particularly flattering one of Taeyeon, in the middle of Twinkle, that makes Baekhyun gasp in reverence.

“You know, if you want that photo… I can give it to you?”


Chanyeol nods awkwardly. It was arguably the best photo of the night…But he had a million other nice ones already on He could afford to lose this one.

More importantly, he’d make Baekhyun smile again.

“Oh, I could kiss you right now!” Baekhyun squeals, throwing his arms around Chanyeol.

Chanyeol stiffens.

Please do, he thinks.

Baekhyun pulls away, eyes glinting mischievously.

“You want me to kiss you, didn’t you?”

Chanyeol buffers.

“Uh- I mean, I don’t know, but if you want to, you know- I mean! I don’t have anything against you, but you, I’d-- uh, yes--”

Baekhyun grabs the pen behind his ear, and throws it to the floor.

“Oh, shut up.”

He presses his soft lips against Chanyeol’s and the world is melting and oh god oh god oh gOD.

Chanyeol’s head spins, he can’t see straight, and when Baekhyun pulls away, he grabs on to the brunet’s sleeve to keep himself from falling off the bed.

After he’s collected himself, Chanyeol reaches over to his camera bag and pulls out the dahlias he had gotten earlier.

“Um… I just wanted to say… I-”

Baekhyun glows, and looks up delightedly at Chanyeol.

Squeaking, Chanyeol shoves the flowers into Baekhyun’s hands, too red to say anything else.

“Oh, these are gorgeous…” Baekhyun sets them down on the bed, admires them, but then turns his back to them. “But you look better.”

Chanyeol’s brain stops working, for the second time.

And suddenly, Baekhyun’s all over him, kissing and tugging and fingers threading through his hair. It’s not as sweet or as delicate as the first kiss, but it’s rough in a best way possible, and no way is Chanyeol going to be the one complaining.

The world doesn’t go out of focus like before, though, and instead the opposite happens. Every sense of Chanyeol’s seems sharpened; he can feel every light touch, he can smell the dahlias from behind him, he can taste Baekhyun on him, he can hear the light breaths that were coming from Baekhyun--

It’s amazing, and when they finally break apart for breathing, Baekhyun’s eyes are wide open, and his hair’s more mussed than before.

Chanyeol pants, trying to control his breathing.

“Holy-- Holy shit.” Baekhyun gasps out. “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

The bed creaks as Chanyeol flops down on it. The springs aren’t of the highest quality, but that’s the farthest from the first thing on Chanyeol’s mind.

Quite honestly, nothing but Baekhyun was on his mind at that time.

“You look beautiful.” Chanyeol murmurs.

"Prettier than Yuri?" An arm thumps against his own as Baekhyun flops down onto the bed next to him.

This time, there's no hesitation in Chanyeol's voice.

"Hell no; she's a goddess, and you're..."

Puppy eyes, and Chanyeol melts.

"Okay, I lied. Yuri has nothing on you." He leans over, and lightly presses his lips into Baekhyun's bandaged head.

Content, Baekhyun leans his head on Chanyeol's chest.

"Mmm...Taeyeon still looks better than you. Sure, you’re pretty good-looking, but her hips-"

To shut him up, Chanyeol leans over and crashes his lips into Baekhyun’s again.

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